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Stop Saying Star Wars is Buddhist or Taoist

I watched @attackfish‘s conversation on good/evil dualism in the Star Wars franchise and was amused that her interlocutor was denying such dualism existed in the series. As Fish and I discussed afterward, it is sometimes hard for people who live in a dominant thought system like the Christian duality to recognize that a) they actually subscribe to a very specific and non-universal worldview, and b) this view colors how they view everything else, because that’s what a worldview does.

Fish has a good breakdown in the linked thread on why the Jewish concept of yetzer hara does not map to the Dark Side of the Force as portrayed in the franchise. She also referenced poorly understood Buddhist and Taoist concepts, and as she pointed out, ideas from Buddhism and Taoism used in Star Wars are heavily distorted by a strict moral dualism that is alien to these traditions.

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Hooked On A Feeling Pt 3

JayTim Valentines Week 2017 Day 3: Enemies to friends to lovers/Secret Admirer (Jason is 18 and Tim is 16 here)

Read entire series on AO3

Rating: Mature

Contrary to popular belief, Jason Todd is not an idiot. Hell, he was trained by the world’s greatest detective, he doesn’t understand why people underestimate him all the time.

He knows Tim is still taking his pictures. They haven’t spoken since that first night, but Tim seems to be less worried about being seen. At least when Batman isn’t around anyways.

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"I can't take criticism so I send out my minions from 4chan out to get you" blocklist

I’ll be honest, I do not get what are these peoples deal but they seem to always get on the bad side of everyone and they can get to this very contrarian personality from 4chan /v/ so I’ll just take that a hint to making a list of them, they aren’t fascists by any means, crypto-fascists at the least, but they often gobble up the worst of people from this website and have probably been co-opted by fascists multiple time because of their apatheticness and coyness, the whole “I’m not a SJW! I don’t like protesters, fighting for something is dumb!” kind, shit they aren’t even probably right-wingers so this is a very special blocklist because I keep seeing them on tumblr whenever something bad happens, in fact i see so many fascists on this site only follow these people, so it’s probably better to block them to cut off their social rings immediately. 

–The list that has probably already been made once–

moontouched-moogle - Not much interesting to talk about here they’re just this hive mind for /v/ people. They kind of helped me build this list a bit. 

thefeelofavideogame - This guy never catches a break of not minding their own business and can’t help but feel cynical about anything but just ‘vidya’

nentindo - This one deserves a special mention because they’re 15 years old so it’s better to just block them and ignore them in advance rather then let them act elitist, i mean jeez kid you’re 15 you BARELY experienced life yet. Like really this amount of them surrounding themselves by adults that don’t wish them the best is an unhealthy obsession for them at it is. 

inkerton-kun - Dontcha hate when a porn artist has to have a ‘personality’

steven-universe-official - Kind of like the grand papi of this gang, I don’t even need to tell people to block them because I think about everyone does already due them sending their weird combination of anti-feminist fans around sending hate to anyone that would do criticism against their shitty attitude, technically in the recent years they kind of toned down on going around spewing bullshit and being THE uncle tom but it’s good to double check

dream-cassette - Oh this one I’ve heard of the most! Used to make child porn by the name of hoshime, in the name of rule 34, along the lines she deleted her original blog because she believed the obviously fake “down with cis” situation was the biggest EXAMPLE OF BIGOTRY in the world and the not absurd at all rival towards inequality (ignoring how it works systematically) and ever since then she’s been hanging out with the anti-sjws. 

thathomestar - I think they used to be a 100% gamergater but then again almost everyone here on this list was at one point. They still have that suspicious aura of “all the misery in the world is the left-wing’s fault for fighting back against their human rights being removed rather than just submitting!”. Says everything that is politically incorrect is just a joke, might be just a weird case of /pol/’s law (haha, get it?)

mr-cappadocia - Also an infamous gamergater, they sorta hold a grudge so much against social justice they end up sounding like they’re high on sherm. You know those try-hards that sound REALLY hard to sound politically incorrect? Yep! They sound like that. I also recommend blocking leopirate too as they are also a hotspot for gamergaters. Both are pretty terrible Islamophobic people. 

takashi0 - The OG Anti-SJW Brony of Tumblr! What a title. 

shitpost-senpai - I don’t even know why this guy’s on this list they’re just a 100% obvious fascist to the point they won’t stop being antisemitic about everything but hey, I guess because they like anime and metal gear rising that’s enough for them to fit in this blocklist… They’re also constantly being reblogging by this social ring of people and could just be the reason why a sum of people don’t trust them. 

maoh - They hate it when people fight back against oppression in general, the old cuck-like mentality of “No, don’t do anything, don’t fight back and die and it will be a win!” without knowing that peaceful protest holds no consequence and allows fascists to do anything they want to do at any time while removing human rights. They’re very petty about god damn children rather than just let them be too. What kind of an adult is this? Kind of funny that they changed their description recently from “I dislike the left-wing of tumblr” to “zero tolerance for faux morality and art censorship”, dude got some brand new codewords to pass off “I hate criticism” and “I’m a nazi sympathizer cuck and I’ve been brainwashed by the enemy to say that violent dynamics, no matter how history shows the story otherwise, is ineffective in justice and is villainous, anyways let me just frantically love an anime where they beat someone up”. It’s basic praxis and how the world works! 

shameshack - Ey! the-cringe-channel, known for producing their own cringe content because for some odd reason they keep ignoring the academic values of things and brush ofF everything in the world as mindless paranoia but probably aren’t a very smart person themselves and would rather waste their life making fun of kids and fueling the quickly made anti-sjw blogs on this website that all have urls like “tumblr-is-dumb-because-i-hate-minorities”, out of everyone who acts coy about why people dislike them, this one acts the most coy out of them all, what a malicious kind of guy. I really don’t know if they legit don’t get how things work in the real world because they take silly things seriously and serious things as if they were silly. Have you ever tried living life once where you have to don’t have to keep insecurely looking down on others that are just harmless oddities to fuel your ego or what?

–End Of List– 

Just copy and paste each url onto your blocklist if you wanna. 

Again I repeat these guys aren’t “fascists” and will deny they’re “anti-sjw” (Even though they don’t do anything to show for it besides say “Oh don’t worry we make fun of anti-sjws too! But we sound exactly like them when we go against our vague idea of social justice”), but fascists and crypto-fascists always seem to be around these people because they act coy about it all the time for the sake of being contrarians. They don’t want to care about them being followed by neo-nazis, just the power of having many followers that come straight from 4chan’s /v/! Almost the same as sympathizers.  

It’s the same odd link towards people who take video games and substancless anime too seriously and… Neo-Nazis, seriously what’s up with that? Anyways be careful when you criticize anime or them and don’t have them checked! 

Special mentions: KanColle fans I guess? Moe anime attracts a lot, and I guess that’s what happens when a medium genre is 100% bottom feeders towards substanceless girls just being cute, blogs with gray backgrounds, the nihilists that blog about trump jokes “ironically” (poe’s law), youtube celebrities, it’s more about ethics in games journalism and not objective game design. It’s not like they can’t be analytical ABOUT EVERYTHING right. Like how video game game design isn’t the only analytical theory in the world to take into consideration when criticizing media. Why is it always the gamers? 

Won’t say it again! Act coy about it all you want but take the loss because you guys have negative connotations and never really worked on it. 

This isn’t a “Reach” like a lot of you guys keep blaming it to be one or just belittle it as just “discourse” (the most thrown around word ever), the fact is just that you simply won’t accept the weight of your actions by either doing bullshit yourselves or allowing fascists to co-op your communities because you guys aren’t actively critical at all despite your contrarian image. 

Anyways this blog’s been moving slow (Which is good! Unless they’ve just been more secretive) to the point I gotta make a list out of these infamous dudes that i’m pretty sure everyone on tumblr already blocks or at least is suspicious about the people who reblog from them so i’m gonna go jack off to hentai rather than cowardly reblog ecchi to my blog to remind people I do indeed jack off to anime have no mistake about it. 

[harry osborn voice] peter parker??? nah what a nerd what a— [trips] [hundreds of photos of peter spill out of jacket] w-what a fucking loser i—these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of peter scatter across the floor] shit fuck im holding them for a friend jus t liSTEN

anonymous asked:

I saw some ridiculous remarks and I wanna roar I'd like to hear your thoughts.Someone says Kaname did jobs murdering purebloods and protecting humans for Zero so Zero should appreciate him. Whaaaaaat?! Is it even more bullshit?!

Kaname murdered purebloods for two insane reasons. First and foremost he HATED himself. He literally LOATHED himself. He wanted to eradicate all beings like himself. He originally wanted Zero to be his weapon and destroy not only purebloods but ALL vampires. Kaname while having Zero do this wanted to end his long journey by using his life to turn Yuuki permanently human. Thus doing away with the two remaining Kurans and putting an end to all vampires. Zero wouldn’t be his weapon because Zero has integrity and morals and would only kill when necessary. Therefore Kaname decided to go around killing purebloods on his own and when the race was gone intended to use his life to turn Yuuki human. But because he did what the hooded woman was so against she lost control and he had no other choice but to change his plan and agree to take her place.

At no time did Kaname kill purebloods to help Zero or to help humans. He allowed Sara to willfully go around turning humans into vampires and giving bad blood tablets to innocent vampires which in turn caused them to attack humans. He also CAUSED the remaining purebloods to go on a rampage to try to stop him from killing their family members, at which time they began turning humans into vampires to try to help them fight the hunters to get to Kaname. Thus basically for all intents and purposes caused the same situation that lead to the war 10,000 years earlier that caused the hooded woman to sacrifice herself in the first place. Kaname’s arrogance is what caused the hooded woman to lose control and her essence came out of the forge. I believe she did this to stop Kaname and force him to end his long unhappy journey.

The second reason pales in comparison to the first. But it was for Yuuki. And how and why and what his reasoning for that is?! Well your guess is as good as mine. Because again the very creature that Yuuki was born as was the very thing he was trying so desperately to eradicate. If you think about it. The very thing some yumes use as an argument against Zero, is actually the truth about Kaname. When Yuuki was first turned back into a pureblood, Zero rejected her. He needed time to fully accept who she was and the very fact that he loved her despite her being the creature he was raised to hate. What did Zero turn around and do? He not only accepted her as she is but he stopped her from being turned against her will by Isaya. On the contrary Kaname didn’t give her a choice but decided that he didn’t want her to be a pureblood vampire and made the decision for her to turn her human. That IS NOT acceptance and love. That says to me I don’t like who you are. I prefer you to be human because I loathe my own kind. So I will choose for you.

But at no time will anyone ever convince me that Kaname did what he did for the sake of humans. I call BS on anyone who tries to tell me that he did! Not even Hino herself can convince me of that. If she wanted me to believe that she should have written his character much differently. 

Thanks for dropping by :)

X-Files Episodes Organized by Philosophical Topic


Fatalism: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (3.4), Monday (6.14) 
Interactionism: Shadows (1.5), Fire (1.11), Excelsis Dei (2.11)
Determinism, compatibalism, and/or human freedom: Aubrey (2.12) , Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (3.4), Syzygy (3.13), Wetwired (3.23), Talitha Cumi (3.24), Synchrony (4.19)
Disembodied existence: Shadows (1.5), Beyond the Sea (1.12), End Game (2.17), Elegy (4.22)
Personal agency/autonomy: Ice (1.8), Pusher (3.17), Hell Money (3.19), Kitsunegari (5.8), Empedocles (8.17)
Personal identity: Lazarus (1.15), Born Again (1.21), End Game (2.17), The List (3.05), Apocrypha (3.16), Herrenvolk (4.1), The Field Where I Died (4.5), Dreamland (6.4), Dreamland II (6.5)
Psychological continuity: End Game (2.17), Herrenvolk (4.1), The Field Where I Died (4.5)
Reincarnation: Lazarus (1.14), Born Again (1.21), The List (3.5), The Field Where I Died (4.5)
Time travel (see David Lewis): Synchrony (4.19)
Parallel universes: 4-D (9.4)


Belief [This is a major theme in the entire series, but it is especially prevalent in these episodes] (see James, Clifford): Beyond the Sea (1.12), E.B.E. (1.16), Colony (2.16), Quagmire (3.22), S.R. 819 (6.9)
Cartesian skepticism: How the Ghosts Stole Christmas (6.6), Field Trip (6.21), Via Negativa (8.7)
General epistemology: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (3.4), Jose Chung’s From Outer Space (3.20), Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (4.7), Demons (4.23), Bad Blood (5.12)
Pragmatism: The Erlenmeyer Flask (1.23), Little Green Men (2.1), all things (7.17)
Fideism: all things (7.17)   


Animal ethics: Red Museum (2.10), Fearful Symmetry (2.18)
Biomedical ethics: Eve (1.10), Colony (2.16)
Divine command theory ethics: Revelations (3.11)
Environmental ethics: Darkness Falls (1.19), Quagmire (3.22)
Ethical subjectivism: Home (4.3)
Ethics of scientific research: Demons (4.23)
Kantian ethics: Home (4.3), Small Potatoes (4.20)
“Lifeboat” ethics: Død Kalm (2.19)
Moral relativism: Excelsis Dei (2.11), Fresh Bones (2.15), Hell Money (3.19), Teso Dos Bichos (3.18), Kaddish (4.12)
Moral responsibility: Irresistible (2.13)
Virtue ethics: Apocrypha (3.16), Avatar (3.21), Zero-Sum (4.21)
Moral education: Home (4.3)

Philosophy of mind

Artificial intelligence: Ghost in the Machine (1.6), Kill Switch (5.11)

Philosophy of religion

Faith and reason: Revelations (3.11), All Souls (5.17)
Religious ambiguity: Essence (8.20), Improbable (9.13)

Philosophy of science

Abductive inference (see Peirce): Pilot (1.1)
Axiological & normative issues in scientific research: Ice (1.7), Young at Heart (1.15), Soft Light (2.23) 
Folk theories and scientific explanations: Teliko (4.4)
The “Unexplanable”: Without (8.2), Invocation (8.5), Dæmonicus (9.3)
Paradigm shifts (see Kuhn): The Erlenmeyer Flask (1.23)

Political philosophy

Government’s proper role in society: Blood (2.3), Musings of a Cigarette Man (4.7), The Pine Bluff Variant (5.18)
Freedom of Religion: Roadrunners (8.4)


Beyond the Sea (1.12), Jose Chung’s From Outer Space (3.20), Talitha Cumi (3.24)

[VKM Spec] Unpacking VKM 8

We’ve at last arrived. VKM 8 cements the road we began traveling in VKM 7. The subtext-level read is alive and well!

I will be covering the full chapter, and may repeat the findings of several other great theorists who have already posted their thoughts on the chapter. Before I begin the unpacking process, I’d like to give a shout out to a few excellent posts for anyone who may have missed them:

  • @unexaminedlife​‘s translation, which I will be referencing: 01
  • @soulisthirsty‘s VKM 8 metas, which cover the chapter and VKM in a different way than I will: 01, 02, 03
  • @justiceforzerokiryuu​‘s VKM 8 meta, which dismantles Ai’s ending monologue: 01
  • My own post on the surface-level layer vs. the subtext-level layer of the story: 01

If you haven’t read the meta posts above, I suggest you take a look! In the meantime, let’s roll up our sleeves and start unpacking these scenes!

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Why Social Justice Warriors Are So DEMENTED

Why social justice warriors behave like aggressive escaped mental patients: ANSWERED!

Finally some psychological backing that these loons are loons. This is the most important aspect in understanding the SJW madness. This makes sense, but it would be even better to see how many of the recent popular examples had gone to day care in their youth.  But don’t forget the television being their babysitter also counts too

This is why leftist governments the world over are pushing for universal government run daycare. So they can get control of the little shits and have them acting like this.

With modern medicine, its more like we won’t be around for very long either. 

It’s funny how the ruling class managed to make now a second generation even less tolerant of their parents than the previous. They used drugs and music to subvert that generation the same way they used pharmeceuticals and movies to subvert ours (proto-millennial here 1980). We look at only the things our controllers want to be seen as generalities in general terms. Race, sex, preference(?), age, etc… The reality is class. It’s always class. The only way to build class that can battle their class is to breed large, strong, and skilled FAMILIES. You don’t make families out of race, gender, blah, blah. There is only one way to make a family. You got a good head. 

 The problem is that I think they’re trying to make us violent. Being a Christian culture (which is why the elites target it so heavily and pay so many anti-religious shills and fund satanist groups, and infiltrate churches), that’s hard to do, revert back to violent and zero morals - but they have been progressing the latter because morals have taken a deep sea dive. However, they did it in the 1860s, and they used this same tactic of creating a moral majority using sophistry based on Christian ethics. They’ve trotted out gay marriage and Bruce Gender, violent blacks on TV and marching the college campuses screaming racist shit. There is obviously a tipping point and they aim to find it.

Its really sad that there’s no room for compassion from the right because it’s considered pandering. These kids have been subverted by governmental agencies, both foreign and domestic, using social media like youtube videos to incubate pathological mental illnesses (which is really easy to do when the internet raises your kids and the schools are in on the con)

anonymous asked:

Can you explain to me why itachi is problematic? I always disliked the character and I can't really give a deep analysis to explain to my friends on why I do. I understand what he did was wrong and I understand that his character was rushed and handled really badly but I can't put it into words.

Itachi Uchiha is a problematic character because :

  • His actions and motivations don’t make sense
  • Many concepts surround his “heroism” are morally misguided, simplistic and extreme. Yet, the narrative relentlessly shows him in a heroic light, it destroys the morality in the series
  • His other supposedly positive personal qualities like intelligence or wisdom are badly written too

I’ll quote from another anti post cos I don’t see the point of paraphrasing:

“a lot of his actions didn’t make sense if he’s always supposed to a good guy and a loving brother. There’re many ways he could’ve prevented Sasuke from witnessing the massacre, and made it less traumatizing to him. Instead he made him see that shit over and over again through genjutsu. yeah I know he wanted him to hate him and get revenge, but why? As a loving brother, why would he try so hard to put the burden of revenge on his brother? yeah I know he wanted Sasuke to be the hero who avenged his clan, but it’s worth the pain he went through when he killed his own brother? Sasuke never wanted to be a hero. yeah I know Itachi wanted to be judged by an uchiha, but he still thought he’s in a position to choose how he died? and he’d prioritise his own preference of how to die over the well being of his brother? He went back to Konoha after Sarutobi’s death cos he wanted to warn Danzo not to harm Sasuke. Then why did he expect sasuke to go back to Konoha after his death? go back to a place completely unaware of the danger that one of the top officials wanted to kill him? why did Itachi genjutsu Sasuke into a persistent coma? how was he supposed to get his revenge if he spent his life in a vegetative state? Kishimoto just made no sense.” - anti-endings

I’d also like to add it’s Itachi who revealed to Sasuke there’s another mangekyo sharingan user involved in the massacre and his name was “Madara”. If Itachi always suspected Tobi knew the truth about the massacre and him, and was keen on keeping Tobi away from sasuke, why did Itachi tell Sasuke Tobi’s name? it only made it easier for Sasuke to trust Tobi. It also added another name on his revenge target list. And Tobi was someone Itachi was afraid to go up against himself, he wanted sasuke to risk his life killing someone he couldn’t himself??

Many concepts surround his “heroism” are morally misguided, simplistic and extreme. Yet, the narrative relentlessly shows him in a heroic light, it destroys the morality in the series

Self sacrifice

He sacrificed OTHER PEOPLE"S LIVES, not his own. He took other people’s lives including children for his own ideals and beliefs. What did he sacrifice of himself? People said he had to leave Konoha and became a criminal and had a miserable life. He’s an ANBU before the massacre, a career as an undercover spying on enemies would’ve been highly likely for him even if the massacre never happened. He’s a trained assassin, he’s never gonna join Médecins Sans Frontières and do something meaningful in the first place.

“Greater good”

The idea that “greater number = greater good” is stupid, it completely disregards minority’s rights. If you’re attracted to the idea of “greater good” moral absolutism or “greater good” heroism, watch Psycho Pass and Fate/Zero. The moral dilemmas are much better written than Naruto. Kishimoto used “there’d be a civil war and other villages would attack them” to justify the massacre. He tried to justify genocide with one of the possible eventualities of the possible scenario of a failed coup.  A possible eventuality of a possible outcome of a coup that was yet to materialize….

Heroism is saving the ones you can, not playing god and deciding who should be killed so that others could live. Heroism is NOT the ability to count and deciding which group is the greater number. Heroism is NOT preemptively killing everyone based on personal speculations of possible bad consequences of actions or crime which were yet to be committed. This is crazier than Minority report.

Nationalism as heroism.

Itachi is a spokesperson for Will of Fire which is a form of inward looking nationalism. I think he said “as Itachi of konoha, I will save my homeland once more” (gross self glorification) when he defeated kabuto. He didn’t care if kabuto was threatening the whole ninja world, he’s just concerned with his own village. He only cared about konoha cos that’s his identity. He saw one’s village’s collective interest as the only thing worth protecting and fighting for, that’s not heroism, that’s just nationalism.  

Mistaking forced peace and oppression as Pacifism

The writing tried to present Itachi as a sensitive pacifist. He’s no pacifist, he believed in pre-emptive killing to maintain stability. He’s a “peace “at all cost extremist. Itachi and Danzo believed the way to achieve peace was to kill everyone who might possibly become a threat to the government due to dissatisfaction with their policy. Even kids had to be killed cos they might resent the government for killing their parents. This is not pacifism, this is purge of dissidents and rebels, this is forced peace maintained by violence and oppression.

His other supposedly positive personal qualities like intelligence or wisdom are badly written too

He’s not intelligent. The numerous holes listed above in his supposedly “all according to plan” revenge journey he planned for Sasuke are enough evidence of that.

He’s not wise. As discussed above, his worldviews and ideals are simplistic and extremist. His character really is just a naive nationalist.

He doesn’t respect free will, he once tried to forcibly genjutsu Sasuke into being loyal to Konoha. He just couldn’t deal with people not bowing to his precious village’s bullshit, he either killed everyone or he tried to brainwash them into a Konoha slave like himself.

He doesn’t respect truths, government transparency or history. He asked Naruto not to let the truths about the massacre come out. He thought superficial shit like “reputation” was more important than truths and justice. Kishimoto tried to make him look intelligent but humble. In fact, he’s arrogant, he thought he got to decide if the truths should come out, he’s one of the perpetrators of the massacre, yet he considered himself of all people had the right to bury the truths. That nerves and lack of self awareness.

Itachi is not some long suffering loving brother or unsung hero, he’s just a over wanked character who represents many of the series’ fucked up political views. He’s a self righteous, manipulative and cruel extremist.

anonymous asked:

daddy faust, i have a confession. someone that was cruel to me switched blogs, so i took their old url. now im slowly turning it into a horribly bigoted blog and they're so upset, even though im not claiming to be them and only reblogging things they already agree with. (sending black people back to africa, "monosexual privilege," etc.) and i just. feel so good causing them so much anger by just taking five minutes a day to reblog stuff. please forgive me for my edgy, petty sins.

this is mean and can actually get you in trouble with tumblr staff. if that person has shit views why not debate them openly? or just laugh at their opinions on your blog? i know i may come off as a person with zero morals, but shady stuff actually doesn’t sit well with me.

Headcanon based on this comic:

Everyone stuck working in Vlad’s general vicinity on a regular basis knows perfectly well that Vlad has some occult weirdness going on. So upper management, secretaries, that one newbie intern who drew the short straw and isn’t sure why delivering a message to the boss’ boss is worse than cleaning up some lazy employee’s mess for them… All of these people are entirely aware that their end-of-the-line boss is most likely some kind of literal monster, possibly from actual hell depending on how / what kind of religious they are case-by-case, but who cares? The benefits are freaking awesome.

Incidentally, these tend to be the employees who survive working for him the longest - not even in the sense that he deliberately screws them over (unless they do a bad job / get caught slacking off / turn out to be working for one of his remaining enemies) so much as that Vlad is a walking disaster zone with zero morals. The term “blast radius” comes to mind. So, the people who figure out his tells (ranging from ranting to fiddling with weird glowy tech to actually glowing and leaving handprint-shaped scorch marks on the furniture) and don’t write them off as hallucinations have a chance to actually last long enough to become reliable employees that Vlad doesn’t mind having in his general vicinity on a regular basis.

(Come to think of it, did I just figure out how Walter Weston became Vlad’s PA?)

They all just mutually agree never to Talk About It, because there is literally no way to be sure the boss man isn’t watching somehow, and no one survives being in Vlad’s vicinity for long without a healthy sense of self-preservation.

  • Cruella: If you bring me back then your mother won’t be a murderer anymore!
  • Henry: Pretty sure that’s not how logic works. You’ll still have been dead. It’s not time travel.
  • Cruella: You can’t expect logic to be relevant in this plot line. It hasn’t been for ages anyway.
  • Henry: Valid point.
What if Suzaku was the main character?

As requested by anon

Now, as it happens there is actually a Code Geass manga series called ‘Suzaku of the Counterattack’ which retells the original story (although with minor and major alterations) from Suzaku’s point of view. Since that’s already been done, in this case Suzaku is in Lelouch’s position, leading a Japanese rebellion under the mantle of Zero. What if Suzaku’s morality had developed more along the lines of Lelouch’s?

1. The Black Knights would have two kickass Knightmare pilots

Suzaku and Kallen are probably the best pilots in the series, who get the best knightmares in the series. So there’s an immediate advantage.

Tohdoh: Zero, is your scouting mission completed? Is it time to bring in our main forces?

Suzaku: Uh…yeah…we might not need to bother with that stage after all.

Tohdoh: …I don’t unde-

Kallen: We killed all of them.

2. Suzaku would have Geass

Geass manifests differently in each of its users. In this list, I theorised that Suzaku would have a ‘Geass of Physical Enhancement’. So less brainwashing, more punching.

Suzaku: Now Schneizel…you will serve Zero.

Schneizel: No I won’t.

Suzaku: Do it or I’ll punch you really, really hard.

Schneizel: …How hard?

Suzaku: Ever had a Knightmare fall on top of you?

Schneizel: I’m yours, Your Majesty.

3. He would rely heavily on his mysterious advisor, ‘Nought’

Just because Suzaku is the main character now, it doesn’t mean that Lelouch would give up on his goals. And ‘Zero’ had already been taken…

Lelouch: Those of you with power, fear us! Those of you without it, rally behind us as you see fit! We, the Black Knights, are the ones who will pass judgement on this world!

Black Knight #1: Booo

Black Knight #2: Get Zero on!

Suzaku: We’ll kick Britannia’s butt!


Lelouch: Hmph…second-in-command doesn’t really suit me.

4. Euphemia probably wouldn’t die…but she might

No mind control Geass means no tragic misfire. Hopefully. But Suzaku’s geass could misfire in other ways…


5. Inevitably he would find out ‘Nought’’s true identity and vice-versa

But the discovery wouldn’t be quite as dramatic as it was in the canon.

Lelouch: SUZAKU!


Lelouch: What were the odds! No wonder we made such a good team!

Suzaku: Just like old times, huh?

6. The Black Knights wouldn’t betray him

Suzaku isn’t a Britannian prince, and he doesn’t have mindcontrolling powers. He’s a Japanese man who’s just very, very strong. Schneizel’s got nothing to dissuade them with.

Schneizel: But are you sure you can trust Zero? After all, I know his true identity. You might change your mind once you see…this.

Ohgi: Hah! That’s Zero? In a cat costume? That’s pretty cute, never knew he had that side to him!

Schneizel: …No, it’s not cute, it’s humiliating, and you could never continue to follow such a dweeb.

Ohgi: …Is that it?

Schneizel: The Britannian army has wonderful life insurance.

7. The Black Knights would win, but only in Japan

Now that we have established that Suzaku would be a much more popular leader than Lelouch due to general lack of deceit, it would seem he might actually outdo Lelouch, especially when he has Lelouch’s intelligence on his side anyway. But there is the whole “mind-control” aspect to Code Geass which is really very important, and is missing in this version. So through brute force the Black Knights could probably liberate Japan, but the Zero Requiem would never work without Geass, and Britannia would probably still remain strong outside of Japan.

Charles: And the Ragnarok Connection? Surely that would go through without the mind control Geass?

CGLG: Suzaku, with his super-strength, repeatedly spin-kicked the Sword of Akasha until it smashed into pieces.


aster4jaden  asked:

I agree with Diabolik Lovers, a friend of mine asked me to watch it and I did. It was meh I couldn't get over how badly they treated female protagonist. Also I love your VK analysis your thorough/brutal but honest, it's very refreshing. Could you do a analysis on Zero please? I've read loads on Kaname, and i've tried to feel sympathy for him but I can't after reading the manga and novels knowing he manipulated Zero at every turn while acting God like all I can think is that he is a hypocrite.

I’m with you there on Diabolik Lovers. Everything I heard about it made me want to stay as far away as I could. ;) I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my analyses! I hope you’ll continue to enjoy them in the future too! =) 

You’d like analysis on Zero, though, huh? Well, who can resist an analysis on Zero!

Meditations on Kiryuu Zero

Short answer: Zero is perfect.

Long answer: Zero is probably the most pivotal character in Vampire Knight. He is the source of its conflict, the source of it’s messages, and is likely going to be the source of its resolution as well by the time Vampire Knight Memories is through with him. He serves two key roles in the story:

  • He is the story’s moral compass, by which the heroine and the readers should judge the characters.
  • He is the story’s guiding light, by which salvation is granted to the characters.

Zero as moral compass

Zero is what I consider the “moral compass” of Vampire Knight. His values of right and wrong are the rubric by which all the other characters’ actions are judged. Yuuki, as heroine, has no moral code of her own but she guides herself by Zero’s moral code. If Zero had no moral code, Yuuki wouldn’t either. 

This isn’t as evident in arc 1, because arc 1 spends a lot of time challenging Zero’s moral code. Are vampires truly “evil”? Is he right to hate them? Zero’s morality is put to the test in arc 1, and he is tempered by the forge of opposition. In arc 1, he is framed for a murder Kaname committed, is forced to face his own vampiric nature head on when he attacks Yuuki, must devour his own brother in the most vampiric of ways, fails to achieve his desired revenge for his family, and loses to his inner hatred of Purebloods when Yuuki is turned.

It’s important to note that, as a moral compass in arc 1, Zero fails. Literally everything he believes is right and true is stripped from him. The narrative denounces his perspective and runs him through the wringer for it. 

However, something very key happens in arc 2.

Arc 2 validates Zero’s hatred through Yuuki and Kaname. Both of them spend the majority of arc 2 trapped within Zero’s old views against Purebloods. The same prejudices Zero had in arc 1, Yuuki and Kaname have in arc 2. Kaname’s are his own prejudices which he hypocritically judged Zero on during arc 1. Yuuki’s are a direct result of her understanding of Zero. Yuuki flipflops multiple times in an attempt to fulfill Zero’s ideals in the story–first she goes around offering to murder Purebloods who want to die, then she reforms the Night Class to stop children from being hurt because it upsets Zero, then she works with Aidou to make the tablets to keep the vampires under control as repayment to Zero for his blood. Yuuki lives her life in arc 2 by Zero’s creed–or what she understands as Zero’s creed. Yuuki even refers to Zero’s devotion to duty in arc 2, something she clearly admires. 

However, in arc 2, Zero, after being reforged in the crucible of arc 1, begins to move down a different path of morality–the morality of tolerance and acceptance. As arc 2 moves forward, Zero begins guiding Yuuki, Aidou, the Night Class vampires, and the hunters toward a new direction–that of tolerance for vampires, and for Purebloods in particular. Although Zero still mouths off the platitudes he spouted in arc 1, his actions tell a different story–he encourages Aidou to support Yuuki’s bid to restart the Night Class, he supports Yuuki’s pills, he takes Sara’s blood to stop Kaname but not kill him, he refuses to hunt vampires unless they’re already on the list. The Zero of arc 2 is a reformed man in denial; it is not until he loses his memories in Night 88 and regains in them in Night 92 that he is able to accept his new morality.

Because it takes Zero so long to accept his new position, he fails to guide Yuuki and Kaname out of their own flawed morality. His attempts to reach them both in Night 92 fail, and he’s only capable of giving one of them–Yuuki–hope. Kaname is too far gone by this point for Zero to reach him. 

Vampire Knight Memories takes Zero’s moral compass role further–how he feels about the world directly affects the Hunters under his care. Where before they would have turned on him for his acceptance of Yuuki and Ai, now they just chide him but continue supporting him. The violence against Purebloods is now at an end; Zero continues to support justice for innocent humans, and to support Aidou’s research in helping Purebloods and other vampires escape their fates of eternity. Ideally, he will reprise his moral compass role in some capacity for Kaname when Kaname regains his memories, redeeming himself from his initial failure in the original series to correct the course Kaname was taking. 

Zero as guiding light

It’s so funny to be writing this, because in back in arc 1 this would sound preposterous. That Zero is the narrative’s guiding light, and not Yuuki who has been promoted ad nauseum as shining like the sun, still makes me chuckle. 

But the light he is. First he is Yuuki’s light–when he leaves her life, she enters “the Deep Dark Forest” and loses her spunk, her smile, and her joy. It’s interesting that Yuuki had virtually no interest in outside politics until she saw Zero distressed over the hunter Sara killed at the ball. Then suddenly she couldn’t just sit at home (which she’d been doing for a year)–she just had to do something to help Zero. This is the same girl who, without Zero to shine the light on the things that matter, was perfectly content to just sit at home and wait for Kaname. If Yuuki is a “light,” she is but a reflective one–a moon to another’s sun.

Zero actually guides Aidou out of depression when Aidou loses his father–he’s the one who listens to Aidou’s pain, even though Aidou’s hurling accusations at him, and who encourages Aidou to support Yuuki anyway. It’s not Yuuki who supports Aidou and gives him a way out–it is Zero.

After Kaname abandons Yuuki, she at first remains depressed. But as soon as she finds ways to help Zero, she comes to life again. And once Zero offers her his blood, she is eager to repay him by living up to his expectations. She reflects Zero’s light all the way up until Night 88, where she makes the decision that takes the light literally out of the story for the next three chapters–she removes Zero’s memories.

It’s important to note that Zero without memories is still a light. His core traits of acceptance, tolerance, and kindness still exist even without Yuuki in his life. This is Hino’s way of telling us that Zero is a light by himself and would have been even without Yuuki in his life. We see this play out further while he is mind wiped when he gently chides Kaname for making Yuuki uncomfortable during the tea party in Night 90. 

I’ve said this before, of course, in my other posts on Zero, but once Zero regains his memories he actually almost saves Kaname and does actually save Yuuki. His reminder to her about what Ichiru asked of him gives her the strength to try to save Kaname one last time. His appeal to Kaname to defend the academy and not make Yuuki sad nearly stops Kaname’s plan. 

Zero-as-the-light is even more apparent in the sequel series. Ai literally learns the difference between “koi” and “ai” from Zero, not from her mother. Yuuki admits Zero saved her when he told her to live on for Ai in VKM 1. Zero saves Yuuki a second time in VKM 1 when he tells her to find happiness in the time she has left before she turns Kaname. When he dies, it’s very apparent Yuuki’s and the kids’ lives are no longer bright. Yuuki follows him in death soon after, and Ren and Ai are subdued and emotionally detached. His hunters clearly are following his example and have relaxed a lot of their angry, anti-vampire rhetoric. 

I fully expect that Zero-as-the-light will be very pivotal as VKM moves forward. I expect him to save not only Yuuki but also Kaname by the end of VKM, thus restoring his Vampire Knight title to him in full. 

Zero’s character growth

I just want to point out that Zero’s the only character in Vampire Knight who actually has a positive trajectory of character development. He grows from an angry, hurt young man who wants revenge against vampires into a tolerant, patient, forgiving adult who accepts the good and the bad of vampires and humans alike. 

Unfortunately, Kaname had no growth at all (he remained a stagnant character, as befitting an antagonist), and Yuuki had a negative character trajectory–she actually regressed as a character. These two will have to grow in VKM in order to earn their happy endings. 

Zero’s happy ending

As I was writing this, I realized why Zero can’t have his happy ending yet, in spite of his character growth. 

Zero is the eponymous Vampire Knight. But although he learned his lessons during the course of the original series, he wasn’t able to implement what he’d learned and affect the world around him. He wasn’t able to touch anyone’s heart with what he’d learned. He figured the truth out “too late.”

This is why he hasn’t earned his happy ending in the narrative sense, although he certainly has in a character development sense. Until he actually applies the lessons he learned in the original series to the new series, he won’t be able to find happiness.

The lessons he learned were to be true to himself and to not hold on to hatred. The problem is, in VKM, he’s not being true to himself. He’s holding back certain emotions from Yuuki in order to spare her feelings. He needs to hold her accountable for her end of the relationship before they can move forward. 

He also needs to guide Kaname out of the darkness, which was the task set before him in the original series and is the task he failed. Until he is honest with Yuuki and acts as Kaname’s guide, he won’t have earned his happy ending narratively. 

I might be wrong of course, but this is just my hunch on the unfinished business Zero still has in this story. 

Concluding thoughts

Phew that was long. I’m sorry I made you wait so long for this,  and I hope this was along the lines of what you were looking to read. =) Thanks for making this request!