sawmaopoh asked:

13, 57, 18, 9, 3, 68. random numbers lol

  • I have not.
  • No again.
  • Yup
  • Jeans unless I’m inside bumming out.
  • October 19th, the line for the venue was ridiculous but I was excited for the concert.
  • I’ve never fallen in public LOL thankfully. 
really, my grandmother is amazing. to cut it short- she doesnt want other people to do anything for her- give her money, help her do things, buy things for her, even if she neds it. she doesnt even collect social security because she prays that everyone in the family has a job and thats just good enough for her. she says that money should be for people who really dont have anything- no family to help them when theyre old or sick, no job, nothing to live of off and since she has her health and family, what more does she need? she doesnt want to be selfish. seriously, if there really is a heaven, shes already got a spot reserved for her.