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fate/zero sentence starters

“i ask you. are you worthy - to be my master?”

“if you act only on what you should do, without heed for what you want to do, you’re nothing more than a machine. a phenomenon.”

“you’ve given me a life a mere puppet wouldn’t have. you need not pity me. i am a part of you.”

“of what worth is a king who fails to protect the powerless?”

“a man without fear cannot be wise.”

“if you do evil out of a hatred for evil, that rage and hate will merely birth new conflict.”

“glory lies beyond the horizon. challenge it because it is unreachable.”

“if a king regrets his rule or its conclusion, that king is nothing but a fool.”

“did you not understand? all dreams eventually disappear when the dreamers wake.”

“even if i am to carry all the evils of the world, it won’t matter. if that can save the world, then i’ll gladly accept it.”

“i’m amazed you had the nerve to return here alone.”

“who gave you permission to gaze upon me?”

“tonight, we become the greatest legend in history!”

“so you say that both blasphemy and praise are worship to you?”

“there’s no hope on the battlefield. it has nothing but unspeakable despair.”

“justice cannot save the world. i have no interest with things like that.”

“i shall grieve, and i shall weep. but i shall never regret.”

“god loves human virtues like courage and hope - but he loves screams, blood, and despair just as much!”

“the weight of my sword is the weight of my pride.”

“why do you insist on defining joy so narrowly? there is no one fixed type of joy.”

“he who is worthy of all heroes’ envy, and he who leads their way, is king. therefore, the king is not alone.”

“deep down, you must’ve wanted to become a hero.’

"to win, but not destroy; to conquer, but not humiliate. that is what true conquest is!”

“do you not feel any shame at all? i will never forgive you. i will never forgive any of you!”

“the path of devotion is a great labor. do not ever mar it.”

“Excuse me, dancers, diners, and guests,” She said, nervously holding the microphone. Crowds were not her thing. They reminded her of the mass of Nihilego, swirling as they encircled their prey, ready to - No, She told herself. Not here. Not now. 

“Ahem, we have reports that a Guzzlord by the name of ‘Zero’ has caused the chocolate fountain to cease functioning. Everyone, remain calm, we are going to restore functionality to the fountain as soon as we can… However… The Guzzlord appears to have vanished, and I would advise everyone to be on the lookout. I do not believe that this creature has any intentions of hurting anyone - They are just rather mischievous. Please, if you see the creature, report their whereabouts.”

BREAKS OUTSIDE OF THE OFFICE WERE AN AMENITY HARD TO COME BY, which only served to make them all the more enjoyable for the arguably overworked male. his laptop sat atop the the café countertop, yet his focus faltered as each new customer chimed the brass bell that hung above the door. his attention span was at an all time low, his cocoa hues surveying the current occupants of the cozy shop. his eyes narrowed slightly as he pinpointed his new form of entertainment, his fingertips rushing to conceal the amused grin that overcame his lips.  don’t look yet, but that guy at the window definitely just downed his FIFTH espresso shot since i got here. y’think i can convince him to do my paperwork and, like, maybe clean my entire apartment while he’s at it ? i mean — fuck he delivered to no one in particular, yet his voice definitely carried to the customer by his side. his gaze shifted to his neighbor for a moment before he glanced in the aforementioned man’s direction once again, an amused laugh emitting from his throat. 

     “You say Gabriel’s a – what, decent guy? A changed man?” Raven said in a tone of voice that suggested she wasn’t BUYING it. Rick was someone she could look up to, but she was very critical of him, of everything and everyone. Sighing, she gave a slight roll of her eyes at the suggestion that Gabriel didn’t just run off with their shit. “Let’s hope the changed man doesn’t run into me out there.”

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   Zero was roaming around, just doing his own thing. He was about to parkour across buildings in Station Square for fun. He started doing it, but ended up falling off a wall and grabbed onto a ledge. He had to let go, but the fall wasn’t too great. He noticed Sardonyx after he hit the ground and decided to make it look like he was showing off.


   Before she could answer, Zero got back to running up walls and trying to reach rooftops.


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“What the hell do people actually spend their days off doing? Besides sleep and eat that is.” It was far too early for him to pick up Hayley from daycare and the house echoed empty – and he definitely refused to spend it working. “I need a hobby.”

Bastian sat in the park with a coffee in one hand and his wings stretched across the length of the bench he was lounging on. Since coming to Pansaw, it had quickly become one of his favorite places with its quiet peace and variety of plants. If he let his mind wander, he could almost let himself believe he was travelling again. His thoughts were interrupted by the shadow of someone stopping in front of him and he quickly sat up straight, pulling his wings in and moving to scoot to the side. 

“I’m sorry. Did you want to sit?”

Killian released a quiet groan of appreciation beneath his breath as his tired body settled back against the porcelain of the tub. Typically he preferred a quick shower but he’d just spent hours in the training room. After a session like that nothing felt better than soaking sore muscles beneath the hot water until it turned cold. Just as he began to relax and zone out for a bit the bathroom door swung wide and the sound of approaching footsteps made their way across the tiled floor. Bloody hell, he thought to himself as a heavy sigh left his lips. “Typically it’s common courtesy to knock first.” He mumbled loud enough to be heard as his eyes snapped open and he slowly turned his head.