*Looks around before approaching to whisper in your ear* WE ONLY HAVE A MONTH LEFT TO GO BEFORE THE NEXT VAMPIRE KNIGHT MEMORIES CHAPTER IS RELEASED!! We can do this! We can survive!!

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But first, let me take a selfie!

Hello everyone!
I’m very glad that I reached almost 70 followers starting from zero in one month! I see that people like my comics! I’m very glad! >_<
But I can only make about a comic per month, because I study all day and don’t have so much time T_T
And I realize that I’m losing followers, probably because I don’t post too much… So I’ll start making some sketches like THIS once a week at least ^_^
I hope that you enjoy it, my art isn’t so good enough yet, but I’m studying for getting better each day more!

Thanks for those who support me! ♥ ^_^

(Oh, and I’m working on a comic based in a HC from @zens-ponytail! Hope you like it!)


hoseok’s logs…


                                                                   klaroline au |

        K.M: sometimes you have to take out the flowers in your hair and face reality, sweetheart.

        C.F: and sometimes you have to turn that frown upside down and live in the moment, babe.

                                  how about we work on those things? t o g e t h e r.



anonymous asked:

Im 19 (mtf) starting hrt this year. Very dysphoric, but I enjoy my sex drive. I am always masturbating or having sex. If I still exercise my sex drive will I be able to maintain it on hrt? I need the dysphoria gone, but I still enjoy sex. :(

Your sex drive is going to do whatever it wants to do, and the change people experience is so varied that is impossible to know how it will affect you. Mine was extremely high before, dropped to zero for a month after I started HRT, then slowly built back up to about 2/3 of what it was before. I’m pretty happy with where it is now.

You also can’t control how the HRT will affect your ability to get and maintain a full erection. Some days will be worse than others. Sometimes there won’t be any issues at all, sometimes you’ll just give up. Meds like cialis or viagra help a lot with this. In fact, as long as your insurance company will has you marked as “M” in their records, you might be able to get cialis daily mostly covered, though you’re going to have to have an awkward conversation with your doctor, and pharmacy pick ups can be really embarrassing, but it’s worth it.

What you CAN control, however, is the health of your erectile tissue. Nocturnal erections will almost completely stop once you’re on HRT. If you don’t have regular erections, the erectile tissue will begin to atrophy, which is why the penis of many trans women will shrink and erections, when they do have them, can become painful. For many of us, that smaller size is a desirable outcome. For the rest of us, if you take care to have regular erections (I’d say about 30m every 3 days is probably enough), that tissue will remain healthy and little to no shrinkage or pain will occur.

I hope that answers your questions!