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I’m putting together a groupme for Black people interested in investing.

If you have zero knowledge, a little, some, or a lot, please let me know and I’ll add you to it. Let’s close the gap on generational wealth and share knowledge on stocks and whatever else you’re interested in investing in.

Please reblog and share so we can generate interest! 

Tumblr 101

It’s been brought to my attention that certain people really have no idea how Tumblr reblogs work which means I was accused of writing a post that I did not write. So let me explain it for those who are confused..

Anyone who follows me or anyone at all who has a Tumblr blog (who is not blocked) can reblog my posts and say whatever they want. I have zero control over it. They can call me a fat ugly bitch if they want and it’ll stay on their blog and in the notes of the original post unless they decide to delete it themselves. I cannot delete other people’s posts. I cannot edit them. It’s not like Facebook where you have some control over who comments on your stuff. 

I don’t agree with everything that is written in response to my posts but I have zero control over what’s actually being said. Normally if I agree with someone’s reply and I see it on my dash I’ll reblog it. If I haven’t reblogged it then I either didn’t see it (I don’t have time to go back through all of my posts, obviously), I disagree with it or I may agree with it but it’s written in a way that makes me uncomfortable and I don’t want to deal with the drama.

So please, do not hold me responsible for things that may be controversial that are written by other people. Just because it’s in response to something I’ve said it doesn’t mean I agree with it. I’m tired of being the scapegoat and being blamed for things that have nothing to do with me. I’m tired of people saying I’m the “Queen of the shippers” so therefore I’m capable of controlling everyone. I’m tired of people acting like I have some secret agenda and I’m scheming behind the scenes and telling people what to do and say. I’m responsible for myself. I’m responsible for my words and my actions. No one else’s. 

It’s not even that I don’t see many exclusionists truly address the nasty and often creepy and scary anti-ace/aro shit that’s been going on in this mess from the start - I don’t read much stuff from exclusionists outside the tag when I go in it, so in that case hey I could have just missed it

But the sheer number of exclusionists who’ve outright denied that shit is happening I’ve seen instead, who’ve called it “fearmongering” or “aceys wanting to be oppressed” or other vile shit to shut us up when we speak about it, or who’ve come to posts about it to completely derail and be shitty in other ways… even leaving aside the way too many people here who’ve spouted that vile crap in the first place because they hate aces and aros that much

Like there’ve been several people who’ve acted as if me recognizing this complete disregard for aces and aros and too often even our humanity as a big problem among the exclusionist crowd is an unfair generalization (and “fearmongering” and whatever else lol), going so far as to tell me to not call attention to -isms among the exclusionist crowd that affect me but didn’t affect the person trying to police me about the issue. And some of those very people who’ve pulled this on me I’ve seen make/reblog the wildest generalizations regarding “ace tumblr”, and the double standards are wild and I just…

“Ace discourse” has always had a ton of people involved who have zero respect for aces and aros and who don’t think we deserve basic decency and they’ve been a huge influence and I’m sorry but if you wanna deny that despite the tons of evidence easily available you should probably think long and hard about your view of aces and aros (and yeah this goes even if there are individual aces and aros you give a shit about)



Please DO NOT reblog, like, or follow narutoshippuudenart

They are a new art blog created this month which main goal is to steal artwork and gifs/edits they find.

If you make gifs/edits, block them, or they may steal yours.

If you repost artwork with valid permission, block them, because they will try to steal the artwork that’s posted on your blog.

If you reblog artwork with permission, block them, because they WILL steal any artwork that catches their eye. 

Art thieves have zero sense of shame or conscience. They don’t give a damn how heavily their actions can impact artist/creators. They don’t care if you spent hours working on an edit/gif. They will take whatever they can find.

Please help by signal boosting this warning, so hopefully more people will be aware of that art thief blog.

Historical Person Tag

Wanted to get to know some of my faves with whom I share common interests so I came up with this. Tag whoever you want to get to know the same way.

1. Who’s your historical person? 

2. What is it about them that draws you to them like a magnet?

3. Favourite thing about them?

4. Least favourite thing about them?

5. If you could fix one thing for them?

6. If you could change their history, would you? If so, what?

7. First thing you would say to them?

8. Bring them to 2017 with you…what does that look like?

9. What WOULDN’T you tell them about the future?

10. Favourite story about them.

11. Reblog with a picture or painting or depiction of them.

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Also ZERO pressure! Do it, don’t do it, tag people, don’t…whatever you’re comfortable with. Just for fun.

Get to know me (Formula E edition)

I have zero skills for edits and making gifs, but I’d love to see what other FE fans out there can come up with. So please signal boost this and tag #FEmeme if you do it so I can find it and reblog all your posts (of couse, you can also tag me if you want) :D

* 8 drivers

* 7 liveries

* 6 helmet designs

* 5 races

* 4 circuits

* 2 off-track moments

* Favorite season so far… 

Feel free to add any extra categories or whatever you want. The idea is to have fun (and for me to find other people passionate about FE to follow!)


Okay so I literally just scrolled through my tumblr some and there’s like zero Animal Crossing posts. After my last post of asking for people to like/reblog this seems to not make much of a difference on my Dash anymore, I’ll ask again.

If you have an ACNL/WW/CF/GC/DNM blog, whether it be for pure shenanigans or qr codes or whatever the heck you might do. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reblog or like this! Reblogs would be nicer and even if you follow me already! I would love if you did that to get the word out!

Soon I will be hosting a giveaway for hitting 200 followers which would require you to follow me and it’ll have many chances to win! (Like 6 because 3 runner ups) So maybe you could also consider this to be thinking ahead to prepare yourself for it!

pulling this out of the reblog cycle

because i get nervous about spamming OPs on tumblr with irrelevant reblog notifications, but… 


when i first saw this scene the only pity i felt here was for Will, and now I wonder what it says about me that in retrospect I’m full of feelings for Hannibal. Or what it says about this show. Or us as representatives of humanity, whatever. Why do we want, so deeply, someone who has zero respect or consideration for the human ties that other people connect through, to have meaningful human ties of his own? Is it human nature to want to redeem people like Hannibal and bring them back from the loneliness of their own self-absorption? Because Will’s betrayal was never a betrayal at all, of course—it was all offensive defense, and only Hannibal’s narcissism sees it that way. But because we empathize with him in spite of ourselves, we can’t help but see it that way, too, at least a little. And ultimately Will saw it that way himself.

like, i love gay serial killers in love with their purehearted doppelgangers more than just about any other fictional trope there is, both because I love the humanizing element that comes from this dynamic and because i’m fascinated by how this trope that’s generally portrayed as overtly homophobic always subverts itself and becomes an affirmation of the power of homoerotic love. BUT I can’t ever view the dynamics of this ship the way I think sometimes Tumblr wants me to. Hannibal may long for human connection, but he’s still the maker of his own alienation.

Just in case, you know, you forgot that eating people isn’t a route to healthy relationship-building.

I’m gonna skip addressing the second paragraph bc I’m not well-versed in the genre & I also have no idea what Tumblr thinks about the dynamics of this ship because I don’t follow anyone (although surely nobody is arguing that this is a healthy or unproblematic relationship, right?!), but… re: the first paragraph!

I was thinking about this a lot the other day – because when I talk to my friends about this show & explain to them what I think is going on, I feel like I do come across (maybe I just really am) very hardcore Hannipologist, and it felt like a hypocritical position for me to take because I’m very judgmental about, for instance, Walter White, another BAD DUDE who fucks up his own life by acting selfishly every time he gets a chance.

And I think, in the end, part of what I didn’t like about Breaking Bad was that I didn’t know what the show was trying to say – if anything – about Walter, or people like Walt, or being selfish, or being human.  I couldn’t tell why it wanted me to relate to Walt beyond the basic push-pull sensation of being repulsed by the protagonist you’re (helplessly kind of still) rooting for.

But Hannibal is a different kind of show.  Like, I KNOW I ALWAYS BRING EVERYTHING BACK TO THE ILIAD AND I’M SORRY ABOUT THAT LOL but I think it’s valid since Hannibal himself brought it up!  And Hannibal is absolutely an Achilles-type character.  Like, the Iliad is very much about what it means to be human/mortal, and it does this in large part by cutting back and forth between the amoral, carefree, partying gods of the pantheon and the bloody carnage of the Trojan war, and Achilles for half the story has one foot in each camp.  He’s self-centered and self-assured because he doesn’t recognize any connection between himself and the men dying on the battlefield; although he’s physically among mortals, he considers himself an immortal and acts like one.  But when Patroclus dies (thx to Achilles’ Gr8 Ideas), he is forced to confront the fact that there is humanity/mortality within him, and he essentially self-destructs and throws away his immortality out of grief, because he finally recognizes a connection.

(It always struck me as funny that Hannibal fancast himself and Will as Achilles and Patroclus, because I just… wonder what the dude thinks this story is even about? LIKE IT’S LITERALLY ABOUT YOU, HANNIBAL. YOU ARE ABOUT TO CRASH AND BURN, EVEN AS YOU DRAW THIS FANART AND NARRATE THE ILIAD TO YOUR PATROCLUS LOL.  Like what level of self-awareness… does he have… when he makes this comparison LOL)

Anyway, I think the point of characters like Achilles and like Hannibal is that they exist at the very edge of being human – just one more half-step to the left and they’d be fully inhuman (immortal, a god, literally Satan, an alien, etc.), but it’s precisely because they’re such an edge case that they are able to highlight to us the power of what makes us human – the idea that we are helpless to love and loss, that the connections between us and other humans and the severing of said connections and our ultimate inability to control either are what give our lives meaning.

So yes, I think the show does ask us to relate to Hannibal, and I think it does want us to want him to make a human connection despite (or perhaps because of) his track record of being unable to do so.  And I think the show consciously presents that human connection that Hannibal makes as being both the thing that potentially redeems him and the thing that destroys him, because if he can make a human connection and truly love another person, then it makes him – even this monster – human and just like us.  But in making this connection and surrendering himself to the helplessness of being human, he loses a core facet of what makes him fundamentally him: his amorality, his immortality (his [greek] god-like qualities), they’re all contingent on him holding himself as separate from humanity.  And now he’s no longer separate, so he has to fall.

Since people are having Hestia feels all over my dash…

I forgot (ages ago) to share my favorite part of my altar. It’s a little cast iron wax warmer. It combines cooking and fire and I can customize the scents to my heart’s desire for whatever I’m doing. It’s just perfection.

anonymous asked:

What Hogwarts house would the characters be sorted into? (and what house are the mods in?)


Marx - Gryffindor for sure. He’s the brave and courageous onii-sama. 

Camilla - Slytherin. She’d love to slytherinto your pants, wreck you, and take whatever she wanted from you. 

Leon - Slytherin. He’d be torn between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, but ultimately he would be put into Slytherin due to his inferiority complex. 

Elise - Hufflepuff. She would be completely loyal to her family, even to the point of death. 

Lazward - Hufflepuff. He is an absolute loser dork who will hang out with Prof Sprout all day. 

Pieri - Slytherin. Any psychotic girl like her would be like Draco when he was sorted. The hat won’t even touch her head. 

Luna - Ravenclaw. She’s smart, tactical, and doesn’t like to spend too much time brooding and rather takes action. 

Belka - Ravenclaw. Her skill level in just about everything is high and she is quick-witted. 

Odin - Hufflepuff. He has this desire to protect those he has made connections with and won’t ever abandon them. 

Zero - Slytherin. Is this even a question? 

Effie - Gryffindor. She has the strength and drive to throw herself into danger to protect her loved ones. 

Arthur - Gryffindor. Even though he’s a klutz with his awful luck, he wouldn’t give up on anything for the world, no matter how many times he’s knocked down. 

Nyx - Ravenclaw. She knows how to handle anyone, and her mental age has made her mature and wise beyond her appearance. 

Charlotte - Slytherin. She is the one to seduce you and then beat you, not unlike Camilla. 

Benoit - Gryffindor. He is brave and loves everyone, and tries his hardest to fit in with others. 

Flannel - Hufflepuff. Again, this one’s obvious. 

Flora - Slytherin. For reasons I cannot explain due to plot spoilers. 

Gunther - Ravenclaw. He is intellegent, wise, and understanding of everyone. He is also the teacher and educator. 

Nohr Children: 

Siegbert - Gryffindor. Marx 2.0. See above.

Foleo - Ravenclaw. He is much less cunning and angry than his father and generally loves the people. However, he is intelligent and clever.

Ignis - Gryffindor. He is much like his father, so he fits right in with the Gryffindors.

Velour - Hufflepuff. She has a bit of an attention span issue, but nothing too serious.

Lutz - Gryffindor. Look at this nerd. If he’s not in Gryffindor, my name’s not Unny.

Ophelia - Hufflepuff. She is like her father in so many ways. She’s very innocent and just wants to help in whatever way she can.

Soliel - Hufflepuff. She is an absolute dork like her father, but has a stronger desire to disregard her own health for that of others’.

Eponine - Ravenclaw. Years of stalking boys has made her the stealth goddess, and that requires knowing the land and everything about the science of how it works.


Joker - Slytherin. He makes tea and murder. Literal Lucius Malfoy. 

Kaze - Ravenclaw. He is wise, clever, and thinks with a cool head, ensuring he chooses whatever route will result in the fewest casualties. 

Mozume - Hufflepuff. She wants to help in any way she can, and will loyally follow whoever asks her to help them. 

Aqua - Ravenclaw. She may be brave, but she is also very smart and creative. 

Neutral Children: 

Midoriko - Ravenclaw, just like her father. She looks up to the wise people and follows whatever they do, hoping to become a better person this way. (isn’t she the cutest???)

Dia - Hufflepuff. Unlike his father, Dia is much softer and likes people a lot more. 

There is the stupid tag limit… continued in other one (reblogged here), and I’ll finish up the tags there if I have room. 

Cover art for Neon Noir by Michael Kennedy and Johnathon O. Lyon.

Okay, this is the last thing I’ll say about Neon Noir before I put it online tomorrow. Swear to god.

But I need your help on this thing, guys.

A while ago, Mike asked how I wanted to distribute this thing. If I wanted to get it into an anthology, etc. Make some decent money from the thing. And I said nope. I want as many people to see this thing as possible. Let’s put this fucker out there for free. (He was onboard for this immediately.)

Because it’s a story we’re proud of and just wanna share with all you cool people. 

Which is why I need your help on this. If you like the comic, I just want you to consider reblogging the thing.  

It’s a pretty nice alternative to having to pay money for it. And the more people that get to check it out and dig it (or hate it) is better to me than money. Sure, my grumbly stomach and overdue bills disagree, but it really does make me happier.

That’s why I do this. I write shit so other people can read said shit. That’s what brings me joy. I’m fucking weird like that.

Sure, you can order a hard copy from me, and some of you already have. Which is fucking awesome, and I appreciate that to absolutely zero end, but that’s not why this thing was made. And that’s not what I’m asking for.

So yeah. If you like it and feel like supporting us, maybe reblog it. Maybe tweet a link. Maybe shoot me a message with your thoughts. Maybe all those things. Whatever you’re up to doing. Every little bit helps. Not even exaggerating. Every tiny little itty bit. But I’ll love you all nonetheless. 

God, I love you guys so much.

Seriously, let’s all go on vacation together and just hang out and whatever.

That shit you can pay for.

dash as empty as fuq

because most people dont post anime/what evs due to seasonal lineups i’m gonna do this every season

i have a bare dash now so if you post:

  • free! eternal summer
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  • love stage
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  • himegoto
  • aldnoah zero
  • space dandy

please like or reblog or message or whatever i just need something to snoop through ur blog 

I’ve sorta had a theory in the back of my mind about the Journal/Tumblr fandom split, aaaand at this point I doubt I’m going to get around to carefully showing my work, so here:

LJ/Dreamwidth: Introvert friendly

Tumblr: Extrovert friendly

And in a way this is the downfall of both sites. If fandom really is considering migrating back to Dreamwidth (you know, the place where we being sold the product, not being sold as the product) or to any other journal sites, we really need to consider adopting the parts of tumblr that make it easy to find and interact with each other.

…more tldr under the cut, but feel free to skip to the lists at the bottom. Please tell me what I’m missing there.

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Issue Three Submission Period Still Open

Hey, all.

We are about 18 days away from the closing of the submission period for Issue Three, and there are currently NO submissions. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

I would really like to put out an issue for this quarter, even if it’s just a little bitty guy, so if you can at all, PLEASE write and submit! I know a lot of people reblog these thinking “I can’t do it” or “Maybe next time,” but from me to y’all, your voice is absolutely something we want and something worth hearing. So if you can: submit!

For a refresher, here is the theme:

Halo (Submission period April 1 - June 15)

In this issue, we are accepting pieces that center around faithreligious faith, faith in a person, faith in a spirituality, whatever belief system you or your character(s) hold at the core of your/their being. I am most interested in seeing pieces about faith helping those with mental illnesses cope, but once again, I will accept that either the author AND/OR the character(s) suffer from a mental illness. This is a very serious topic and one I hold very close to my own heart, so any submissions whose purpose is to tear down any belief will not be considered. (Characters who struggle with this are perfectly fine, but if a work’s message appears to be that faith is meaningless or something of that caliber, I will not add it to the magazine.)

These themes are often broad in the interest of being inclusive, so if anyone has any questions I urge you to send the blog an ask if you need clarification.

Thank you in advance to everyone who boosts this, and to those who are thinking of submitting: we look forward to reading your piece!


[Heeey 4 seems like an important number for an Ichi blog, right? Thank you <3 Anyone wanna enter a art giveaway thingy, even though I’ve never entered anyone else’s? No? Well, it’s here.

- You gotta be following me, although anyone who follows after I post this won’t be counted, sorry. I have unwarranted worries about people following for free shit and then leaving when it’s over.

- No need to reblog, a like will do.

- Ends tomorrow, March 26, whenever I wake up.

- I’ll draw anything but incest, or children in gross situations. Doesn’t have to be Ososan related. I really suck at drawing in traditional anime style, though. I ain’t so great with realistic drawings, either.

- Only one winner because I’m lazy as hell and fail horribly at time management.

- Obviously if only one person enters they win by default. If zero people enter, mun wins a tub of ice cream.

Winner will receive a fully colored drawing with up to two characters doing whatever (so long as it doesn’t go against the stuff I said I won’t draw).

Good luck and thanks for sticking with me, folks. ]


if you’re struggling with depression and you don’t have any energy to cook or clean i have some recommendations for you

trouble doing dishes? you can buy disposable paper flatware and plastic silverware for surprisingly cheap! i didn’t know they sold paper bowls or i would’ve done this ages ago

raw almonds, other nuts, and raisins are wonderful and last practically forever, so there’s no rush to gobble them up before they go bad. they also fill you up pretty well, and there’s no preparation or cleanup required. peanut butter is also great because you can just eat it with a spoon out of the jar

can’t make yourself eat fresh fruit or veggies before they go bad? frozen strawberries (or mangoes or whatever) are an excellent alternative. no muss no fuss just pour them into one of the aforementioned paper bowls and snack it up. and green giant steamers or similar type things are good if you have the same trouble with veggies. you don’t even need a microwave-safe container bc you nuke the whole bag

and i know pre-made frozen dinners get a bad rap but honestly i’d probably literally have starved if not for them. in addition to requiring basically no effort to cook, they also produce like zero dishes to wash. plus they’re cheaper than eating out all the time (and you don’t have to leave your home!). if you can, aim for one that has veggies mixed in - stir-fry types are really great for this

make sure you avoid the weight watchers and other diet-y ones though, because they tend to be low in calories which can get dangerous if you’re living off them. also i’ve had an unopened bag of frozen chicken strips in my freezer for like six months because i don’t have anything to eat them with, so if you’re like me, don’t get stuff you have to assemble yourself

tl;dr: get lots of frozen food that’s super easy to prepare

hang in there buddy and keep feeding yourself it’s okay <3


a brief note: if you’re thinking about reblogging this and talking about ~healthy snacks~ and ~avoiding processed food~ or whatever, kindly read this post and then go away. this is not the place for your concern trolling. for people in the throes of depression, the choice is often eat zero-effort food or eat nothing. even unhealthy, processed food is better than nothing

anonymous asked:

You do realize that Patty is not the only one in As It Is

I do? It’s not like I only pay attention to Patty?

You do realize that Patty had a YouTube channel before As It Is got big? A majority of the As It Is fanbase only knows of As It Is because of Patty’s YouTube channel. That’s even how I found them. Patty is bound to get the most attention, it’s just how this goes. Not only did he have the YouTube channel, he is the frontman of the band. 

By default the frontman gets the most attention - can you name all the members of every band you listen to? I’m gonna say, probably not. Do you know the singer of most of them? Probably. People tend to recognize singers before the rest of the group. I can’t stress this enough – when I saw The Maine a few years ago at Warped Tour some girl in the meet & greet line referred to them as “John and the rest of the band” and called their drummer a girl? 

I try my best to highlight each of the members. Have you seen all my “meet the band” gifsets? There’s at least four of them going around, each member highlighted. I recently started posting all of their Instagram updates, giving each member their own post for that. I’m trying to post more tweets from all of them. Every time a video with all of them comes out, I try to gif them all at least once. Patty is the frontman, he’s bound to have more (interesting) shots of him than the others. That’s just how that goes. 

If you’re talking about text posts, a majority of the text posts on this blog aren’t even by me, I just reblog whatever is in the As It Is tag at the time. The only texts posts about Patty that I have made are usually in regards to people saying nasty things about his voice. Again – Patty is a YouTuber he has more of a following. People are more quick to criticize Patty than the rest of the band. If you go watch any of their music videos I’m sure you’ll find a handful of hateful comments towards Patty and zero about the rest of them. Sorry, I feel the need to defend him?

I try not to post Patty, Patty, Patty, Patty. Do you realize how hard that is? Have you gone through the As It Is tag on here? Have you gone on Flickr to find photos of the band to post? Only to find that 98% of the photos are just of Patty? I’m trying to keep this blog as active as possible, sometimes that means just posting Patty photos. (Thankfully, Elliott has been posting a lot of kick-ass photos of all of them on his Instagram)

A lot of the posts on here are from fans meeting the band. Again – a majority of the fanbase only knows the band because of Patty / Patty is a YouTuber. They’re more quick to get a quick photo with Patty because they know who he is. I mean, I think we’ve all done that at some point – skip the rest of the band, just get a photo with the singer. When I went to the GK tour I was sure to stop and talk to all of the guys; I got pictures with all of them. I didn’t treat any of them differently. I can’t help that people are just getting photos with Patty? 

I’ve actually gotten a lot of messages saying how nice it is to see all members get attention on this blog and not just Patty. 

Just please realize this blog is not all stuff that I, personally, post. A majority of it is reblogging straight from the As It Is tag.