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Zero (who doesn’t “do” relationships) didn’t freak out and was immediately ready to lie and risk himself when he thought Jude shot Jelena.

Zero who kept everything close to the vest, and learned so young in life to only rely on himself. 

He was willing to put *everything* on the line JUST so Jude wasn’t in danger and didn’t feel alone in this. 

That my friends is some true love.


Malian-French Singer Inna Modja Is on a Mission to Spread Hope

To see more from Inna, check out @innamodjaofficiel on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

For Inna Modja (@innamodjaofficiel ), music and art are more than just a career or hobby — they’re her calling to bring a moment, however brief, of happiness and hope into the world. With that in mind, the 31-year-old singer and her friend Marco Conti Sikic, a photographer and director, started the street art project #wingsforfreedom, in which they paint angelic bird wings on walls and photograph people standing in front of them as if they’re ready to fly.

“The idea was, for a few minutes, let them dream,” Inna — pronounced “ee-nah” — says of the photos, which were taken throughout Africa, and in Paris right after the terrorist attacks in November. “In those areas of the world, hope is the most important thing. You need hope to have the strength to keep on going.” Soon, they’ll take the project on the road to Brazil, as well as Calais, France, where they’re teaching art and music to orphaned refugees from the Middle East.

Inna is so selfless about her charity work that when Instagram @music first calls her at her home in Paris, she asks if it’s OK to call back in five minutes, then profusely apologizes for the slight delay. The reason for the hold up? She had to work on a speech for the United Nations’ International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation. It’s a personal cause to Inna, having been a victim of the horrific practice as a child at the hands of an older family member. The event marked her second time at the UN, after she performed there last year with Juanes and Cody Simpson, and came the day before her first proper concert in the United States at New York’s Standard Hotel.

Musically, Inna’s style is the perfect fit for such a global event. Growing up in the northern Saharan part of Mali, she heard the country’s traditional music, as well as ‘60s soul, Metallica, Boyz II Men, Barbra Streisand and many more. “Blues music takes its root in Malian music. That’s why I love American music, because it has a lot alignment with our traditional music.” On her third album, 2015’s Motel Bamako, which was inspired by her trips around the world, she raps in the Malian language of Bambara over a blend of soul, electronic and R&B music.

“I define myself as a desert girl. We are nomads. For me, traveling is a lot in my culture.” Recently, she spent time in Mexico, seeing Mayan ruins and learning about the country’s relationship with mezcal and tequila in Zihuatanejo. As a photographer, she likes to capture the local flavors and architecture, as opposed to just the tourist sites. “It helps me see the world on a bigger scale, so what I’m talking about in my music gets richer because I get to meet another culture, another street.”

Tragically, being a northern desert girl is virtually impossible back in Mali. She still visits the country, but not in the area where she was raised. For the past several years, Islamic terrorists have held that part of the country and banned all forms of entertainment, from singing to soccer.

“Especially as a female musician, talking about the crisis in Mali and doing a song called ‘Tombouctou’ about what’s going on there, it’s really difficult. There are some parts in the country where I wouldn’t go because my life would be in danger. For them, I shouldn’t be doing music, I shouldn’t be not wearing a veil. But I’m a musician. I have to spread the message.“

––Dan Reilly for Instagram @music

Now it makes sense that a literal human country might not ever really be able to have a day off, but if Romano is not getting a lunch break every day I think he seriously needs to contact his union representative

For National Unicorn Day here is your first lil tease, and indication that season 2 of Penn Zero will contain some serious unicorn biz. Sorry no more unicorn info at this unicorn time… But as younicorn can imagine, I’m very excited about all the unicorn possibilities.

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I think if Avatar has another reboot it should take place in like an avatar version of the space age, with Eero Saarinen looking aesthetics everywhere. I want to hear more about the fire nation (literally zero (0) scenes in Korra took place in the fire nation smh). Ya I know the next avatar’s going to be an earth bender but they live in the fire nation (their grandparents fled the earth nation during Kuvira or something idk. Fire benders and metal benders work together as artists, architects, and engineers. Fire benders can sculpt materials, shape glass, and things like that. Some of it takes place in outer space. There’s a new fire nation villain (after Korra was understandably so reluctant to have another one after Ozai/Azula in ATLA). Stuff like that

kintherye  asked:

If you could take away from the world homophobia, racism, sexism, lookism, transphobia, fatphobia or nationalism, but only could pick one, what would it be?

What the fuck is lookism?

Rationally speaking, once all genders have equality theres not much more to do to achieve absolute equality and erase racism.

Tbh since im not like that much of an asshole i dont understand those hatefuls peoples motivation behind discriminating others? Whic is why i cant really tell which form of hatred breeds the other. Mostly nationalism cause i have like ??? A zero feel for nationality im the opposite of a nationalist so to speak lmao i really have no clue what the fuck is going on w them

Maybe if they were mkre open to other cultures and accept the world doesnt revolve around them and that a piece of land has no value whatsoever and it doesnt belong to anybody but the dirt itself; maybe theyd stop being racist, sexist and just? Stopped discriminating in general? And like? Be decent ppl?

Rationally speaking its impossible though, cause they are still cishet white men.

By January 1, 2050, achievement of zero greenhouse gas emissions nationally through domestic policies and international collaboration with the United Nations and other international organizations. The United States will shift its energy supply strategy from fossil fuels to 100 percent clean, renewable energy and implement zero waste practices.

NIH to retire all research chimpanzees

Two years after retiring most of its research chimpanzees, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is ceasing its chimp programme altogether, Nature has learned.

In a 16 November e-mail to the agency’s administrators, NIH director Francis Collins announced that the 50 NIH-owned animals that remain available for research will be sent to sanctuaries. The agency will also develop a plan for phasing out NIH support for the remaining chimps that are supported by, but not owned by, the NIH.

“I think this is the natural next step of what has been a very thoughtful five-year process of trying to come to terms with the benefits and risks of trying to perform research with these very special animals,” Collins said in an interview with Nature. “We reached a point where in that five years the need for research has essentially shrunk to zero. “

The US National Institutes of Health once maintained a colony of roughly 350 research chimpanzees. Cyril Ruoso/Minden Pictures/Getty

I don’t get people who say they love how sassy taylor’s become when she’s literally been sassy all her life I mean

remember when her bodyguards said she couldn’t meet her fans and she just

and proceeded to do so anyway

and remember when she got accused of lipsyncing at the billboards 

and never forget when homegirl just straight up gave zero fucks on national tv