zero for starters

Zero For Starters

So I’ve written this silly and frivolous little fic based off of one of those Daily Au prompts.  Anyway this is my disclaimer and warning not to expect anything more than some fluff and silliness.

Thanks to everyone for previous positive response to sacrificial-friend-part-2.😘

Zero For Starters

Rae always regretted the day she got hammered on Cinzano when her mum hosted a  barbecue.  She was only 15 and it was the first time she’d ever drank a significant amount of alcohol.  The house and garden were full of family, friends and neighbours so her mum didn’t notice her helping herself until it was too late.  Rae already had her arms wrapped around the boy from down the street and was rocking back and forth in time to a song by bloody UB40 when her mum noticed how drunk she was.  She was never going to live that down; her bestie, Chloe always reminded her that she was caught grooving to her mums embarrassing tunes.

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horizon zero dawn // inspired starters

❛ you know what? when we met, i thought i was a big shot talking to a pretty girl hidden away in the middle of nowhere. ❜   
❛ try not to forget about me while you’re out there changing the world. ❜  
❛ i’m already under some heavy divine pressure. but i’ll try to live up to it. ❜  
❛ after all that’s happened, all you’ve done…i feel like i should drop to your knees and worship you. ❜
❛ for you sake, i must go where you will never find me. this is goodbye. ❜  

❛ i’ll always have a minute for you. maybe even two. ❜  
❛ i knew there was something about you. hammered from the stuff they make leaders out of. ❜  
❛ he’s smiling at us. ❜  

❛ i remember yelling that i didn’t care. ❜  
❛ you have to use your smarts to count for something, to serve life, not death. ❜  
❛ if you had had a child, what would you have wished for him or her? ❜  
❛ do you really not hear how ridiculous that sounds?  ❜  
❛ confidence is quiet. you’re not.  ❜  

❛ ha. it was just an instant, but i knew. i knew we’d be forever. ❜  
❛ i’ve done all i can. from here on out, the rest is up to you. ❜  
❛ there’s so much more to discover before the world ends.   ❜  
❛ the way you smiled…i had to look away or you were going to see. on my face. what had just… blossomed inside me, you know? ❜  
❛ as it turned out, it was your world all along. i was merely… trespassing. ❜  
❛ you just can’t leave me alone, can you? ❜  
❛ turn your face to the sun. ❜
❛ why is it, every time something terrible happens, everyone tells you the worst thing that ever happened to them, as though that makes it easier? ❜  
❛ no —- you don’t need to bow. ❜  

❛ the strength to stand alone is the strength to make a stand. ❜  
❛ what’s that now? don’t like the cold? ❜  
❛ welcome to my ravine of death.  ❜
❛ keep moving or you’ll die!  ❜        
❛ hey. my eyes are up here.  ❜  
❛ you defeated it…alone?  ❜  

❛ today i speak your name - but will the goddess speak it back? ❜
❛ you must be humble and respect their power. ❜  
❛ i’m here and wherever you go, i will follow. ❜  
❛ even a king can learn his lesson. ❜  

❛ we can still have a party, right? sure we can. ❜  
❛ what is that on your face? ❜  
❛ the wilds can be dangerous. you need to stay close and do as i say. ❜
❛ so? what do you say? how about we try and kill each other?  ❜  

❛ you’re still scratched up from the fall you did yesterday. ❜  
❛ what do you think i’m doing? taking a nap?  ❜  
❛ guess we can’t have everything.  ❜  
❛ so that’s what this is? a tantrum? a cry for attention?  ❜  

❛ never celebrate a victory before it’s earned. ❜  
❛ you’re bleeding. let me have a look. ❜  
❛ you’re an idiot. a dangerous idiot..but an idiot.  ❜  
❛ you were only chosen because you were a fool, too stupid to realize you were being used. ❜  

❛ not everyone follows the law like you do. ❜  
❛ take this, to … remember. ❜
❛ my fight. i can’t ask you to come with me. ❜
❛ you survived! i thought you were killed. ❜
❛ we have more important things to do than ask questions.  ❜  
❛ that could be the least creepy thing you’ve said to me.  ❜  
❛ rough going but you survived.  ❜       

❛ this attachment to me will only hold you back. ❜  
❛ you will turn back - or bleed. your choice. ❜  
❛ you can sense it. you already know you’re going to lose. ❜  
❛ i need to catch a breath.  ❜  

❛ you know, i often think of the day i gave you that scar. it’s a cherished memory. ❜  
❛ are you going to shut your mouth? because that would be a surprise. ❜
❛ it’s time to make your first kill. ❜  
❛ why are you talking like we’ll never see each other again? ❜  
❛ you can be a real lard sometimes. cut it out. ❜  
❛ i’m not afraid of you. i’m not afraid of anything. ❜  
❛ now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to get some sleep. i plan to be well rested when i run you into the ground tomorrow. ❜
❛ not all comforts are bad. ❜  
❛ better dead last than dead altogether. ❜  
❛ no witnesses! no survivors! ❜  
❛ are you crazy? you’re going to kill yourself! ❜  
❛ i suppose you leave that part out of the story when you tell it, don’t you? ❜
❛ ugly and ancient? like your mother? ❜
❛ to answer for what i’ve done, the lives i’ve ruined? yes. i am ready. ❜  
❛ they can’t shoot if they’re dead. ❜  
❛ hello, old friend. remember me? ❜
❛ i’m more than a threat. ❜   
❛ i don’t think either you or i are ready for that. at least not yet. ❜  

❛ i’ll take that lunch. alone. ❜  
❛ i could use someone like you by my side. ❜     
❛ we still have so much to discuss. so much you never revealed. ❜

❛ you’re lucky i happened by. one half a heart beat more, and that creature would’ve torn you in half. ❜ 
❛ i crave vengeance, do you? ❜
❛ a bold claim. i wonder if you’ll live up to it. ❜  
❛ hmm. i love your hair. ❜  
❛ still alive. good. i have a more suitable death for you in mind. ❜  
❛ knowledge has its rewards, don’t you think? ❜

❛ he was a better man than what you’d ever hope to be! ❜  
❛ i’ll remember those words when i watch your corpse burn. whatever’s left of it. ❜  

❛ i will not be worshiped! i don’t belong to you! ❜
❛ impossible. i am chosen. this was not meant to be! ❜

❛ you don’t approve? well, i have a secret for you. neither do i. ❜  
❛ well, to start, you’re strong, shrewd and capable.  ❜  

❛ we must be patient. change doesn’t come in a sunrise.  ❜  
❛ they tried to break me. shows what they know. ❜  
❛ i should have been with you. why didn’t you come for me? ❜  
❛ may the dawn find you, the day warm you, and the dusk have light to guide your path.  ❜  
❛ the better man is the one who doesn’t end up with their steaming guts on the ground. ❜
❛ once one threat is dealt with, another one looms. ❜
❛ if i live or die, they’ll call my name. ❜  
❛ i don’t usually fight if i don’t have to, but if i have to, i want to. ❜  
❛ we’ve only met a few times and yet you know me so well. ❜  
❛ i thought you just wanted tea and conversation. ❜  
❛ i wasn’t expecting to find a half clad soldier singing like a drunk.  ❜    
❛ you don’t hear me laughing.  ❜
❛ i came prepared. have arrows enough to take down armies. ❜  
❛ it’s settled. i’ll fight by your side. my only request. ❜  
❛ the wrongness here jags at me like a ❜  
❛ tomorrow, may the sun rise on a better world. ❜      
❛ you can’t ask me to stand by and watch. not when i have the power. ❜    
❛ this isn’t home anymore. ❜  
❛ my will is like the oldest ice! ❜  
❛ your whole life was a failure, and soon no one will even remember you. ❜     
❛ will change happen, if men continue to live in palaces? ❜  
❛ i did say not to break anything, didn’t i?  ❜
❛ you should sleep, if sleep comes.  ❜        
❛ i kept thinking of the moment my knife pierced your throat. one twist, a simple tug of the blade, and you would bleed out. ❜  
❛ how can you sleep, with a weight like that pressing on you? ❜  
❛ i’m not here to intrigue you. ❜  
❛ no more playing around. you’re going to have to grow up. ❜
❛ no rest for the weary, huh? ❜  
❛ don’t worry. i’ll be there for you. ❜  
❛ to say you have my gratitude feels woefully insignificant. ❜  

Zero escape without context starters
  • Because these are serious games about betrayal and murder
  • "It's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway, to be honest..."
  • "Look, ___! It's a snowman secret meeting!"
  • "I would'a thought a guy your size would have bigger balls than that"
  • "Have you got a thing for feet, ___? You're actin' kinda shady..."
  • "___, are you flexible like an octopus or something?"
  • "What do you mean, "What the hell is a funyarinpa"? You mean... you don't know?"
  • "Apologize! Say you're sorry to the funyarinpa!"
  • "The rust on here looks like Elvis's face!"
  • "A bottle with people liquid in it."
  • "Playin' with mannequins, huh? Didn't know you were into that kinda thing, ___."
  • "Hey man, I just bought these shoes. If you think I'm getting some creepy dude's blood all over 'em, you got another think comin'."
  • "How about we put it on your face then light it on fire?"
  • "I'm not an exhibitionist! I'm wearing clothes!"
  • "It stands for Adult Erotic Doctor."
  • "Yo yo yo, where my boys at?"
  • "Remove these shorts of obfuscation and let us gaze upon it-this so-called "hose"!"
  • "You can take your LAME-ARY GAME and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!"
  • "Sooner or later, everybody puts up with ___!"
  • "It's a dirty magazine... Just look at those rings on Saturn. Don't they excite you?"
  • "Had I gotten wasted and had a one night stand with the mistress of a prominent politician? Well, yes... But it was just the one time..."
  • "Gotta grab it jellyfast!"
  • "Oh my God! There's dihydrogen monoxide coming out of that faucet!"
  • "I have to get back to my... ehe... grandpa videos?"
  • "Cool, but... Can you, like... kind of slide it down into your cleavage and then take a bite...?"
  • "You know what they say; Swimsuits never quit."
  • "___-chan is hella moe! ___-chan is hella moe!"
  • "If you're a C cup, I'm packing twelve inches!"
  • "If only there was a cat in here. Neow that would purrfectly calm my nerves... Ah, if you can't tail, I kind of have a litter tic. Whenever I talk about cats, I..."
  • "Nipple sizes differ."
  • "Call HR, this is sexual harassment."
  • "THE FUCK...?!"
  • "If you think complimenting everything a woman wears is okay, you're very wrong, sir."
  • "I know! Let's cut ___'s arm off!"
  • I gotta be the world's happiest kid!"
  • "I really, truly love ice cream."
  • "A, because I think you're adorable. B, because you are so beautiful! C, because you're very cute! D, because you're my darling! E, because you make me excited...! F, because you're like a feather in my arms..."
  • "Bwoop bwoop."
fate/zero sentence starters

“i ask you. are you worthy - to be my master?”

“if you act only on what you should do, without heed for what you want to do, you’re nothing more than a machine. a phenomenon.”

“you’ve given me a life a mere puppet wouldn’t have. you need not pity me. i am a part of you.”

“of what worth is a king who fails to protect the powerless?”

“a man without fear cannot be wise.”

“if you do evil out of a hatred for evil, that rage and hate will merely birth new conflict.”

“glory lies beyond the horizon. challenge it because it is unreachable.”

“if a king regrets his rule or its conclusion, that king is nothing but a fool.”

“did you not understand? all dreams eventually disappear when the dreamers wake.”

“even if i am to carry all the evils of the world, it won’t matter. if that can save the world, then i’ll gladly accept it.”

“i’m amazed you had the nerve to return here alone.”

“who gave you permission to gaze upon me?”

“tonight, we become the greatest legend in history!”

“so you say that both blasphemy and praise are worship to you?”

“there’s no hope on the battlefield. it has nothing but unspeakable despair.”

“justice cannot save the world. i have no interest with things like that.”

“i shall grieve, and i shall weep. but i shall never regret.”

“god loves human virtues like courage and hope - but he loves screams, blood, and despair just as much!”

“the weight of my sword is the weight of my pride.”

“why do you insist on defining joy so narrowly? there is no one fixed type of joy.”

“he who is worthy of all heroes’ envy, and he who leads their way, is king. therefore, the king is not alone.”

“deep down, you must’ve wanted to become a hero.’

"to win, but not destroy; to conquer, but not humiliate. that is what true conquest is!”

“do you not feel any shame at all? i will never forgive you. i will never forgive any of you!”

“the path of devotion is a great labor. do not ever mar it.”

Parallels in VKM Part 2:

Hino Deconstructing Yume Through Zeki (+more)

Here is the second installment of my Parallels in VKM posts! This time, I’ll be examining the parallels between Yuuki’s relationship with Zero and her relationship with Kaname, as well as the contrast between Zero’s relationship with Ai and Kaname’s relationship with Yuuki.

My personal belief is that Hino has chosen these particular parallels to deconstruct the relationship between Yuuki and Kaname, as well as to further highlight Yuuki’s growing similarities to Kaname’s character and how that has impacted her relationship with Zero, who is now, in a sense, fulfilling Yuuki’s role from the Kuran Manor Arc.

Disclaimer: Due to the controversial nature of this post, I have tagged it as anti yume out of consideration for those who might take offense. With this warning out of the way, the rest of my post can be found behind the cut.

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Sentence Starters : Things that have come out my mouth
  • "Well you better stop choking then, I'm not giving you cpr. "
  • " Can someone die from drinking syrup? "
  • " You know my sarcasm floats your boat. "
  • " Sometimes, I feel like I'm on crack when I talk to you. "
  • " Don't tell your mother that I ran you down the street in a shopping cart. At ten 'o clock at night of all things. "
  • " I'd rather die than hear you complian one more time. "
  • " On a grand list of things I care about, you are not one of them. "
  • " Whoever said I was nice? Not me. "
  • " I'm just going to sit here and let natural selection do its thing. "
  • " Will you shut the hell up? "
  • " When you sing, it fills me with a deep sensation. That sensation is my ear's bleeding. "
  • " . . . But why can't I have both?? "
  • " I'm just going to quit my job and live in the woods. "
  • " Leave my tiger boxer's alone. "
  • " You're making the face of a dying fish. "
  • " I sincerely hope you fall off a cliff. "
  • " I don't care if it's 2 am or 5 pm, if you need me, call me. "
  • " . . . This whole thing has me on edge. I don't know left from right, it just hurts. "
  • " I'm used to being the one saving people. Who said I need to be saved? "
  • " There's no such thing as a stupid question, but that came extremely close. "
  • " On a scale to 1 - 10, I'm a 100 on being smarter than you. "
Sacrificial Friend - Part 3

Thanks so much to those of you that like, reblogged and commented on my last fic zero-for-starters.  

I apologise to those that have been waiting for this next instalment.  The other parts are here if you need to catchup: sacrificial-friend & sacrificial-friend-part-2

I was lucky enough to have the writing wizard @madfatty look over this part for me, hence the much better grammar and punctuation etc.  Thanks for fixing all my errors and making some great suggestions.  You are so helpful and totally lovely💕.

Sacrificial Friend- Part 3

Friday night arrived and Chloe was excited to hang out with Rae the next day.  

They gossiped on the phone every night, regardless of the fact they’d lunched together at school, and Rae had even visited her new house on Wednesday for cocktails and a swim.  It was so much fun, like they’d never drifted apart in the first place.  Rae looked nervous to enter the pool at first, but Chloe granted her permission to change the music, which put her at ease.  After she drained a few Cosmopolitans, Rae was giggly and raring to go; she dared Chloe to race her to the pool, which she cheerfully accepted.  The route Rae took didn’t make sense, and Chloe suspected it was because she didn’t want her to see her legs, which only made her more curious.  Despite Rae’s attempts to hide, she saw that they were covered in cuts, some of them extremely deep.  Chloe was concerned but also aware that her friend didn’t want to discuss them.  Hopefully she would confide in her when she was ready.  

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Iron deficiency


While Frost never regretted getting Grigori, her wallet always cried when he needed supplements. She didn’t know Alola well enough to find direct sources, but… She did meet someone who might know. The dragon/human/Guzzlord had mentioned having a preference for rocks, so maybe she could point her in the right direction for finding metal. The problem was, she had to find Zero somewhere in the Aether conservatory first. 

Since the building looked like it could tolerate the weight, Frost let the Aggron out of the Moon Ball. He enjoyed the chance to stretch his legs, but couldn’t help but look at all the metal used in the artificial island. Frost  told him, “Can’t do it here. They’d get real mad. Once we find that lady I told you about, we can get you something.” By some miracle, she was able to find the same rock that Zero had been basking on, and she peered up to see if she was there again. Hopefully she wasn’t asleep…

Zero Point; Chapter 4

For starters I would like to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO @nothingbutwordsstuff!! And secondly I’m sorry this took so long for me to post but I finally updated!! And I plan to update more frequently as well, including my other stories, A Twist of Fate, and Proceed With Caution! So be sure to follow me to stay up-to-date with all these fantastic fics!

Natsu would’ve loved to say he went out in an epic blaze—that he valiantly stormed the tower, freed his wife, and faced off with Jellal like the hero he was supposed to be…or at least hoped to be. At the very least, the hero like everyone else wanted him to be.

Well, take it from him—fact of life; exploding yourself in space for the betterment of humanity does not make you unsusceptible to drugs, so if someone stabs you in the neck with a needle, fucking panic.

Now lo and behold, here Natsu was—waking up from a drug-induced coma, his butt numb from lying on the cold stone floor, and a raging headache ringing throughout his body that made it feel like someone was sounding a gong inside him. Times were not fun for Natsu Dragneel.

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With a slam of her shot glass, Rae closed her eyes and shivered at the booze burning down into her stomach. “Fuck me I needed that.” She spoke out before she motioned to the bartender for another round. Work had been long and customer service drained the girl like no other.  With a tilt of her head, now facing the person next to her, “Trying to kill some demons or just here to get wasted like me?” 

… E foi por isso que eu decidi me tornar vegetariana, ao contrario do que as pessoas pensam, não foi só pela moda, ou saúde, existe uma verdadeira causa por trás de tudo e uma que eu defendo com unhas e dentes, então é bom ir se acostumando com todo esse verde nos meus pratos. 


[Omega vs Zero - Their last fight?]

it was the Year after ouroborus was taken down by Ashe. Omega, who was inside Project Alpha, took controll over the main body, changed the appearance to his and looked around for anything to destroy, kill or just to cause chaos just to get a bit stronger, though the desire to kill has lessened for strange reasons. Did the code start to change a bit? Who knows. 

Yes, this body is stronger then his own, but he still wanted to get stronger. He wanted to test it out on someone, untill a small, faint silhouette of a familiar face appeared, walking towards him. Omega sly, psychotic smile appeared on his face as he noticed the person walking towards him. It was his old rival and nemesis: Zero.

“Ahhh, if it isn’t the ol’ hero himself…Took your ass long enough to get here.” a kek-kek-ing sound came from him when he said that. This could be the day he finally gets to defeat– KILL the reploid infront of him. He pulled out the handle of his own saber, before it lit up and the blade appeared. All he wanted in his time of being online was to surpass the reincarnated hero.

“Finally… You’ve have been online for a few decades too long. Today, is where I’ll become stronger then you atlast…”

Am I the only person that thinks October is fucking boring? Okay, not really October, but all the activities that seem to pop up during this month. Don’t get me wrong – haunted houses are cool as fuck, but I want to visit one that actually strikes fear into my heart. The LA houses just aren’t cutting it this year, so feel free to come throw your best haunted house suggestions at me. I’ll travel anywhere for a good scare, but if it doesn’t end in murder, then I’m giving it a zero.