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the anime Bodacious Space Pirates is like a love letter written directly to me

> NEXT TO NO FANSERVICE contrary to everything you’d expect from something with that title. Miranda and I were watching and made conscious note of the girls in zero gravity in their skirted school uniforms and how there wasn’t a SINGLE panty shot

> MOSTLY ALL GIRL CAST, there’s like a single major dude character??

> LOTS OF LADY FRIENDSHIPS the yacht club especially is really diverse and all very clearly care a lot about each other, they have a lot of fun being friends and doing things together and it’s really cute


> I ship the main two girls something fierce and neither of them have male love interests

> There’s a CYBORG

> the first time Marika goes pirating she has her crew take over a luxury cruise spaceship’s electronic systems and clumsily announces over their intercoms that she’s the captain and she’s taken over their ship, they’ll be boarding and taking their valuables momentarily so don’t resist, and everyone CHEERS


> did I mention the lesbians

100 letters - peter parker

fandom: the avengers/spiderman

word count: 1042 

character pairing: tom holland’s peter parker x reader

warnings: kinda sad kina cute lol

prompt: friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone. (taken from this prompt list

notes: i rly lov this goofy man kfjvnsjf idk what this is but enjoy i guess lmaonlfvjajenfv (i also have zero clue where the gif came from bUt)


friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone.


“i’m going to germany.“

you snort from your place curled up on peter’s bed, not bothering to look up from the book you were reading. “while you’re there, try some schnitzel for me, yeah?” peter blinked, confusion clouding his features before he rolled his eyes, realizing you thought he was joking. he took a seat on the bed next to you, leaning back so that his head was resting on your stomach. he looked at his cieling.

“i’m not- i’m not kidding,” you peeked at him over your book, eyes narrowing. “you remember that day tony stark was here? he asked me if i wanted to go to germany with him.” you carefully put down your book, not looking at him.

“for what? an internship?” you questioned, and peter winced when he detected the ice in your voice. “why’s he taking you to germany, peter."peter closed his eyes briefly, turning on his side as you adjusted yourself to sit up a little, looking down at him with a blank expression.

"he wants me to fight,” peter exhaled, not meeting your eyes. he felt you stiffen. “against captain america. it’s all going to- it’s all going to shit, Y/N. he needs me.”

“peter,” your voice was an octave higher than you wanted it to be. “peter, you can’t.” he sat up then, grabbing both your hands and leaning dangerously close to you. this wasn’t surprising to you; you knew more than anybody about peter’s lack of perception of personal space.

he could sense the panic rolling off of you like waves, hands squeezing his ridiculously hard. he didn’t show any signs of pain, only looking into your eyes with a type of intensity that made you feel like crying.

all you could imagine was peter lying dead on the concrete, his mask lying several feet away from him, torn and shredded to reveal his beaten and bloody face, eyes wide.

“they need me,” he breathed, eyes flickering down to your lips before meeting yours again. “they need me.” he repeated.

“i need you,” you exhaled, resting your forehead against his. it was getting ridiculously intimate between you two, and your heart couldn’t help but do somersaults in your chest. “what about me, peter? i need you.” he shut his eyes, and you could feel his forehead crinkle against yours.

“i don’t know what to do,” he whispered, nose slotting with yours. your breath caught in your throat, his lips millimetres away from brushing against yours. “tell me, Y/N. tell me and i’ll listen to you. tell me i can’t go, and i won’t go.”

and then you pulled back, taking your hands with you. “i can’t do that, peter,” you leaned against the headboard, pulling your knees up to your chest. “i’m not your mom, i’m not your aunt, i’m not your-” you broke off at his sudden intake of breath. “i’m not your girlfriend, peter.” i wish i was.

“why not?”

your lips parted, and you could feel your face heating up. you stood up quickly, snatching your sweater off the desk-chair and making a beeline for the door without meeting peter’s eye. you couldn’t do this, not now. you’d always thought of confronting your feelings for peter head on, but this was too sudden. dear god, you couldn’t do this.

and then there was a hand on your waist, spinning you around and lightly pressing you up against the wall. you looked up to see peter’s face inches away from your own. he hesitated a minute. “i’m not gonna take that back, in case you were wondering.” you found yourself unconsciously leaning closer towards peter, lips a breath away from his. you felt one of his hands find yours, and you didn’t hesitate to interlock your fingers, squeezing his hand tight.

“peter,” you exhaled in a needy whisper, hands making their way to his hips, pulling his body closer to yours. closeness with peter was no stranger to you. “this is gonna make leaving so much harder.” he was close enough that you could feel his heart hammering through his t-shirt.

“i know,” he said quietly, leaning down at the same time you leaned up, pressing your lips together in a way that had you fisting your hands in his t-shirt, definitely wrinkling the fresh-pressed material. but fuck, you had wanted this for so long, and everything was so perfect, until-

you pulled away from him, letting your head fall back and hit the wall. peter’s lips fell from yours, and you stayed completely silent as he breathed heavily, seemingly in disbelief.

“you’re leaving for germany soon,” you whispered, and went to meet peter’s eyes with a sad smile. “i should leave now.” peter stayed quiet, letting you slip out of his hands with a kiss to his cheek.

“please don’t go.”

you turned back to face peter just before you left his room, bracing your hand on his door frame, right where the white paint was chipped and peeling. you dug your fingernails into the soft wood, calculating the chances of you actually walking out of his apartment that night, if his puppy-dog eyes and heart-breaking expression had anything to say about it. your walk towards him was slow, but when your arms wound around his waist, your hug was tight.

“hey, peter?”

“yeah, Y/N?” you buried your face into his shoulder, hiding your smile before pulling away and taking his hands, drawing him to his bed. the back of your knees hit the mattress, and you fell backwards, pulling peter down so he was laying next to you.

you turned onto your side to face peter, propping your head onto your hand. “i hope you own a fairly large suitcase.” he looked up at you, confusion etched into his features.

“and why is that?” he asked, still not catching on.

“well, cause i don’t have any suitcases, and i’m gonna need to put my clothes somewhere when we get on that plane to germany.” you rolled onto your back with a grin when peter sat up immediately, staring down at you with wide eyes.

"oh come on, peter. you know better than anyone; friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone.”

the signs as leslie knope quotes
  • aries: "he told me he liked me, and i'm gonna go make out with him right now. on his face."
  • taurus: "i need you to text me every thirty seconds saying that everything is going to be okay."
  • gemini: "why would anybody ever eat anything but breakfast food?"
  • cancer: "i stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things."
  • leo: "i am big enough to admit that i am often inspired by myself."
  • virgo: "cool people make the rules, they don't break the rules."
  • libra: "if you call everyone a butthead, it kind of loses its impact."
  • scorpio: "oh my god, i wonder who else was born in eagleton. voldemort, probably."
  • sagittarius: "what i hear when i'm being yelled at is people caring loudly at me."
  • capricorn: "i just slept seven hours, which is twice as long as i usually sleep, so i'm a little disoriented."
  • aquarius: "no matter what i do, literally nothing bad can happen to me. i'm like a white male u.s. senator."
  • pisces: "i have three years worth of hugs to force upon you against your will."
Kibougamine Student Council Names

Okay, taking a stab at these here (which should be fun, because Japanese name kanji can do all kinds of fun things). Some of these are actual names, and some are not kanji combos I’ve ever encountered as names before, so I had to make an educated guess. As such, these may not be 100% accurate, just be aware.

From left to right:

  • Kashiki Suzuko
  • Nishizawa Kiriko (Touko/Hisako)
  • Kubou Taiki (Daiki)
  • Yokoo Shouji
  • Umesawa Aiko
  • Ichino Shousuke (Sousuke)
  • Kamiginu (Kamii) Tsubasa
  • Kurosaki Tarou
  • Gouriki Tomohiko
  • Hino Asuka (omg this pun)
  • Kisaragi Karen
  • Someya Ryouta (same Ryou as Ryouko)
  • Ikuta Kotomi (so many ways to read the surname kanji…)
  • Murasame Soushun (interesting note: his name kanji in Zero is 村雨 but here it’s 村上, which I’d normally read as “Murakami”)

I would just like to say that the rainbow text with wildly fluctuating size has put my eyes into despair. Nice work, Junko.

Special thanks to @gs-goldstarz and @taichinchin for grabbing screenshots for me!

Survey #146 : ABC

How artistic are you? 
Not at all

Do you want to go to Africa? 

AC/DC or Aerosmith? 

Do you know what Armenia is?

What’s your beer of choice (if any)? 

Do you know the title of Buffalo Springfield’s one-hit wonder? 

Do you have a brother? (Do you like it that way?) 
Yes and yes

Which bank do you use? 
Wells Fargo

Which comedian do you most enjoy? 
Ellen Degeneres, if she counts

Would you ever live in California? 

Is it possible/likely that you’ll become a cat lady?
If anything, I would be a dog lady

How many different countries have visited? 
Just the one that I live in, USA

Do you believe there’s a devil? 

Does eating dessert often make you feel guilty? 
Nah, but it should

Can you legally drive? 

What have you been diagnosed with (if you don’t mind sharing)? 
Nothing serious

How often do you drink energy drinks? 
Never, I don’t like them 

Where did you live when you were 11 years old? 

Do you like the actor who played Edward Scissorhands in that movie?
Johnny Depp? Yes

Have you ever felt an earthquake? 
A VERY small one, but yes

When was the last time you saw your father one-on-one? 
Like, 20 minutes ago

Do you think French is the most beautiful language? 
I guess so, yeah

Is Friday your favorite day of the week? 
Yeah, but Saturdays and Sundays are too.

Have you listened to Jimi’s song ‘Fire?’ 

Do you have real gold jewelry? 

How often do you watch ‘Gossip Girl’? 
I used to a lot, but never anymore because I stopped watching it when I found out everything that happens.

Is Google your homepage? 
No, I don’t have one… it just shows my top websites

Do you like Geico’s commercials? 

When did you last feel happy? 
I don’t even know the last time I was truly happy honestly

Do you prefer Hollister, Hot Topic, or H&M? 

Did you dress up last Halloween? 

Would you voluntarily watch the History Channel? 
Maybe, it depends what was on

Have you ever been on an island? 

Would you be able to locate Indonesia on a globe? 

Do you know if Iceland or Greenland has more ice? 

Did you watch the last presidential inauguration? 
Yes, some of it

Do you enjoy jogging? 
Not at all

On which instrument could you most easily play ‘Jingle Bells’? 
None of them haha. I guess I could do it on the piano, but not the right way

How much do you know about John Lennon? 
Not too much, but a little bit

Do you know how Jell-O is made? 

Have you tried Krispy Kreme doughnuts? (Was it love at first bite?) 
Uhhh I actually don’t think I have

Are you very afraid of North Korea? 
Generally, kind of

How many pairs of khaki pants do you own? 

Have you ever been a fan of the Killers? 
I like Mr. Brightside, but that’s about the only song I know

Does it bother you when couples are lovey-dovey in public? 
Only because I’m jealous haha, but it really depends on my mood

Do you have your own lighter (why or why not)? 
No, I have no need for one.

In how many languages (besides English) can you count to 100? 
Two… English and Spanish

What’s your favorite lollipop flavor?

Do you believe in miracles (why or why not)? 
Yes, I just have faith that God makes miracles happen

What do you think of shows like Maury and Jerry Springer? 
They can be funny to watch sometimes but I hardly ever watch them. I think they’re fake

Do you care that Mars (the candy co.) uses deadly animal testing? 
What? I didn’t know that

How did you form your opinion of marijuana? 
I just don’t see the point in using it.

How often do you sleep naked? 
Literally never

Do you actually check the Nutrition Facts before eating something? 

Who is your favorite musical artist/band beginning with ‘N’? 
No one comes to mind

How nerdy are you (in what ways)? 
Haha I don’t know

What do you think about olives? 
I like black olives, but not green olives

Are you much of an outdoorsy person? 
I can be

How big of an Oprah fan are you? 
I’m not one

How often do you shop online?
I look at stuff a lot, but I rarely buy anything because I’m broke

Are you looking forward to your prom? If you already went, how was it? 
I went my senior year and it was so much fun

How are your local policemen? 
I have no idea

What is your ideal PB&J sandwich like? 
A lot of peanut butter and jelly on white bread, sliced in half diagonally. Now I’m hungry

What do you think of the movie ‘Pineapple Express’? 
Never seen it

How true is the saying, ‘quitters never win and winners never quit’? 
Pretty true

Do you prefer Quiznos or Subway and why? 
Subway, I just like the taste better

Have you learned the quadratic formula yet? (Do you remember it?) 
Yes, a squared plus b squared equals c squared.

What is the one question you most want to ask someone and who?
HAHAHA I want to ask my one friend if he has any feelings towards me at all other than just as a friend

How many rooms are in your home?
9 including downstairs and the garage

Do you like raspberries?
Not really, I don’t like the texture of them

What’s one of your best memories from during a rain storm? 
I don’t really have any

Have you actually read Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’? 

Do you know any Sign Language? 

What is your sleeping schedule generally like? 
It varies a lot

How well do you sing? 
Not terribly, but not great either

How often do you listen to 60-70’s music? 

What do you think of Twitter? 

How much do you value the Ten Commandments? 
A lot

Are there many trees where you live? 

How much taller/shorter do you wish to be?
I’m pretty happy with my height

Where do you usually buy your underwear? 
Target or Kohl’s. I prefer to buy them from Victoria’s Secret though

How do you define ‘ugly’? 

Do you like to shop at Urban Outfitters? 

Would you like being described as ‘voluptuous’? 

For listening to music, do you like to crank up the volume or keep it calm? 
It depends on my mood

Do you ever watch the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show? 

Would you agree that ‘variety is the spice of life’? 

Are you currently on wireless Internet? 

Can you recall memories of learning how to whistle? 

Do you go to White Castle or just vicariously through ‘Harold & Kumar’? 
Um, neither

Have you gone to Washington, D.C.? Did you like it? (OR-do you want to go?) 
Yes, I loved it! I want to go back

Why did you need your most recent x-ray and what were the results? 
I don’t remember 

When it comes to ‘xoxo’, do you interpret ‘x’ as the hug or the kiss? 
The kiss

What does X stand for in Roman numerals? Can you write the previous number? 
10, and I think IX?

Why do you think xylophones are only popular with young children? 
I have no idea

Can you explain the meaning of the yin-yang symbol? 

Do people more often mistake you as being younger or older than you are? 
Younger I think

Did you know that yawning is contagious? 

Would you like a bottle of Yoo-Hoo or it’s not really your thing? 
I love Yoo-Hoo, so sure

How many places’ zip codes do you know by heart? 
2, where I live and my college. And a couple of surrounding towns I guess

What comes to mind when I say ‘Zero to Hero’? 
Showing Off - winterwaters - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Without thinking, Bellamy cocked an eyebrow and lifted the hem of his shirt, revealing the black pistol tucked into his waistband. What he’d forgotten was that there was a very prominent set of teethmarks on his hip, directly next to said pistol.

Prompt: read the caption on this post -

(you should totally write a little drabble about those tags, and like it happens and they do it against a tree and its all smut)

Notes: Unsurprisingly, those tags spawned a completely different idea in my head. But it was fun XD Basically a redux of 1x02 where Bellamy lifts his shirt to show Clarke the gun, except this time he’s showing the gun to someone else and reveals more than intended. Hope you enjoy!

craftysquidz  asked:

Hey there! The Nameless Ghouls seem to have quite the personalities when they perform live. Have you noticed any particular quirks or characteristics specific to certain ghouls? Is there any more insight you can give on each of their personalities?

Yes! Our lovely Ghouls each have a personality, and each do very different things that make them stand out. Once you learn them, it’s somewhat easy to pick them out on stage, especially if you can’t rely on looking for their alchemical marking.

I have a video I am going to link (this one right here) and I’m going to give examples for the Ghouls with time stamp markings (at the end of this reply), because this video is awesome in giving you insight to what I’m talking about! And yes. In that video that is Papa Emeritus II “casual”, aka no skull makeup, hahaha!

Under the cut… for a loooong reply! Brace yourself.

Keep reading


Fleetwood Mac Snapchat Story
↳ Rumours, Side Two

Horoscope for April 17th, 2016
  • Aries: Don't take anything you read or hear today at face value. It's possible that you'll receive some rather distressing news, but before you react in frustration, read the fine print. The news may not really be so bad. In fact, it may not even be true! Take a deep breath and heave a sigh of relief, then get back to your normal routine.
  • Taurus: It's likely that you'll receive some unpleasant news today. Perhaps there are changes occurring at work that you read about in the morning newspaper. Or it could be that you get a phone call and receive some upsetting news about an old friend. You'll need to take the information in stride and not let it ruin your day. With the intensity of the planetary energies at play, you're at risk of overreacting.
  • Gemini: This could be a day of technical glitches and malfunctions. It's frustrating, to be sure, but a little bit funny, too. Everything you touch, from computer to washing machine, seems to groan and shudder before finally breaking. Apparently, today you have the opposite of the Midas touch. Don't take it personally. Instead, use it as an excuse to do something out of the ordinary with your time.
  • Cancer: Today is filled with socializing, with a strong emphasis on the exchange of information. If you're attending a party this evening, be receptive to anyone you meet. It's likely that someone new will arrive who will have a significant impact on your life. It might be that he or she tips you off about a professional opportunity at work. It's even possible that this person will turn into a romantic interest. You never know!
  • Leo: You might want to make an extra effort to tidy up the house this morning. It's likely that you'll have some unexpected guests. Some neighbors could drop by unannounced, or an old friend could call from her car and say she's on her way over. Take it all in stride. Even though you had a lot planned for the day, it will be much more enjoyable if you spend it socializing with friends.
  • Virgo: You'll have to let go of your usual drill-sergeant manner and simply let the day unfold as it will. Try as you might, even you won't be able to direct events today. You could find your attention diverted from one project to another. It isn't an unpleasant day but a disjointed one. Stay open to all possibilities. You could be surprised by the way things turn out.
  • Libra: You work hard to reach your goal of financial independence. All signs indicate that you're well on your way. Today you could receive some news that makes you realize you aren't there yet. Perhaps a relative calls to say you're no longer his/her sole beneficiary. Maybe your investment statement shows a poor return. This isn't what you expected, but you're still on the right track. It just might take a bit longer to reach your destination.
  • Scorpio: You're bound to be busy but happy today. You'll likely spend the morning doing chores and generally puttering around the house. Don't be surprised if a friend drops by unexpectedly in the afternoon with some important news to share. Your evening could be occupied doing research at the library or on the computer. It seems your friend's news piqued your curiosity about a particular subject.
  • Sagittarius: This could be a rather intense day for you. Your mind is filled with plots for novels you want to write and ideas for ways to streamline production at work. Don't you have an "pause" switch? You'd benefit from taking some much-needed time off. You'll find that you can quiet your mind simply by sipping some tea and being still for ten minutes. Call it meditation or a break, but allow yourself this small indulgence.
  • Capricorn: This is one day for you to be as flexible as possible. It may be that you begin with a specific list of items that absolutely must be done, but get distracted by some news from a friend or co-worker. What had seemed so important is no longer so, and your day shifts to accommodate this new piece of information. You'll be rather surprised by but no less satisfied with how the day turns out.
  • Aquarius: You can overcome the intensity of today's planetary energies by making a conscious effort stay positive. Distract yourself with necessary household chores and errands. Don't forget to take some time out for fun, too. As you work around the house, stop to indulge yourself every few hours. A cup of hot chocolate or a chat on the phone will add a welcome grace note to the day.
  • Pisces: Don't take any information you receive today at face value. Technical glitches will likely plague you throughout the day. Your bank statement could be incomprehensible. Bills could show up with an extra zero tacked on. Don't panic. Make some phone calls and get all the facts. Whatever you do, don't let this ruin your day. Everything will get sorted out. Relax, put your feet up, and treat yourself to a cappuccino.

College au where Rose and Terezi are freshmen at a big university and end up setting next to each other on the first day of Intro to Psychology

Rose is planning to major in psych and she’s really excited for it and she shows up on the first day totally pumped to take notes on everything and be the smartest kid in the class and wow everyone with her reputation as an untouchable psychology goddess who has no friends but has won the unending respect of the professor. She is the first one in the classroom because she wants to look engaged and is terrified of messing up and being late. She actually has an organized notebook for once.

Terezi is pre-law and taking psychology to fill out one of her general distribution requirements and maybe pick up some extra tidbits about how criminals think, and she shows up second because she likes to have some time to orient herself to new spaces. She sits next to Rose because she smells like the kind of diligent student she can borrow notes from and also seems like she’d be fun to mess with (she turns out to be right about the latter but dead wrong about the former).

Hilarity ensues when they discover that Rose is actually terrible at psych, because all the pseudo-Freud she skimmed as a kid is not a valid foundation for anything and she has trouble memorizing all the processes and brain anatomy, whereas Terezi actually does have kind of an intuitive grasp for it and enjoys getting the chance to formally analyze why people do what they do for once (Alternian law presumably gives zero shits about motives as long as they’re plausible enough for a conviction).

By midterms Rose is ready to drop out and Terezi is considering a minor and the resulting h8friendship is fucking legendary.


#PoseByPose Day 3. Boat Pose / Navasana (Crow Prep).

As I said before, Crow is all about arms, core, and open hips. Boat Pose is great for strengthening your core. Added benefit - your legs get stronger too! To work up to full Boat Pose…

  1. Start sitting with your knees bent, your back straight, and your shoulders rolled down and back. Lift your arms so they’re parallel to the ground.
  2. Raise on leg of so your calf is parallel to the ground. Lower your leg and alternate sides. Do this a few times.
  3. Now lift both legs so they’re parallel to the ground. Keep your arms out straight and check in with your core and shoulders. Is your back straight? Shoulders rolled back? Core engaged?
  4. Sometimes I like to grab onto my big toes and play around with straightening one leg at a time, alternating legs. It’s a good way to open up the legs and get warmed up. After a few rounds of this, straighten both legs. Use your grip on your toes to help get your back and shoulders into alignment.
  5. When you’re ready, release your toes and bring your arms parallel. Or, if you didn’t play around with the toe-grabbing variation, just go right from sitting to bringing your legs straight. Hold here for a few breaths before releasing.

Boat is super difficult and is one I’m perpetually working on (seriously it’s like I neglect my ab work for a week and I’ve lost all strength and have to start from square one). Looking at these pictures now I’m zeroing in on my shoulders and making a mental note to role them back further next time. But that’s part of the journey, isn’t it? Don’t worry if full Boat is too difficult at first, it will always be difficult :) But the point is, you will get better.

See post #2 for a way to make it even more intense.

Which Boat variation do you like the most? Join the fun and check the master post. And don’t forget to tag your hosts: yogarian, bexmaddy, healthyhappymotivation, yogawithkarel, and sunny-yogi