Ethereal Rose with Demo Upper #4.

Built for a BE Meyers photoshoot with 2/75 Ranger and 1st SFG vets, this upper uses all premium parts.  Aside from the top ranked BE Meyers 249F flash hider (according to JSOC and Vuurwapen), we used a Geissele Mk4 in FDE, a 14.7" Centurion Arms Barrel, Legion Firearms Nickel Boron interior/Cerakote exterior uppers, etc.

We’re switching over to a new inventory system, so we’ve put a 20% discount on this complete upper… test fired, zerod, ready to ROCK!

Mortal Kombat X roster so far
  1. Liu Kang
  2. Kitana
  3. Cassie Cage
  4. Johnny Cage
  5. Sonya Blade
  6. Scorpion
  7. Sub-Zero
  8. D'Vorah
  9. Ferra/Torr
  10. Kotal Kahn
  11. Raiden
  12. Kano
  13. Quan Chi
  14. Kung Lao
  15. Kung Jin
  16. Reptile
  17. Takahashi Takeda
  18. Jacqueline Briggs
  19. Jax
  20. Mileena
  21. Shinnok
  22. Ermac
  23. Kenshi
  24. Erron Black
  25. Goro (DLC)
  26. Tanya (DLC)
  27. Tremor (DLC)
  28. Jason Voorhees (DLC)
  29. Predator (DLC)

It makes 17 characters to make a return from MK9, counting Goro (playable in Challenge Tower) and Tremor (playable in Challenge Tower of Vita version). Only 3 characters from MK4 (Shinnok, Tanya and Quan Chi) and just one from MKDA (Kenshi). 8 brand new characters though!

I honestly was hoping that more characters from MK4-MKA will get some love, such as Fujin, Nitara, Ashrah, Havik, Bo’ Rai Cho, Hotaru, Blaze, Taven, Daegon and Shujinko or even Kai. A lot of them actually.

All hopes are for next Kombat Pack and more MK4-MKA characters at least as DLC.

Liu Kang, Kenshi, Shinnok and Jax were confirmed by Kombat Pack that includes DLC costumes for these characters.

Erron Black was “revealed” by achievements list and their screenshots.

Everybody else were officially revealed and confirmed by trailers and kombat kasts.

I don’t know if what I listed is the final number though.