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Every time I see someone straight up bragging about how they shipped Makorra (or any ship, but I only have first hand experience with Makorra) since the character designs were released I weep silently because it means they were LITERALLY shipping the characters entirely based ON THEIR APPEARANCES.

Yes that’s the one thing I stayed away from that people seemed to wrap themselves into before LOK started.

I made myself determined to not care until the show started, then I told myself, I was going to try to not even ship anything this time.

It failed, Borra claimed my heart, Masami grabbed me too, then a couple of other ships after, not fair! D:

But I digress, I for one did not want to ship characters just based on their APPEARANCES ALONE before we even got to know them, that is just beyond shallow.

It truly is a sad sad thing :(

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Koh’s lair sounds like a pretty bad place to go. But I always think about this too. Like, they wouldn’t have the same curse words as us. It kinda annoys me in fanfics where writers use our curses.

OMG!  Ok.  So I’m not the only one who thinks about this.  I get really confused when people use our cruse words in fan fics too.  Not saying that they can’t, because we don’t KNOW.  We don’t know what their cuss words would be, and I really don’t think they’ll be the same as ours.  They develop over time and events change our language, events that have not occurred in the Avatar world.

But I’m really happy I’m not the only person who thinks about this.  I was actually worried I was.  *hides*

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“Oh, Spirits” seems to be fanon. Also Aang says things like MONKEY FEATHERS, but we get no context of how bad that is or if its really a swear word.

Yeah.  I use that too.  But that’s for “Oh, God.”  And that really makes sense because they don’t have a God, they have Spirits.  

Saying Monkey Feathers reminds me of the post where it was like “Monkey Feathers = Mother Fucker.”  I died laughing.  

It’s a kid’s show, so they don’t use cuss words in order to keep it a certain rating, so there won’t be any cussing in the show, but that doesn’t mean the words don’t exist.  I just don’t think they’d be the same words we use.