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  • Penn Zero: WE'RE CANCELLED! WE'RE CANCELLED! WE'RE CANCELLED! WE'RE CANCELLED! (But at least we get a planned ending)
  • Star Vs. the Forces of Evil: STARCO! STARCO! STARCO! STARCO!

Felt like spying on them to see what they’re up to which is work and not thinking about boys.


“I wasn’t hiding. I just needed time to figure out how to talk to you. I don’t know if your memory is well but you were very rude last we spoke. I didn’t want that again.”
“Ohhhh yeahhh. I might recall something like that happening.”
“Excuse you, might? Something?”
“Ok. I was sort of a dick. There.”
“Sort of?!”
“Don’t push it. You’re no fucking angel, alright.”
“You’re a hypocrite, you know that?”
“But you look good. The color suits you.”

tiny evil boy

Chapter I | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

Main Story page is here! Please read the prologue first!

Song for the Playlist - Flowers In The Window by Travis

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Word Count - 9000..ish

“You are. That’s why all the girls love you.”

“Ah, well, none of them are as special as my home girl right here.”

“See, now you’re just being silly,” she shook her head.

“Nah, I’m not. You’re number one. Me and you? We’re down for life.”

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against the clock

More Kaider. Soulmate AU this time. It wasn’t supposed to get this long…

Rating: T
Genre: Romance and Friendship
Characters: [Kai and Cinder], Iko, Scarlet
Words: 9,033

Soulmate timers have been helping connect people who belong together for all time and still, Cinder gets the guy who can’t even figure out it’s her. kaider / soulmate au / modern au


“Cinder! My timer jumped!” Iko squealed, jumping on Cinder’s bed, her knees crashing atop Cinder’s torso and jerking her awake.

Cinder groaned and blindly shoved Iko away. Her friend let out an undignified screech and Cinder knew she had succeeded in pushing Iko off the bed. She grabbed the edge of her blanket and pulled it up towards her face, intent on hiding beneath it. Just as the soft fabric had grazed her face, it was ripped away and Cinder was forced to finally look at Iko, who was standing above the bed with her hands planted firmly on her hips.

“Iko, let me sleep,” Cinder muttered and rolled away towards the wall.

“It’s close to six days now!!” Iko said excitedly. “I went from like nine weeks to six days overnight! That has to mean something, doesn’t it?”

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Based on Quill’s Coffee Shop AU:
And its  headcanons:

Is anyone interested in zero waste?

Zero waste/low waste/zero waste shopping/etc.

I’m planning a blog series about reducing waste. I’ve been taking a lot of steps to reduce waste in my personal life, plus my work will be getting very involved in Plastic Free July, so this is the perfect time.

I know a lot of my followers are students, so… do you know about zero waste lifestyles? Would you like to know more? Is there any way you need help/ideas for implementing it in your life?

Please send some suggestions or any questions you want answered!

Am I Enough PT 13

A/N: Ok I feel I have tortured you guys a lot recently. So here is some fluff and a potential of what could be! As always comments appreciated.

Warnings: none just some fluff

Pain waited for you when you woke up the next morning. Apparently sleeping on a injured hand wasn’t the best idea in the world. You flip over in the bed pulling the hand to you, willing the pain away. But the consistent throbbing had yet to ebb. As you rock yourself back and forth, a knock sounds throughout the room.

“Come in.” You manage to squeeze out.

Bucky’s head pops around the side. He takes in your state in an instant. He rushes to the side of your bed hands hover above you for a moment uncertain of what was permissible. Finally he reaches for your hand drawing it up so he can inspect it.

“I had a feeling I would find you like this. And people say I’m hard headed.” You chuckle slightly but it quickly turns into a groan.

“Jerk, I slept in it apparently. Now it hurts like no tomorrow.” You go back to rocking while Bucky remains holding your hand. He perches himself on the edge, snickering at your antics.

“I figured that may be the case, so I brought you this.” He pulls a tube containing some clear liquid. You quirk an eyebrow at him. “It’s a painkiller, the liquid makes it quicker to absorb. Takes the pain away quicker.”

“You are an absolute God send right now. I knew I kept you around for a reason.” He throws his head back in laughter. You can’t help the little litter patter of your heart from hearing the sound. It had been a long time and you found you missed the sound.

You smile at him, “Alright time for breakfast. What are we having?”

You stand up and quickly head to the bathroom to get ready. You glance over your shoulder, waiting for Bucky to answer your question. You find him gazing back at you with nothing but appreciation in his eyes. You spin around hiding your blush, closing the door concealing all emotion from him.

You quickly attempted to yourself together not really trying as being one handed made it extremely hard. You stuck to your PJs but added a bra that remained in your bathroom. To say that was hard was an understatement. You were soon grunting from trying to pull it down. The confounded thing had rolled in the back and refused to come down, as much as you stretched your arm and tried to be more bendy than you were.

Hearing a knock, you jerk around towards the door. “Hey doll, everything alright in there?”

“Um, not really I’m kinda stuck.”

“Want me to help?” There is a slight stutter to his words, unsure if that is the right course of action. “Or you like me to go get Wanda?”

“No!” You rush out. “The less people know the more my dignity remains intact. Just don’t laugh.” You open the door admitting him to the bathroom. You turn your back to him. “See it’s all twisted and I can’t reach it.” You wave your hand across your back, demonstrating your lack of flexibility.

“Gotcha, let me help.” He reaches running his fingers beneath the band. You shudder, your skin raising goose bumps every where he touches. He still did things to you, your heart rate picking up. He rights the situation and slowly turns you around to meet his eyes. You stare into the stormy depths trying to figure out all the emotions flitting across the surface.

He clears his throat breaking the moment. “To think the great (Y/N) done in by a bra. That’s one for the books.” You scoff and proceed to slap him on the arm. Unfortunately for you, you used your bad hand.

“Bad idea, very bad idea.” Once more you are clutching your hand.

“Ha, serves you right for assaulting someone for telling the truth.” He exits the bathroom, also exiting the situation for further processing later.

Finally dressed, you head to the kitchen. Already you can smell the waffles and bacon in the air.

“Oh, my favorite!!” Speeding ahead , leaving Bucky in the dust.

“Whoa! SLOW down before you hurt yourself again.” Tony is surprisingly up and leaning against the counter, nursing a cup of coffee.

“But Tony, it’s waffles you know I can’t resist waffles, or bacon for that matter.” You rush around the island searching for the source. Grabbing a plate you load up ready to eat. That is of course until you end up with too much for one hand. Forced to decide what to leave for the second trip. A hand reaches into your view grabbing the plate.

“Let me help, Gimpy.” Sam is smiling while going to the table with your plate.

“Ah thanks, you’re the best ever.” You place your cup down, before placing a kiss on his cheek. “What would I do without you?”

“Perish, that’s what.” You laugh nodding in agreement.

You don’t see the pain flash across Bucky’s face as you tuck into breakfast. Everyone files in grabbing food and settling around the table. The conversations turn lively, your pleasantly surprised when Bruce sits next to you. He asks about your hand, you go through your morning of struggles being one handed.

“Don’t know what you have until it’s gone right.” He chuckles, nodding in complete understanding. Your day continues like this a blissful peace within the group. That was until Tony announced your party, with everything going on you had completely forgotten about it. You needed something to wear, as you were on the couch you shot straight up. Whipping your head toward Wanda and Nat on the love seat.
“Crap, I was supposed to do that.”

Then you remembered Bucky’s invitation. You raise your voice, “Bucky!” Turns out he was only in the kitchen, so when he answered right above you, you almost jumped out of your skin.


“When did you get there?”

“I was in the kitchen getting coffee, now what do you want?”

“Shopping, we need to go shopping. My party is this weekend and I have nothing I want to wear. The girls also need something. Also you did say you want to go.”

He nods in agreement, not believing you would actually go with him, but he would take what he could get.

“Perfect!” You jump from the couch, merely making eye contact with the girl a communicating everything within a moment. You went your separate ways, leaving a very confused Bucky behind.

“Wait are we going or what?” He’s calling after you, spreading his arms to show how confused he was.

“Duh, we’re getting changed meet here back in 15. Get a move on.” You don’t even look at him just wave him off to get ready.

Bucky POV
In the car, the tunes were pumping out the stereo and all the girls were singing at the top of their lungs to the songs. He was groaning but still a smile found its way on to his face at the three acting like nothing had ever happened between them.

Trying to tune the noise out he thinks back to the last couple days and everything that had happened. Game night had been great in his mind. Though the not so subtle way they interfered. Even while sitting next to her he could sense her annoyance though he was confused on whether it was something he had said or done or something different all together. So when she had practically stomped away from The table he looked to the others for guidance.

He would say that the moment she snapped he was shocked, surprised really. More importantly he was overjoyed. He could see her coming back. She had always been one to speak her mind, never letting anyone, especially him dictate her actions. So the fact that she put everyone back in their place sent a warm feeling spreading through his chest. Even though you couldn’t see it the proud grin set on his told everyone how glad he was to have the old (Y/N) back.

Of course it was short lived when he saw her hand and the damage his metal arm had done. He had fluttered outside the exam room waiting to see if she was alright. Once he had confirmed he bolted out sure that he was the last person she wanted to see.
She once again squashed those thoughts the next morning with her assurances. Then that moment in the bathroom. It was a weird mix of feelings, the hope at being able to be of help to her and the fire that ignited by touching her again. She was perfect in everyway, just those short brushes of his fingertips against her skin made him crave more.

A jab to ribs jolted him back into the present. “Hey, what was that for?”

Wanda laughs at him. “You’re about to miss the turn.”

He quickly puts on his blinker swerving over to catch the light. He made quick work of finding parking. They all piled out and where hooking arms, purpose driving their springy steps. Bucky had to chase after them, huffing at them when he finally caught up. They stuck their tongues out and went back on their way. It was almost predatory the way they moved through the shops. Eyes zeroing in on clothing, assessing its worth and visualizing what it would look like.

To Bucky it was the most frightening thing he had ever witnessed. Instantly reminded of why he never went shopping with them. It was that and the every store had to be examined thoroughly. He was pretty sure half way through that this was how he was actually going to die. Not in a blaze of gun fire while saving someone. No, it was going to be here, of boredom while in a mall. It wasn’t until she walked out in a (Y/F/C) dress. It was perfect hugging in all the right places and flattering the ones she always complained about. To him though it was like the world stopped for a moment. His eyes remained glued to her every movement. He couldn’t seem to look anywhere else. She twirled in front of him, quirking her eyebrow, a silent way to ask how she looked. He was sure there was a dumbfounded look upon his face, he nodded words not seeming to want to form in his head any more. A goofy grin broke her face as she proceeded back into the dressing room, his eyes following her the whole way. He hears the sound of a shutter to finally break his trance.
His head swung to the side seeing Wanda with her phone leaning toward Nat showing her the moment she just captured. They were giggling to each other.
“That best not go out to any one.” He growled at them.

“Oops, too late whole team has it. I’m sure Sam is saving it for blackmail as we speak.” She shakes her head extremely pleased with what she had done.
His phone started to go off. Rolling his head while a groan escaped him. He did not want to deal with this. He would be mocked for the next century at least. There was evidence.

(Y/N) came out, dress slung over her arm. He stood, stretching from remaining still for so long.
“So, shoes and jewelry now, I presume?”

“Of course, I don’t believe I have any thing that will fit this dress perfectly.” He could hear the sarcasm, come out but the smile made it hard to call out so he merely joined.

“Oh, of course can’t have anything just slightly off. It is your night everything must be perfect.” He nods his agreement.

“I’m glad you understand, help is so hard to find with these things.” She let’s out an exaggerated groan.

After finding everything for the upcoming party the group heads toward the registers. Bucky could plainly see how excited (Y/N) was for the evening. He hadn’t seen the complete outfit, but from just the dress he knew she would be turning heads all night. He followed her through the queue before placing all her items on the counter.

“Here doll, let me.” Offering to buy her items.
“Oh no, I got this, believe it or not Tony pats me way too much for what I’m doing I have more than enough money to spare.” She shot him a vicious glare claiming her independence.

“Please doll.” He pulled the best puppy eyes he could, but they weren’t working. She shook her head quickly stopping any more thoughts of arguing. “Fine. Hey I think Wanda is trying to get you attention.”

He points behind her where Wanda is browsing the bins of small knick-knacks, while waiting. She turns stepping over to her quickly. While she’s distracted he quickly hand the cashier some money paying for the lot. Handing him the receipt and the bags.

“Hey Wanda didn’t need me.” She knocks his arm playfully. He shifts from the registers and walks away.

“Oh, I was sure I saw her waving at you.” He plays dumb. She quickly catches on.

“No, no you did not just do that to pay for my things.” She is growling at him. “Hand it over.” She holds her hand out.

“The bag,? It’s heavy let me carry it.” Still trying to play dumb.

“Not that the receipt, I need to return it and then pay for it myself. Don’t be spending your money on me Bucky.”

“Nope not going to happen, I ate it.” He has a smug grin on his face. He continues on his way out the door ignoring any further protests. She storms out after him mumbling about a stubborn, bone-headed super solider. He chuckles before finding a bench to sit on. He tucks the bag close to his side, (Y/N) joining him with a huff.

Finally the girls are all done and are loaded into the car bags filling the back of the car. It had been an adventure to say the least. He was glad it was over but he was happy to see (Y/N) getting back to her normal self. He knew this was a step in the right direction.


Upon arrival at the tower the bags quickly come out and everyone is headed back to their rooms. You lingered back with Bucky, he still insisted he carry your bag all the way to your room. It was silent the whole way there neither of you quite knowing what to say.

With your door in view Bucky quickly opens it, letting you shuffle in beside him. You sit on the bed while Bucky places your bags beside you before he heads into your restroom. He emerges with a glass of water along with some pain pills. How he knew that your hand was throbbing was beyond you. You had barely acknowledged your self. You quickly swallowed the pills while lounging back into your pillows. He takes the cup back to refill it before setting it on your night stand.

“Anything else?” Bucky asks shifting his eyes looking for an obvious need.

“No, I’m just going to take a quick nap.” You follow your statement up with a yawn. “Shopping took a lot out of me.”

“Alright, shall I wake you for dinner?”

You can only nod, sleep drawing you in. “Oh, Bucky?” You wave him over. He leans down, when in reach you lean up to quickly kiss his cheek. You can already feel the blush forming on his cheeks as you fall back in the pillows. “Thank you.”

“No need, Doll. Anytime.”

“I needed to tell you. I knew you could do this yourself. I just need more time.”

“Take all the time you need, Sweetheart. I’ll be here when and if your ready. Now get some sleep.“

You relax back once more letting sleep over take you. You only just manage to see Bucky flip the lights out before gently closing your door. Your final thoughts as you began to drift off rang out.

Things were finally starting to look up, but would they continue in this way?

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