A good portion of the notes on my posts are rants from men about how wrong I am, about how bad the poor wittle mens have it, all the fault of feminism, with zero substance behind it, and they walk away thinking I’ve been #wrekt. They don’t provide an argument of substance, because there is none. Trust me I’ve read all the facts and figures, and women’s oppression is kind of like global warming in that it’s this very real thing that people still devote their lives to denying. ‘Global warming, huh? Then how come there’s still snow on everest #checkmate’


Magrudergrind - “Zero Substance”

who wants to go over to dreamworks and tell them the reason they’re failing is literally the opposite of why they think they’re failing

“little kids are the only ones watching animated movies anymore so all our adult-oriented ones aren’t doing so well :(” my fucking ass, look at how well the HTTYD and Kung Fu Panda movies (sincere and well-crafted storytelling) did compared to Turbo and Penguins of Madagascar (colourful and fleetingly entertaining but with zero substance at all)