A very important compilation.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Guzma, we know, you love Guzma so much, they’re the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love Guzma, we KNOW , you love Guzma you fucking love Guzma ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE GUZMA. WE GET IT.

My list of top movies about school shootings:

1. Hello Herman 

Herman goes to his high school and begins a shooting rampage, killing 39 students, two teachers and a police officer. Just before he surrenders, Herman sends video of his rampage to his talk-show idol, asking to be on the program.

2. April Showers

A survivor of a high-school shooting tries to come to terms with the horrors he witnessed, along with the loss of his best friend.

3. Elephant

A variety of adolescents at a suburban high school drift through a seemingly uneventful day, until two students arrive with violent intentions. Alex and Eric  have developed elaborate plans to enter their school and gun down as many of their peers as possible.

4. Bang Bang You’re Dead

At Rivervale High School, Trevor Adams is a bullied outcast trying to fit back in after a false bomb threat he made a few months ago. Trevor is chosen to star in a play called Bang Bang You’re Dead as the main character, Josh. After parents and the community hear of the play and its lead actor, they call for it to be cancelled.

5. White Rabbit

A bullied high school student starts having visions of a rabbit that he killed when he was a kid, soon putting him in a state where his imagination threatens to cause him to carry out violent acts.

6. Zero Day

Andre and Cal are a pair of military-loving misfits from small-town America. They harbor a hatred of their high school so caustic that they come up with a plan of attack called “Zero Day.” As the days count down, they record their preparations in video diaries, hoping to achieve fame after their demise. When Zero Day arrives, Andre and Cal drive to school with a trunk of munitions and take aim. The film is based on the Columbine High School massacre.

7. The Life Before Her Eyes

As the 15th anniversary of a fatal high school shooting approaches, former pupil Diana is haunted by memories of the tragedy. After losing her best friend Maureen in the attack, Diana has been profoundly affected by the incident - her seemingly perfect life shaped by the events of that day. 

8. Beautiful Boy

Stuck in an unhappy but comfortable marriage, businessman Bill and his wife, Kate , are shocked when they learn that their son, Sammy has gone on a deadly shooting spree on his college campus before committing suicide. Struggling to avoid the media, the couple flees to the house of Kate’s brother, Eric. While the two try to remember what they might have done to drive Sammy to his desperate act, their mutual resentment builds.



herestoyoumsholly  asked:

Yess gimme all the Power Rangers headcanons


so so so trini!!!!

  • we all know trini is gay but theyre also nonbinary and ive got The Evidence
    • when theyre taking about their parents, they say their parents want them to dress a certain way and fit “normal” labels
    • also also also when trini’s brothers were like “oh i forgot about him [the yellow ranger]” at the end trini didnt say the yellow ranger was a girl, they just said the yellow ranger wasnt a he
    • dare i say… nonbinary?
  • loves their gf kim so much and isnt dating the rest of the team cause theyre only in to girls but they relies on the team so much and theyre trini’s best friends in the whole wide world holy heck theyre so good
  • they get kim hooked on heavy metal
  • the team all knows that if trini and kim wanted to, they could kick all their asses

and zack!!

  • hes a trans boy wow wow
  • his mom is wonderful and accepting and sadly they dont have the money for him to medically transition but she supports him all the way
  • hes also ace!!!
  • he stops calling trini “crazy girl” and eventually switches to calling them “wild child”
  • he might act flirty but secretly hes a hopeless romantic kay


  • fuck i love him so much
  • hes very gay and demiromo and loves his datemates sooo much oh my god
  • billy is genderfluid!!
  • billy always dominates at team trivia nights and everyone knows they dont have a chance against him but they dont care because seeing billy’s face when he wins is worth it


  • did yall notice that trini was the only one who caller her kim? theyre lesbians harold
  • kim is suuuper bi wow
  • shes also trans (demigirl) :D
  • she has those bad days and instead of being alone, the team wraps her up in blankets and tells her how much they love her and how luck they are to be dating her and they just!!!! they know exactly what to do to make her feel better!!!!
  • that coffee shop scene was totally her and trini’s first date u fools
  • kim can bench press everyone on the team and They Know It

jason YEET

  • hes good n pan n trans wow
  • him and billy have tons of pet names for each other that are matching and ridiculous
  • sometimes he thinks his knee still aches and he has to take a second to remember it was healed
  • him and zach decide they do want to do well in school and billy starts tutoring them (but half the time their study sessions turn to makeout sessions)
Fogged Mind, Heart Full


I’m practicing different atmospheres, as you saw (probably not but whatever) I did a practice Kissing scene with this dumb space boys.

nOW i’M GOING to uh… steamy? atmosphere? …..uh

They are horny boys with hormones in space, let them live. Let ME live, I’m practicing, it’s crap. 

Ps. I’m soooooo sorry if it is cringy tho. *Shrugs* Practice. 


Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

“L-Lance.” Keith pants as the brunet drops a trail of kisses all over his neck, pressing his lips harder just below his earlobe making Keith to shiver unexpectedly, “L-Lance –!”

“Sh.” Lance shushes gently against his skin and Keith can feel the grin he’s wearing.

“Stop teasing, you ass.” Keith grunts, pushing his hips forward and groaning in frustration when Lance’s hands on his hips pushes him away, “Come on!”

Lance chuckles and Keith suck in a breath when Lance’s hands move slowly down until they are cupping his ass.

“You’re so bossy.” Lance mumbles, his voice hoarse and husky against Keith’s skin, “I love it.”

Keith whines as he wraps his arms around Lance’s arms and brings him close, trying to get as much skin contact as he can through the clothes, “P-Please.”

“Ah.” Lance breaths out, biting on Keith’s collar bone and smirking when he feels the gasp his boyfriend makes in his lips, “There we go.”

In a quick move, Lance picks him up and Keith’s legs automatically wraps themselves around the brunet’s waist as Lance press his back against the wall.

“Let’s see how much stamina you’re made of, babe.” Lance whispers against Keith’s lips and Keith doesn’t lose a second before he smashes his lips against Lance’s.