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Aqours Gallery (August 2016)

Caption: Ah, we’ve discovered a leak there too!!
Rainy days like these are for Aqours to do battle with the leaky roofs♪

Ahhh, Riko-chan, stop!!
I’ve discovered a leak over there too!
Ehh, we have to get them all, catch them while they’re in the air♪
Just kidding♡

It’s amazing~!
We’ve discovered another leak yet again♡
I’ve heard that Ura Girls’ is a school with a long history, but I was surprised to see it leak like this whenever it rains!
Really, it’s a school full of surprises~♪
And not just that, but the repairs can’t really keep up, so during rainy days, everyone just places buckets everywhere like this to catch the leaks!
It’s way too interesting!!
Ah— But if it leaks, maybe ghosts might appear too?
Wow, So cool!!
A building where ghosts appear, that would be extremely popular overseas~♡
Appearing quietly within an underground basement filled with moisture and dripping water droplets, an intangible white ghost!
I want to meet it too. The ghost living within Ura Girls'♪
Of course, it’s bound to be a cute and lovely female high school girl☆
If I take a video and upload it, it’ll likely become an amazingly hot topic~♪
Oh yes, if it’s come to this, why don’t we search all over the school building thoroughly, and map out all the school’s leaks?
If we don’t place buckets and bowls properly, it would be bad if an underclassman slips on the wet floors and gets hurt— right♡♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine August 2016 issue