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When Arashi spins laughter... and actual spins (Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.03.2017)

└ The guests are ice-skaters and have Arashi take on the challenge of giving a ‘winning’ ending pose after taking spins in a chair.

First up…

Exuding stoicness as expected of our youngest.

And he pulls off a cool pose… albeit a little totteringly.

You didn’t only make US see stars then Jun-kun. (^_^)

Our next contestant tries to build up his inner reserves…

And his expression just speaks a thousand million words… (^_^)

Before he absolutely kills me with his ending pose!

And shipper in me tried to be more focused on Sho-kun… I tried really.

And although Masaki’s a literal blur, his hairstyle makes him look so kakkoi~~

And that ending Chinese gongfu-like pose! (^_^)

Then comes our cheater Neener.

… who while looking “nervous”, attempts to bribe / bully / kick the staff into spinning him at less than half the speed of the others. (HAHAHAHAHA~)

Though it hardly yields the desired outcome.

… as he totally feels the dizziness and nausea.

Last but DEFINITELY not the least… our sassy Riida with a helluva lot of SASS with a capital ‘S’!

You just KNOW he’s got something up his sleeve with THAT smirk on his lips…

Sasuga Onee Ohno-san~~

Did you ever really doubt the outcome?

And just a final shot of them all in their spin outfits.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.03.2017

Prompt request #2

Request from anon: I was reading your prompt list and I came with this request about Bellamy, where him and the reader are in a relationship but on unity day, when most of people are high, she is dancing with Raven and Octavia, and when she stops and go look for Bell, she see him kissing Clarke, you can choose how it ends. With numbers: 4, 5, 7, 12, 14 and 40.

4: “I can’t believe you.”

5: “Of all people, HER!”

7: “That’s why.”

12: “Don’t be like that, please.”

14: “You know it’s true!”

40: “If you don’t, I will.”

Love this request!! 

Word count: 1,164

Warnings: swearing & lots of rage lol

Thank god for unity day, you thought as you looked around at the camp. Everyone was either drunk or high, some were both. They were able to forget about their problems and just be teenagers for once. You weren’t high, and weren’t drunk yet. As everyone danced you could see pairs of people making out to the side, or being pulled into a tent. It made you smile, reminding you of the many times you or Bellamy had pulled the other into a tent. You had never loved anyone before him and you were so happy with him.

“Earth to Y/N, Hellooooo?” Raven shouts at you, pulling you back from your thoughts. 

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hey guess which four characters out of the eleven here I drew for pretty much the first time

It’s been a while since I drew real eyes instead of colored sticks. It’s nice. But don’t look at the lines

anonymous asked:

Sanvers or director Sanvers + couch make out scene

Alex was used to disappointment. In her dating life, in her self, happiness was fleeting and just so often out of reach.

That first kiss with Maggie was pure bliss, the first tangible proof that Maggie had been right about her after all. Fireworks set off behind her eyes, her pulse racing, skin set aflame from just the pressure of Maggie’s lips, pressing further into her for the briefest moment before they broke for air, before she left her heart on the floor of the bar and Maggie behind her.

Her second kiss with Maggie, though, that was a brownout rolling through senses, everything shutting down and shuttering, lights flashing and no one home. Like rebooting in safety mode, she had to ask, had to confirm, because the first time, the first time she felt this it meant everything and left her disappointed. Alex wasn’t sure she could take the crash from that high again. Maggie’s hair, so soft, her eyes bright and sparkling, her laugh, it was every feeling Alex never understood in a love song, every time Kara had ever tried to describe the sensation of flying.

Oh god, it was everything.

Maggie made her brain melt. At this point in their relationship, this early on, Alex was ready to accept that as fact. She stumbled, faltered, tripped over words, lost her train of thought at the sight of Maggie’s smile. Alex was a total goner, and it had never been more okay to give into the feeling, this strange feeling she’d heard of but never really understood. Like falling, like flying, like zero-g and spinning around in the warmest sunset she’d ever seen.

But tonight? Here, on this couch? With some movie in the background and the leftover pizza on the coffee table, beers abandoned? With Maggie cradled between her hips, kissing her gently, slowly, short circuiting any coherent thought Alex could have had?

She’d never dreamed of anything like this before. She’d never experienced anything remotely close, couldn’t begin to theorize that this, the shooting stars and pounding hearts, that this was a thing that was real, that it was possible.

Her hands grip and tug at Maggie’s back, even as Maggie’s dig into Alex’s hair, deepening kisses and stealing her breath. Lips that demand, that curse and bless and whisper and ghost across her skin. Teeth that nip and scrape across her jaw, that tug at her ear, that part for a tongue to trace the lines of her throat as she can do nothing more than arch her back and bare her neck to the woman who changed everything.

Alex’s hands can’t help but move, hesitant, but god she wants to feel, to taste, to experience everything this woman offered. Her hands they skate under Maggie’s shirt, tracing their way across the dips and valleys of Maggie’s abs, and all Alex can think is that she wants, wants, wants-

And Maggie pulls up and away, their lips dragging against each other, desperate to stay fused. Maggie’s chest is heaving (so is hers), and those dark eyes are blown wide, the night sky in human form, searching Alex’s face for something, even as Alex’s fingers dig into Maggie’s sides to keep her from moving farther away. Maggie finds it, whatever she’s looking for, her lips twisting, cheeks dimpling, as she reaches down and rips her shirt over her head.

Alex’s mind blanks completely, unable to process so much skin, so much Maggie, her hands they tug and they pull, and Maggie’s weight is all she can think about as she falls back onto the arm of the couch, Maggie’s lips on hers and Alex’s hands touching, feeling, scratching. Maggie’s hand slips under Alex’s sweater, heat and and fire and feather-light touches and Alex can think of nothing more than off off get it off and the need for skin to skin contact as they let their lips guide the exploration of each other.

Okay, well, Alex might have one other thought.

I’m so gay.

For gayle24mcm, who asked for “Ovi, happy”. I’m almost positive I posted more of this once but I can’t find it– I have this vague story in my head about every time Ovi is feeling down, he goes to one of his teammate’s places and just borrows one of their kids for a while to play with and feel happy again.

This was a bit lengthy, so I put the majority under a cut.

“Hold out your arms,” Nicky says, in the same firm tone he uses when telling Alex where to stand while he takes an offensive zone faceoff; Alex automatically responds in kind and does exactly what he says. Nicky hands Alex his baby.

“Um,” Alex says.

“Don’t drop her,” Nicky says, and then disappears back into his bedroom. Alex stands there in the hallway, shifting his weight from foot to foot and trying not to move. Haley wiggles a little and Alex tightens his grip.

“Hi baby,” Alex says, because Nicky wasn’t polite enough to make formal introductions. Lisa had only brought her to the rink once; Alex’s main impression had been a carrier, a couple of blankets, and the soft pink vagueness most babies seemed to have until they got interesting enough to have personalities. Haley blinks back at him. She has Nicky’s eyes, the same clear green, and only the lightest wisps of pale blonde hair. “What’s up?”

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As well as the flair on flat I also had this fun line. Xgring 360 out to 180 to zero spin frontflip. #skate #skater #SkatePark #skating #rollerblade #rollerblading #inline #inlineskating #aggressiveinline #valobrand #valo #flip #frontflip #fun #sunny

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The dogs that conquered space ( Belka and Strelka pictured)

Humans were too risky, monkeys too fidgety, so the Soviet Union chose dogs as its first cosmonauts. It is a story of science, sacrifice and – for those that survived – sausage-filled celebrity.

Emblazoned on sweet wrappers and matchboxes, postcards and handkerchiefs, the space dogs became cult figures in the Soviet Union of the 1950s and 60s, embodying the plucky spirit of the country’s pursuit of space exploration. They appeared on TV and radio, their portraits printed in newspapers and magazines, while politicians queued to be photographed with them, as the first “space pop stars”.

The “future space scouts”, as they were known, had to be no heavier than 6kg (13lb), and no taller than 35cm (14in), just small enough to fit inside a rocket’s nosecone, where they would be confined for days on end. They also had to be female, owing to bitches’ calmer temperaments, and because there was no room in the cabin for male dogs to cock their legs.

Derogatorily nicknamed Muttnik by the Americans, the first dog in space, Laika, became a national hero when she died in action, supposedly euthanised on her seventh day in orbit. In fact, she had suffocated a few hours after the launch, a state secret that was revealed only in 2002. 

Back home in the USSR, the scientists vowed never to let another dog die in space, and were quick to unveil the next heroes, Belka and Strelka, the cheerful dog duo who would captain the next orbital flight in 1960. After a live broadcast that showed them merrily spinning in zero gravity, they returned safely to a wave of affection, and all the sausages they could eat.

There would be at least six more dog flights before scientists were convinced space was safe enough for humans, but Belka and Strelka would remain beloved national celebrities, eclipsing their human peers. (Read more).

7 Sports Astronauts Love Without Gravity (Including Football)

Astronauts onboard the International Space Station spend most of their time doing science, exercising and maintaining the station. But they still have time to shoot hoops and toss around a football.

From chess to soccer, there’s a zero-gravity spin to everything.

1. Baseball

Baseball: America’s favorite pastime. JAXA astronaut, Satoshi Furukawa shows us how microgravity makes it possible to be a one-man team. It would be a lot harder to hit home runs if the players could jump that high to catch the ball.

2. Chess

Yes, it’s a sport, and one time NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff (right) played Earth on a Velcro chess board. An elementary school chess team would pick moves that everyone could vote for online. The winning move would be Earth’s play, and then Chamitoff would respond. About every two days, a move would be made. But who won the historic Earth vs. Space match? Earth! Chamitoff resigned after Earth turned its pawn into a queen, but it was game well played.

3. Soccer

NASA astronaut Steve Swanson put a new spin on soccer by juggling the ball upside down. However, he might not have considered himself upside down. On the space station, up and down are relative.

4. Gymnastics

NASA astronauts usually sign off their videos with a zero-gravity somersault (either forwards or backwards). But astronauts are also proficient in handstands, flips and twists. The predecessor to the International Space Station, the Skylab, had the best space for the moves. The current space station is a bit tight in comparison.

5. Basketball

Objects that aren’t heavy don’t move very well on the space station. They kind of just float. It’s like Earth, but exaggerated. For example, on Earth a beach ball wouldn’t go as far as a basketball. The same is true in space, which is why playing with a basketball in space is more fun than playing with a beach ball.

6. Golf

People talk about hitting golf balls off skyscrapers, but what about off the International Space Station? While golf isn’t a normal occurrence on the station, it’s been there. One golf company even sent an experiment to the station to find out how to make better golf clubs.

7. Football

Zero gravity doesn’t make everything easier. Astronauts need to relearn how to throw things because their brains need to relearn how to interpret sensory information. A bowling ball on the space station no longer feels as heavy as a bowling ball on Earth. When astronauts first throw things on the space station, everything keeps going too high. That would put a wrench in your spiral for a couple of months. But once you adjust, the perfect spiral will just keep spiraling!

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One Direction Takes 'Control' at No. 1 on Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks Chart
Fresh off a pair of wins at the Billboard Music Awards on May 17, One Direction sends “No Control” to a re-entry at No. 1 on the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart dated May 30. The song, from the album Four, surges as the result of a fan-driven campaign to make “No Control” the group’s next single. (The song spent two previous weeks on the tally, peaking at No. 42 on the list dated April 25.)

A fan-driven push launches the British boy band to No. 1. Plus, Hilary Duff and Leona Lewis mark returns to pop music, and Paris Hilton enters with her latest single.

Band member Louis Tomlinson addressed the effort in an interview with Billboard backstage at the show: “That is just a perfect example of how unique, incredible and passionate our fans are.” The crusade sparks high streaming numbers for “No Control,” which picked up 1 million U.S. streams in the week ending May 17, according to Nielsen Music. The song also tallied 61 plays on 41 monitored top 40 radio stations during the week (up from zero spins in the week previous), while its sales rose by a mighty 1,674 percent to 5,000 downloads (its second-largest sales week, after its debut frame last year).

In addition, the activity lifts four additional Four cuts on Top Tracks: “Night Changes” scores a 37-22 jump, while “18” (No. 30), “Stockholm Syndrome” (No. 33) and “Steal My Girl” (No. 50) re-enter the tally.