Kumarikat I wish I could hug the fuck out of you right now for such a masterpiece like this omg. 

you all need to check out this if you like the series because it is amazing




Another oldie beat them up game on arcade made by Seibu in 1993 !


Meet the Zeros pt. 2


Last month Keegan Sauder and the Zero Team did a demonstration of skateboarding theatrics on the San Antonio leg of the Zumiez Couch Tour. Here’s the footage. Let’s see if you can find Keegan. 


Kickflips & Nollies with Jamie Thomas and the Zero Team! Definitely hitting up this park sooner than later.


Fairy Tail Chapter 449

I loved this chapter even though I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting to learn more about Fairy Heart. Anyway, the chapter was interesting. The first few pages basically tell the story of Fairy Tail: Zero. Then we see Team Fairy Tail Creators all grown up (and Yuriy looking good, loved his hair).

Mavis and Zeref had some really cute moments in this chapter. A month ago I wrote a post about Mavis actually being cursed and it seems that’s actually the case and Mavis is now immortal.

What bothers me is what Zeref said:

So it’s true… You’ve always had it in you. The power to walk alongside me.

Is it just me or does fate have something to do with this? When I read that page I immediately thought of Makarov saying that fate is making its move when Gajeel and Wendy joined Fairy Tail. Does that mean Zeref knew Mavis’ fate was connected to his before they met?

I hope the next chapter is about Fairy Heart. I really want to know what it does and how it was created.

Edit: I can’t get over how cute Mavis was when she met Zeref again. Mr. Black Wizard from before! So cute!

PZ 30-Day Challenge - Day 29:
Team Hero or Team Villain?

While I sympathize fully with Rippen and Larry’s intentions (who wouldn’t want to give those lovable ragamuffins a helping hand once in a while?), I need to side with Team Hero. Why? Not just because they really have the biggest to gain, but primarily because there really wouldn’t be such a serious game of wits if it was just one-sided. They might not know it, but most villains need a hero to function properly, and vice versa. Otherwise, it would be extremely boring for either party to have such a hole to fill, especially when keeping in mind just how much Rippen and Larry are learning about what it means to fill their respective archetype, just like the dream team. In this case, it was nearly impossible to side with a team. Ultimately, heroes win out, on account of how important they are in life. You can love a villain sometimes, but often enough, they do need to kept in line. The three talented kids you see in the attached image have proved that time and again, and still have so far to go.