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Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

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Yuri!!! On Ice

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Musaigen No Phantom World

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Sakamoto desu ga?

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Flying Witch

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Anne Happy

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Magical Girl Raising Project

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Flip Flappers

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Shuumatsu No Izetta

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Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

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New Game!!

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Been workin hard on an upcoming project with my homie Matthias True who’s a photographer nd the owner of an urban clothing store called “Generation Zero” in NY. He decided to do a massive project with me for mens fashion, specifically streetwear, so this will be dope. Gonna be droppin lots of pieces, outfits, nd pictures that will be displayed in store and on my blog. Thanks man for the photoshoot! This opportunity is a hustle come true haha. 

Go follow my new street-wear blog @projectdgenzero to stay updated with my next moves😎

Ever since I’ve started with Project Chimera, the only characters I have struggled with in terms of hairstyle have been Fives, Silver and Zero! And while the two former may have gained more stable ground in terms of what I am comfortable with! There has always been this struggle with Zero’s hair!
I like her short length, but the way it bunched was so weird to draw from different angles at time!

So I had this hairstyle I was going to give her later on that I wanted to try on her current design!
I like her little curly poof!~


Let’s Re-Animate an entire episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Inspired by Kaitlin Sullivan’s wonderful MoonAnimate Make-up, YGO Reanimate is a collaborative all for fun, non-profit project where every participating animators will reanimate a shot of an episode of the original YGO show (known as “Season 0″ by fans) in however they desire!

We’ll be recreating episode 2: Devil Gamer - Trap From Hell. It will include the opening and ending credits. We’ll be using the original Japanese language track along with dialogues translated into English and Romaji (romanized Japanese) to assist the animators with the lip sync. 

This project is open for all animators of any skill (student, hobbyists, professionals). Each animator can work with any medium they want: paper, digital, stop-motion, CG, pixel, etc, as long as it lines up with the shot given! Shots are assigned first come, first served and shots will begin to be distributed on September 30th 2016. There are over 300 shots in this episode, so there’s plenty of shots to go around. If you know any friends or colleagues who might be interested in this, spread the words! Thank you and HAVE FUN!!

Submission (OPEN!)

Reel Submission Guidelines:

Send an email to with the subject “REEL SUBMISSION”. You MUST include your name, email and a link to your website and reel/any animated work you’ve done before being offered a scene. *Bonus point if you can tell me about your familiarity with Yu-Gi-Oh!

Any links to websites that have little, to none, of your own work will not be considered. If you’d like a particular shot because it’s your favorite character/ busy with school, etc, feel free to request it! (It’s yours if it’s open)

Shot Submission Guidelines:
SPECS: 960x720 , 24fps, mp4/mov uncompressed.

Email your finished shot to with your shot number (OP#) or (SC#) as the subject.

*Please keep your animation non-offensive. Extremely sexual, racist, hurtful materials are not allowed (if you aren’t sure, we can discuss your idea through mail for approval).

This project has no affiliation with Toei, TV Asashi, Kazuki Takahashi or any entity officially connected to the YGO franchise in any fashion. This is purely a free, fan based project for animators. Not to mention, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! It seemed like the perfect time to start this fun project and I really love to show everyone the true root of this wonderful series, also because I’m a massive dork.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Check the FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.

- Phui Jing Ling

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