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X-Files Episodes Organized by Philosophical Topic


Fatalism: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (3.4), Monday (6.14) 
Interactionism: Shadows (1.5), Fire (1.11), Excelsis Dei (2.11)
Determinism, compatibalism, and/or human freedom: Aubrey (2.12) , Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (3.4), Syzygy (3.13), Wetwired (3.23), Talitha Cumi (3.24), Synchrony (4.19)
Disembodied existence: Shadows (1.5), Beyond the Sea (1.12), End Game (2.17), Elegy (4.22)
Personal agency/autonomy: Ice (1.8), Pusher (3.17), Hell Money (3.19), Kitsunegari (5.8), Empedocles (8.17)
Personal identity: Lazarus (1.15), Born Again (1.21), End Game (2.17), The List (3.05), Apocrypha (3.16), Herrenvolk (4.1), The Field Where I Died (4.5), Dreamland (6.4), Dreamland II (6.5)
Psychological continuity: End Game (2.17), Herrenvolk (4.1), The Field Where I Died (4.5)
Reincarnation: Lazarus (1.14), Born Again (1.21), The List (3.5), The Field Where I Died (4.5)
Time travel (see David Lewis): Synchrony (4.19)
Parallel universes: 4-D (9.4)


Belief [This is a major theme in the entire series, but it is especially prevalent in these episodes] (see James, Clifford): Beyond the Sea (1.12), E.B.E. (1.16), Colony (2.16), Quagmire (3.22), S.R. 819 (6.9)
Cartesian skepticism: How the Ghosts Stole Christmas (6.6), Field Trip (6.21), Via Negativa (8.7)
General epistemology: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (3.4), Jose Chung’s From Outer Space (3.20), Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (4.7), Demons (4.23), Bad Blood (5.12)
Pragmatism: The Erlenmeyer Flask (1.23), Little Green Men (2.1), all things (7.17)
Fideism: all things (7.17)   


Animal ethics: Red Museum (2.10), Fearful Symmetry (2.18)
Biomedical ethics: Eve (1.10), Colony (2.16)
Divine command theory ethics: Revelations (3.11)
Environmental ethics: Darkness Falls (1.19), Quagmire (3.22)
Ethical subjectivism: Home (4.3)
Ethics of scientific research: Demons (4.23)
Kantian ethics: Home (4.3), Small Potatoes (4.20)
“Lifeboat” ethics: Død Kalm (2.19)
Moral relativism: Excelsis Dei (2.11), Fresh Bones (2.15), Hell Money (3.19), Teso Dos Bichos (3.18), Kaddish (4.12)
Moral responsibility: Irresistible (2.13)
Virtue ethics: Apocrypha (3.16), Avatar (3.21), Zero-Sum (4.21)
Moral education: Home (4.3)

Philosophy of mind

Artificial intelligence: Ghost in the Machine (1.6), Kill Switch (5.11)

Philosophy of religion

Faith and reason: Revelations (3.11), All Souls (5.17)
Religious ambiguity: Essence (8.20), Improbable (9.13)

Philosophy of science

Abductive inference (see Peirce): Pilot (1.1)
Axiological & normative issues in scientific research: Ice (1.7), Young at Heart (1.15), Soft Light (2.23) 
Folk theories and scientific explanations: Teliko (4.4)
The “Unexplanable”: Without (8.2), Invocation (8.5), Dæmonicus (9.3)
Paradigm shifts (see Kuhn): The Erlenmeyer Flask (1.23)

Political philosophy

Government’s proper role in society: Blood (2.3), Musings of a Cigarette Man (4.7), The Pine Bluff Variant (5.18)
Freedom of Religion: Roadrunners (8.4)


Beyond the Sea (1.12), Jose Chung’s From Outer Space (3.20), Talitha Cumi (3.24)

technomancer98  asked:

Could you write a post about INTJs and why they fail. Examine some of the popular INTJs and explain why they failed. For ex. Voldemort, etc. also maybe how they can succeed. I'm not evil,I swear.

Sure you’re not. But if you take over the world, I want in.

(Notice how my brain immediately switched to “villain” after you said “popular” simply because you used Voldemort as an example. I love my INTJ villains, so if you were hoping for something other than villains, it sucks to be you.)

Many INTJ villains fail because they have to; fiction usually dictates the good guys win (unless you are George R.R. Martin), so the INTJ has to make some stupid nonsensical mistake that their Te would probably not make in real life. Such as: leaving the hero alive (so he can cause trouble later) rather than shooting him in the face. Or stopping to boast about what a genius you are, which gives him time to figure out how to stop your maniacal plan.

If Te-using villains were like actual evil Te’s and had zero moral foundation, the movie or television series would be short, because they would simply “deal with the problem” (Te) and kill the heroes right out of the gate. Like, for example (because I love using him as one) – the cardinal in The Musketeers TV show. The series does an excellent job of establishing him as a solid Ni-Te thinking villain, where most of his decisions and evil actions are motivated through Te.

But then, there’s Lady deWinter.

As my INTJ friend pointed out, from a detached “villain” perspective, she is a loose cannon and if this were real life, and the cardinal really was a narcissist incapable of mercy (thus without any moral conscience), killing her would be the most rational solution (Te), because she endangers him at every turn. He cannot control her, she frequently screws up his plans, and threatens to ‘out’ him through association. She’s a psychopath, which means she could turn on him. Any evil INTJ would know this right out of the gate.

But because the screenwriters “like” her, and want her in the plot, the INTJ villain lets her live, in a colossal betrayal of his functional development.

That’s just an example of real life villainy vs. contrived writing. ;)

(If you want to avoid your villain murdering your hero, but still have an NTJ villain, make damn sure it’s not a “convenient” out unworthy of strong Te. Either he never managed to get his hands on your hero, or he has a rational reason for letting him live. Your hero has to be smarter than the evil NTJ villain.)

Anyway, side trip, back to the main point: INTJs fail because of poor Se.

Se is what grounds a Ni into reality. Unless an INTJ develops it, their futuristic vision or expectation lacks realistic expectations. Their perception about people, situations, or ideas will be wrong. They can become so obsessed with their dream of what the future will be, that they neglect to look around them and see what’s happening right now. And, a poor Se will make them “lazy” and “unmotivated,” so they may sit around and scheme or dream or plan and never actually get up and do anything to make those visions real.

(Example of extreme inferior-Se laziness: the cardinal telling deWinter to plant evidence in someone’s room, when he could walk upstairs and do it himself. :P)

OR… they will act irrationally and impulsively with Se, and ruin the entire thing, because FOR ONCE they didn’t think first and then can’t scramble fast enough (more poor Se) to cover their tracks (see the Musketeers season one two-part finale for a great example of the cardinal doing this).

Voldemort failed because of his arrogance. He was intelligent enough to assume he had covered all his bases and that no one could beat him. He failed because he could not adapt to his environment (bad Se). He failed because he was so fixated on making his personal vision of the future real (I will never die, I will be invincible) he did not look around or bother internalizing the meaning of Potter. He focused on the threat and missed everyone’s motivations. Because he is poor at Fi, he made a mistake common to Te users (good or bad): he underestimated how much people care.

Voldemort murdered Lily Potter, which turned Snape against him. He assumed it would not matter. He was wrong. That killed him long before his actual death. He was dead the minute he discounted Snape’s feelings.

You see this in a “good” INTJ character in the Wolf Hall books who makes the same mistake when he arranges a rational marriage for Henry VIII (a foreign princess, an alliance, everyone wins!) and then forced him to hold to it, due to diplomacy, even though Henry hated her. Cromwell signed his death certificate the minute he did that.

What is RATIONAL is not always good for people’s feelings.

Almost all INTJ villains fall into one of these traps: bad Se (misjudging situations, being delusional, failing to adapt in a dangerous situation, or acting impulsively at the wrong moment, because they cannot sense the right moment) or Te devaluation of others’ emotions (killing someone another person cares about, which causes them to turn on them later).

Non-villains still make these mistakes, but there’s nothing vindictive behind it.

Now, how as a sane, moral human being can you succeed?:

Develop your Se. Stop just trusting your hunches and look for evidence. Stop fixating on the future and engage with the present. Stop standing on the sidelines and physically engage with the world once in awhile. Stop being so intellectual that you are a physically lazy human being.

Develop your Fi. If you dismiss and belittle people, sneer at them, etc., they will not like you. To get anywhere in this world, people must like you. Healthy Te understands the world is “give and take” and unnecessary drama, insults, sarcasm, etc., is unprofessional and immature. You need not engage with people’s feelings, but you must respect them and the power they have over other people, even if they seem silly.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Sometimes, you have to stop thinking and try. If you fail, you recoup and try again. We are not defined by our failures, but by our willingness to keep trying.

Give yourself reasonable goals. Ones you can work toward in the short and long term, which will allow you to see you are moving forward. If you develop your Se enough, your goals will be achievable, because you will have a sense of how much you can do. Using Te too much will wear you out, so pace yourself.

Go forth INTJs and be awesome! :)

- ENFP Mod

Honestly, the “well he should have known this would be the consequence, what was he thinking?” response sounds SO MUCH like “well he should have just done what the officer told him and there would have been no problem.”

anonymous asked:

Can you explain to me why itachi is problematic? I always disliked the character and I can't really give a deep analysis to explain to my friends on why I do. I understand what he did was wrong and I understand that his character was rushed and handled really badly but I can't put it into words.

Itachi Uchiha is a problematic character because :

  • His actions and motivations don’t make sense
  • Many concepts surround his “heroism” are morally misguided, simplistic and extreme. Yet, the narrative relentlessly shows him in a heroic light, it destroys the morality in the series
  • His other supposedly positive personal qualities like intelligence or wisdom are badly written too

I’ll quote from another anti post cos I don’t see the point of paraphrasing:

“a lot of his actions didn’t make sense if he’s always supposed to a good guy and a loving brother. There’re many ways he could’ve prevented Sasuke from witnessing the massacre, and made it less traumatizing to him. Instead he made him see that shit over and over again through genjutsu. yeah I know he wanted him to hate him and get revenge, but why? As a loving brother, why would he try so hard to put the burden of revenge on his brother? yeah I know he wanted Sasuke to be the hero who avenged his clan, but it’s worth the pain he went through when he killed his own brother? Sasuke never wanted to be a hero. yeah I know Itachi wanted to be judged by an uchiha, but he still thought he’s in a position to choose how he died? and he’d prioritise his own preference of how to die over the well being of his brother? He went back to Konoha after Sarutobi’s death cos he wanted to warn Danzo not to harm Sasuke. Then why did he expect sasuke to go back to Konoha after his death? go back to a place completely unaware of the danger that one of the top officials wanted to kill him? why did Itachi genjutsu Sasuke into a persistent coma? how was he supposed to get his revenge if he spent his life in a vegetative state? Kishimoto just made no sense.” - anti-endings

I’d also like to add it’s Itachi who revealed to Sasuke there’s another mangekyo sharingan user involved in the massacre and his name was “Madara”. If Itachi always suspected Tobi knew the truth about the massacre and him, and was keen on keeping Tobi away from sasuke, why did Itachi tell Sasuke Tobi’s name? it only made it easier for Sasuke to trust Tobi. It also added another name on his revenge target list. And Tobi was someone Itachi was afraid to go up against himself, he wanted sasuke to risk his life killing someone he couldn’t himself??

Many concepts surround his “heroism” are morally misguided, simplistic and extreme. Yet, the narrative relentlessly shows him in a heroic light, it destroys the morality in the series

Self sacrifice

He sacrificed OTHER PEOPLE"S LIVES, not his own. He took other people’s lives including children for his own ideals and beliefs. What did he sacrifice of himself? People said he had to leave Konoha and became a criminal and had a miserable life. He’s an ANBU before the massacre, a career as an undercover spying on enemies would’ve been highly likely for him even if the massacre never happened. He’s a trained assassin, he’s never gonna join Médecins Sans Frontières and do something meaningful in the first place.

“Greater good”

The idea that “greater number = greater good” is stupid, it completely disregards minority’s rights. If you’re attracted to the idea of “greater good” moral absolutism or “greater good” heroism, watch Psycho Pass and Fate/Zero. The moral dilemmas are much better written than Naruto. Kishimoto used “there’d be a civil war and other villages would attack them” to justify the massacre. He tried to justify genocide with one of the possible eventualities of the possible scenario of a failed coup.  A possible eventuality of a possible outcome of a coup that was yet to materialize….

Heroism is saving the ones you can, not playing god and deciding who should be killed so that others could live. Heroism is NOT the ability to count and deciding which group is the greater number. Heroism is NOT preemptively killing everyone based on personal speculations of possible bad consequences of actions or crime which were yet to be committed. This is crazier than Minority report.

Nationalism as heroism.

Itachi is a spokesperson for Will of Fire which is a form of inward looking nationalism. I think he said “as Itachi of konoha, I will save my homeland once more” (gross self glorification) when he defeated kabuto. He didn’t care if kabuto was threatening the whole ninja world, he’s just concerned with his own village. He only cared about konoha cos that’s his identity. He saw one’s village’s collective interest as the only thing worth protecting and fighting for, that’s not heroism, that’s just nationalism.  

Mistaking forced peace and oppression as Pacifism

The writing tried to present Itachi as a sensitive pacifist. He’s no pacifist, he believed in pre-emptive killing to maintain stability. He’s a “peace “at all cost extremist. Itachi and Danzo believed the way to achieve peace was to kill everyone who might possibly become a threat to the government due to dissatisfaction with their policy. Even kids had to be killed cos they might resent the government for killing their parents. This is not pacifism, this is purge of dissidents and rebels, this is forced peace maintained by violence and oppression.

His other supposedly positive personal qualities like intelligence or wisdom are badly written too

He’s not intelligent. The numerous holes listed above in his supposedly “all according to plan” revenge journey he planned for Sasuke are enough evidence of that.

He’s not wise. As discussed above, his worldviews and ideals are simplistic and extremist. His character really is just a naive nationalist.

He doesn’t respect free will, he once tried to forcibly genjutsu Sasuke into being loyal to Konoha. He just couldn’t deal with people not bowing to his precious village’s bullshit, he either killed everyone or he tried to brainwash them into a Konoha slave like himself.

He doesn’t respect truths, government transparency or history. He asked Naruto not to let the truths about the massacre come out. He thought superficial shit like “reputation” was more important than truths and justice. Kishimoto tried to make him look intelligent but humble. In fact, he’s arrogant, he thought he got to decide if the truths should come out, he’s one of the perpetrators of the massacre, yet he considered himself of all people had the right to bury the truths. That nerves and lack of self awareness.

Itachi is not some long suffering loving brother or unsung hero, he’s just a over wanked character who represents many of the series’ fucked up political views. He’s a self righteous, manipulative and cruel extremist.

[harry osborn voice] peter parker??? nah what a nerd what a— [trips] [hundreds of photos of peter spill out of jacket] w-what a fucking loser i—these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of peter scatter across the floor] shit fuck im holding them for a friend jus t liSTEN

Stop Saying Star Wars is Buddhist or Taoist

I watched @attackfish‘s conversation on good/evil dualism in the Star Wars franchise and was amused that her interlocutor was denying such dualism existed in the series. As Fish and I discussed afterward, it is sometimes hard for people who live in a dominant thought system like the Christian duality to recognize that a) they actually subscribe to a very specific and non-universal worldview, and b) this view colors how they view everything else, because that’s what a worldview does.

Fish has a good breakdown in the linked thread on why the Jewish concept of yetzer hara does not map to the Dark Side of the Force as portrayed in the franchise. She also referenced poorly understood Buddhist and Taoist concepts, and as she pointed out, ideas from Buddhism and Taoism used in Star Wars are heavily distorted by a strict moral dualism that is alien to these traditions.

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"I can't take criticism so I send out my minions from 4chan out to get you" blocklist

I’ll be honest, I do not get what are these peoples deal but they seem to always get on the bad side of everyone and they can get to this very contrarian personality from 4chan /v/ so I’ll just take that a hint to making a list of them, they aren’t fascists by any means, crypto-fascists at the least, but they often gobble up the worst of people from this website and have probably been co-opted by fascists multiple time because of their apatheticness and coyness, the whole “I’m not a SJW! I don’t like protesters, fighting for something is dumb!” kind, shit they aren’t even probably right-wingers so this is a very special blocklist because I keep seeing them on tumblr whenever something bad happens, in fact i see so many fascists on this site only follow these people, so it’s probably better to block them to cut off their social rings immediately. 

–The list that has probably already been made once–

moontouched-moogle - Not much interesting to talk about here they’re just this hive mind for /v/ people. They kind of helped me build this list a bit. 

thefeelofavideogame - This guy never catches a break of not minding their own business and can’t help but feel cynical about anything but just ‘vidya’

nentindo - This one deserves a special mention because they’re 15 years old so it’s better to just block them and ignore them in advance rather then let them act elitist, i mean jeez kid you’re 15 you BARELY experienced life yet. Like really this amount of them surrounding themselves by adults that don’t wish them the best is an unhealthy obsession for them at it is. 

inkerton-kun - Dontcha hate when a porn artist has to have a ‘personality’

steven-universe-official - Kind of like the grand papi of this gang, I don’t even need to tell people to block them because I think about everyone does already due them sending their weird combination of anti-feminist fans around sending hate to anyone that would do criticism against their shitty attitude, technically in the recent years they kind of toned down on going around spewing bullshit and being THE uncle tom but it’s good to double check

dream-cassette - Oh this one I’ve heard of the most! Used to make child porn by the name of hoshime, in the name of rule 34, along the lines she deleted her original blog because she believed the obviously fake “down with cis” situation was the biggest EXAMPLE OF BIGOTRY in the world and the not absurd at all rival towards inequality (ignoring how it works systematically) and ever since then she’s been hanging out with the anti-sjws. 

thathomestar - I think they used to be a 100% gamergater but then again almost everyone here on this list was at one point. They still have that suspicious aura of “all the misery in the world is the left-wing’s fault for fighting back against their human rights being removed rather than just submitting!”. Says everything that is politically incorrect is just a joke, might be just a weird case of /pol/’s law (haha, get it?)

mr-cappadocia - Also an infamous gamergater, they sorta hold a grudge so much against social justice they end up sounding like they’re high on sherm. You know those try-hards that sound REALLY hard to sound politically incorrect? Yep! They sound like that. I also recommend blocking leopirate too as they are also a hotspot for gamergaters. Both are pretty terrible Islamophobic people. 

takashi0 - The OG Anti-SJW Brony of Tumblr! What a title. 

shitpost-senpai - I don’t even know why this guy’s on this list they’re just a 100% obvious fascist to the point they won’t stop being antisemitic about everything but hey, I guess because they like anime and metal gear rising that’s enough for them to fit in this blocklist… They’re also constantly being reblogging by this social ring of people and could just be the reason why a sum of people don’t trust them. 

maoh - They hate it when people fight back against oppression in general, the old cuck-like mentality of “No, don’t do anything, don’t fight back and die and it will be a win!” without knowing that peaceful protest holds no consequence and allows fascists to do anything they want to do at any time while removing human rights. They’re very petty about god damn children rather than just let them be too. What kind of an adult is this? Kind of funny that they changed their description recently from “I dislike the left-wing of tumblr” to “zero tolerance for faux morality and art censorship”, dude got some brand new codewords to pass off “I hate criticism” and “I’m a nazi sympathizer cuck and I’ve been brainwashed by the enemy to say that violent dynamics, no matter how history shows the story otherwise, is ineffective in justice and is villainous, anyways let me just frantically love an anime where they beat someone up”. It’s basic praxis and how the world works! 

shameshack - Ey! the-cringe-channel, known for producing their own cringe content because for some odd reason they keep ignoring the academic values of things and brush ofF everything in the world as mindless paranoia but probably aren’t a very smart person themselves and would rather waste their life making fun of kids and fueling the quickly made anti-sjw blogs on this website that all have urls like “tumblr-is-dumb-because-i-hate-minorities”, out of everyone who acts coy about why people dislike them, this one acts the most coy out of them all, what a malicious kind of guy. I really don’t know if they legit don’t get how things work in the real world because they take silly things seriously and serious things as if they were silly. Have you ever tried living life once where you have to don’t have to keep insecurely looking down on others that are just harmless oddities to fuel your ego or what?

–End Of List– 

Just copy and paste each url onto your blocklist if you wanna. 

Again I repeat these guys aren’t “fascists” and will deny they’re “anti-sjw” (Even though they don’t do anything to show for it besides say “Oh don’t worry we make fun of anti-sjws too! But we sound exactly like them when we go against our vague idea of social justice”), but fascists and crypto-fascists always seem to be around these people because they act coy about it all the time for the sake of being contrarians. They don’t want to care about them being followed by neo-nazis, just the power of having many followers that come straight from 4chan’s /v/! Almost the same as sympathizers.  

It’s the same odd link towards people who take video games and substancless anime too seriously and… Neo-Nazis, seriously what’s up with that? Anyways be careful when you criticize anime or them and don’t have them checked! 

Special mentions: KanColle fans I guess? Moe anime attracts a lot, and I guess that’s what happens when a medium genre is 100% bottom feeders towards substanceless girls just being cute, blogs with gray backgrounds, the nihilists that blog about trump jokes “ironically” (poe’s law), youtube celebrities, it’s more about ethics in games journalism and not objective game design. It’s not like they can’t be analytical ABOUT EVERYTHING right. Like how video game game design isn’t the only analytical theory in the world to take into consideration when criticizing media. Why is it always the gamers? 

Won’t say it again! Act coy about it all you want but take the loss because you guys have negative connotations and never really worked on it. 

This isn’t a “Reach” like a lot of you guys keep blaming it to be one or just belittle it as just “discourse” (the most thrown around word ever), the fact is just that you simply won’t accept the weight of your actions by either doing bullshit yourselves or allowing fascists to co-op your communities because you guys aren’t actively critical at all despite your contrarian image. 

Anyways this blog’s been moving slow (Which is good! Unless they’ve just been more secretive) to the point I gotta make a list out of these infamous dudes that i’m pretty sure everyone on tumblr already blocks or at least is suspicious about the people who reblog from them so i’m gonna go jack off to hentai rather than cowardly reblog ecchi to my blog to remind people I do indeed jack off to anime have no mistake about it. 

renzou: FUCK bon lmao i don’t care about him he’s the worst 

also renzou: talks shit about an ark knight for using ryuuji like a manager, confronts said ark knight who has zero (0) morals & could literally make his head roll with a snap of his fingers, solely to tell him to not demean ryuuji by using him to get to him, stalks yukio during his brother’s wedding when he gets up after ryuuji to make sure yukio doesn’t hurt him,

anonymous asked:

otayuri is still gross idc

bro I could deadass bring out a million sources abt how fiction, particularly fan fiction (which u don’t have to consume if you don’t like), has zero bearing on actual moral behavior or reality.

I could tell you how middle adolescence is cited in numerous academic studies as a cognitive stage between the ages of 14-18 (And I’d even mention that other sources define it as 14-17 because i don’t only look at shit that supports my ‘agenda’)

I could explain to you how federal judges in the majority of states (since y'all love to be US specific and ignore the fact this isn’t an American show) agree in statutory rape cases that there is no significant power imbalance when the minor is over 13 and their partner is less than four years older than them.

I could tell you that the majority of people don’t even ship these two in a sexual way but y'all see a male & male ship and assume that shit has to be sexualized

like literally no amount of fact or arguing will change your opinion so pls jus ignore my blog

I think Elisabeth Sobeck is rather interesting figure in Zero Dawn. She is shown to be this brilliant scientist who solved a lot of problems, so indeed she has earned easily all of that praise. She is determined to create Zero Dawn to the bitter end, and as you read stuff and watch holo-vids about her, you get the impression of a never tiring, never faltering leader, who slaves away to complete the project. 

But that is no the only side of Sobeck. Near the end of the game and after it, you get the access to his journals, and they reveal that she was, very nervous about everything. When she breaks the news to the rest of her crew that they have to keep working on GAIA, and that they can`t enter the safe bunkers, she is about to throw up. When she gets back to her office after that she breaks down in tears. 

I was bit shocked at first after reading those entries. The videos and previous things made her as a never stopping, never wavering leader, but the journals revealed that Sobeck too was very humane person. She was afraid too, afraid to die, afraid that the project would not be finished.

I guess Sobeck had to steel and showcase herself as this unfaltering leader. If she had showed doubts, I think it might have affected the groups morale.     

Zero's House - Monday, 1:20pm

That was one story that even Ashton hadn’t told Zero. Then again, Ashton did a lot of things that he’d never tell his friend about. He knew Zero was more, morally conscious than he was.

It didn’t deter from the fact that, regardless of their strained friendship at the moment, Zero always considered Ashton a better father to his children, then he was a good husband to Lily. Trying to make up for his mistakes with his wife, by being a present and sometimes over protective father.

Sado never spoke ill of her father, except after the affair, and with good reason. Other than that, she spoke like a girl who admired her father for the things he taught her. Zero didn’t have that relationship with his father when he was alive. His relationship had been one of a warden and a prison.

His father was strict, ruled with an iron fist. It was his way or no way. While that shaped Zero’s life in regards to his motivation in school and his career, he didn’t know the emotional aspect of having a father. Something his mother tried to remedy when she had breath in her lungs too.

“I’m pregnant.”


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Hooked On A Feeling Pt 3

JayTim Valentines Week 2017 Day 3: Enemies to friends to lovers/Secret Admirer

Read entire series on AO3

Rating: Mature

Contrary to popular belief, Jason Todd is not an idiot. Hell, he was trained by the world’s greatest detective, he doesn’t understand why people underestimate him all the time.

He knows Tim is still taking his pictures. They haven’t spoken since that first night, but Tim seems to be less worried about being seen. At least when Batman isn’t around anyways.

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Monsta X as: kids you are babysitting

Request: __

A/N: Nobody requested nothing yet, but this is the first post on the blog! Yay! Hope you enjoy!

•Very good boy. Just stares at you with a cute face. Still doesn’t knows who you are and why his parents are gone but doesn’t say nothing. Just very suspicious eyes.
•You get surprised everytime he does something he shouldn’t, and yeah, he will do it. He just looks inofensive, he isn’t.
•Breaking plates sounds in the kitchen, DVD playing with nobody watching, late night and he is outside playing with the neighbors cat.
•And when you try to ask him what is he doing, or that he shouldn’t be doing it he would just “….”. He somewhat thinks he is independent.
•Very cute and kinda scary kid. But is amusing.

•Doesn’t stops asking for food. He wouldn’t be asking that much to his mom, but he thinks you would believe him if he said “Of course we eat ramen every one hour in this house.”. We are not buying it, Hoseok.
•He really likes playing and talking, ok? Please give him attention. If you want to just sit on the sofa and watch TV while he is around: no. He would sit by your side and be turned to you. He would talk A LOT, stutter a lot in a pout mouth and would smile when you looked at him and showed interest in talking to him. Very soft kid you would love to babysit.
•And he probably loves to be put to sleep. Doesn’t sleep. He lay down, you cover him in blankets and kiss his forehead and he smiles. Then you got out of the room and BAM he is there. “Put me to sleep again.”

•You already know. You looked at his face and you knew it. I hope you really like playing around and have good ears.
•He didn’t even payed attention to your introduction, when his parents said “Y/N is going to babysit you today” his brain understood “Y/N is here to be your slave”.
•But even thought he had a very assertive personality, like, he choose what you two would play, when you two would eat, tell you his bed time, he was very respectful with you and knew when to listen.
•Everything with him is on speed, he ate super quickly LET’S GO TO PLAY, NOW ANOTHER GAME, ANOTHER ONE and sleept. You didn’t needed to tell him that it was time to sleep, he probably sleep on the floor with a toy on his hands.
•Probably the type to develop a crush on you but never find out what a crush is.

•He would be a difficult child. He likes being contradictory. You’re babysitting him? No, he will babysit you.
•"What will we eat?…. I don’t want that.“
•But is just because he loves to get a reaction out of people, and annoyence is the reaction that amuse him the most. Whenever your eyes shakes or you took like 3 seconds to awenser he would smile like if he was watching a show, and is so pure. You will probably develop a crush on this cutie.
•He is a show-off. All the time he would run to bring something to you to show you, or tell you a story about something super cool he done. He can even sing some Pororo song and think he rocks. He probably did.
•I can believe Yoo Kihyun invented a pure type of cocky smile.
•Sleeps with plushies.

•Do you wanna be friends with this kid? Don’t lose your time.
•He will only be affectionate towards you when you’re asleep. The type to get out of his bed (Would either wake up out of nowhere or don’t sleep because he doesn’t trust you) and see you sleeping on the couch and poke your cheek. He would hold a smile to himself and go back to bed. Yeah, that’s his affection.
•He would just stare at you and wait for you to decide what you two should do. His parents told him to obey you, and he is very respectful. After you give him the food he would wait you say “now eat”, when he was bored he would stare you and prey that you would finally sugere a game to play or put a movie. Doesn’t says nothing if you don’t ask.
•But he loves it when you ask. Like Wonho, he enjoys talking. He awenser everything very shortly, but because of his tone of voice you can tell he just wants you to randomly talk about himself.
•He is a boy of a plushie and a blanket. He walks around the house with it all the time. Probably a rabbit (Or that’s how I imagine it aaaah cute).
•Really likes when you tell stories. Is the only thing you can do to make him smile, and his smile is a so heart warming. When there was those awkward silences you would look around and search about something to made up a storie and he would love it. “So there was a stories about an ant who saw a potato and it said…”
•Would totally have a crush on you. His heart was very very soft when he was young and he falled in love, out of love and in love again with you a lot of times per day. And he even talked to his friends about it “I think I will marry YN one day… No, no, no. I won’t… No, I maybe will”

•He is a mix of some of the members. Very hyper, very assertive and contradictory. You would ask him to apologise to you a lot of times. Just imagine, he would put his hands behind his back, low down his head and say in an loud audible “I am sorry, YN.”
•He would ask for a lot of candies. Not really ask, he would say “Give me a candy.” in a demanding way but would accept if you said no. For a period of time. Then he would ask again.
•But would steal the candies if you didn’t gave him, and would always try to get out of the house to play around even if it was very late. He would bend on the doorknob, point to outside and say “let’s go.” The Lee family teached him how to apologise but not how to ask, it’s incredible.
•But he would be the one who wakes up your protective instinct the most. He just haves zero morals, what can be bad, but also is the purest thing in the world. He also gets scared very easily. When you let him alone for a few seconds he would scream while running from somewhere and hug your legs saying “There was something in the dark!!” and walk hugging your legs when he was scared of something. Asks you to sleep with you.

•He amuses you.
•He randomly gives small smiles to the air and you just watch amused and scared wondering what is this genious thinking.
•Very shy at first but tries his best to show you a smile from time to a time so you see that he is good person because he just wants a friend.
•Doens’t likes games that you need to jump around too much. Probably likes to drawn you while talking to you. He is very good with poems too (They aren’t actually good poems, but he is a kid who can make poems really quickly this is already something super nice.).
•You would be the one asking to come back soon when his parents come home because his company is really cool.
•But he gets grumpy very easily. Pouts and crossing arms would be very common and it would make you confused because it never has a reason. He is just moody.
•Very moody. He gets grumpy and sometimes cuddling. He wouldn’t ​say nothing or show an embarrassed face, he just feels like it so he hugs you and sleeps there. He is the coolest kid you will ever meet.

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