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BBC Class characters as the zodiac meme

Aries: Ram
Taurus: April
Gemini: Miss Quill
Cancer: April
Leo: Ram
Virgo: Tanya
Libra: Charlie
Scorpio: Miss Quill
Sagittarius: Matteusz
Capricorn: Tanya
Aquarius: Charlie
Pisces: April


As well as the flair on flat I also had this fun line. Xgring 360 out to 180 to zero spin frontflip. #skate #skater #SkatePark #skating #rollerblade #rollerblading #inline #inlineskating #aggressiveinline #valobrand #valo #flip #frontflip #fun #sunny

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Unstable spin dynamics in zero-G

ok so if the spoilers are true and Juvia is alive (no surprise there) I’ve got a lot of questions starting with how?? like I get that Wendy is there but regardless of how strong she is I don’t think she could have brought her back to life in this situation because if I read that chapter right then didn’t Juvia lITERALLY transfer her entire blood volume to Gray?? so she could ‘live inside him’??? how is Wendy supposed to replace her blood volume and restore organ function bc even if she did, by some whacked out miracle, manage to restore Juvia’s blood, the organs would have suffered massive damage for obvious reasons (i.e., no blood??? she was dead???? @ brain oxygen deprivation much???) and I don’t think Wendy could possibly have enough magic to fix everything

literally this makes zero sense in any context goodbye

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Physics is fun in zero gravity. Spinning chain #SpaceVine shows centripetal force causes circular shape.

April 19, 2015.

Credit: NASA Astronaut Terry Virts’ Vine Account