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You left him smoldering in the ashes behind you; you turned your back on him and looked up to God, telling yourself that if you followed God’s word, you were doing the right thing. But oh, you foolish boy - if only you knew. 

Demons have such long memories. And he’s been waiting so long to pay you back for your betrayal.

Now twenty-two, Burr was frequently reminded of his boyish appearance at the garrison. One New York farmer refused to believe he was an officer. When he asked to see the lieutenant colonel, Burr identified himself. The man then assumed he had to be the colonel’s son. After the story became scuttlebutt in the garrison, Burr was jocularly dubbed ‘Colonel Burr’s son.’
—  Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr, Nancy Isenberg
Heaven, Hell and The Pugatory Between Life

Hi guys,

Here it is. My Analysis on VK’s ‘ending’. This will indeed be long, with references to Hino’s chapter titles and artwork throughout the manga.

First off, the previous chapter uses Kaname and his relationship with Seiren as a means to define just what exactly is Heaven and Hell. According to him Hell is a place in which you go through years torturous agony and suffering. Something he knew well.

The reason Hino added in Seiren’s story is to act as a means to show how Kaname is trapped in Hell and through his interactions with others, binds the other characters in VK in a metaphorical purgatory. This purgatory has been described and referenced by Hino multiple times as The Deep Dark Forest.

Since awakening, Kaname has been trapped in Hell. This Hell is what has caused him to ‘lose’ his way and be conflicted. His ‘seed of desire’ to kill the purebloods and chain Yuuki forever by his side was born from his twisted love of Yuuki as was what led him to commit the sins that plagued VK.

Since the beginning of the manga, both Yuuki and Zero have been chained to Kaname. Through his manipulations of Shizuka, Kaname robbed Zero of his life and bound him to his, thus binding him in Purgatory. In addition, by choosing to find Yuuki and bring him to Cross and continue to be this dark figure in her life, (not to mention turn Yuuki back into a pureblood), he bound her to him in the Deep Dark Forest.

Kaname noted that in the ten years they were separated a Deep Dark Forest grew in her heart. By simply staying in her life and forcing her world to centre on him, thus keeping away potential friends and romantic perspectives, he has chained her into a purgatory, a deep dark forest where no light can seen in through the trees. The light that Hino constantly references is the light of ‘Heaven’.

Believe it or not Kaname’s descent into Hell, and Yuuki and Zero’s desire to find Heaven has been symbolised through Hino’s use of doors. Haha get it, knocking on heaven’s door? Kaname has always been trapped behind a closed door, showcasing how he is barred from Heaven and trapped in Hell. This is something Hino also enforces through his name Kaname, meaning ‘Hinged Door’. 

Zero and Yuuki are always been shown reaching for each other on the other side of the door. That is because Zero is Yuuki’s Heaven, Kaname is Yuuki’s Hell, and the listless wandering without either of them is Purgatory, or, The Deep Dark Forest.

Observe the following panels and art work (Big thank you to @imaginaryights for supplying the panels for me. Love you, Soph!)

When Kaname holds Yuuki, his desire consumes him through the need to protect her. In that moment his decision is laced in darkness. Regardless of the fact that he loved her and wanted to protect her, his ideas and ways of accomplishing this was wrong. Like murdering a young boys family. The minute this happens Hino has a door slamming shut on him, signifying Kaname’s decision to fall into darkness. To fall into Hell.

Kaname is always shown behind a closed door.

Conversely, Yuuki and Zero are always shown on opposite sides, highlighting Yuuki’s entrapment in Hell by Kaname, and Zero’s alignment with the opposite side, Heaven.

These panels show Yuuki, being drawn in by those bloody memories and darkness, clings desperately to Zero, clinging to the light in order to retain her sanity.

Moreover, moments before Kaname binds her back to him completely, they are, once again, shown on the opposite side of the door.

Even with Zero opening the door, his hesitation allows Kaname to swoop in and take her away with him, into a metaphorical Hell. Thus, the minute she is forced back into being a pureblood, she is forced right back onto the opposite side of the door.

Kaname, having been trapped in Hell, actually drags Yuuki into Hell with him. This is also highlighted in the chapters following Yuuki’s transformation.

Chapter 49: Tonight, with tainted arms, I hold you.

After being manipulated Yuuki cries:

“I don’t mind if you’re tainted… Then taint me too”

“I too have committed a sin for which I can’t make amends. If your sins have caused you to Fall from Grace then I want to descend to the bottom with you.”

The reason Yuuki suffered so deeply in the Kuran Manor was that she was, quite literally in Hell with Kaname. She was going through the descent to Hell, and she needed her light, Zero. This is literally shown through her desperate need for his blood. As we know Yuuki was always ‘better suited for the light’ and her endless thirst showed her need for her light, Zero.

As we know, in the second arc Yuuki was ‘relinquished’ by Kaname and was at some point able to see the light (read: Zero) which again is highlighted through this panel. Yuuki is instinctively reaching for the light, yet she is so warped by Kaname’s darkness that she can’t open the door. It is Zero, who opens the door for her, however, Yuuki is not ready for the light. Thus the events of chapter 88.

However she didn’t truly reach rock bottom until after the events of chapter 89, as stipulated in chapter 90: Falling with you. In which she loses her dignity and self respect she finally does Fall into the furthest depths with Kaname, and becomes as suicidal as he is, as foreshadowed way back in chapter 49, and watches Kaname completely fall into the furthest reaches of Hell where he literally burns for 1000 years.

Kaname however, as we know, doesn’t stay in Hell, but rather goes through the ‘purification’ process he mentions to Seiren in ‘Between Life and Heaven’. This purification process is living as a guardian of Yuuki’s children, to finally live as a human. Hino once again shows that Kaname is no longer ‘locked in Hell’ through the symbolism of the doors. The doors in front of him is open, the Hell around him having crumbled to the ground to show the light.

Here the door is open, showing that Kaname is free to find his own Heaven and see the life Yuuki saw when ‘she was human’.

However, during Kaname’s punishment Yuuki, too, was stuck in Purgatory. Her purgatory was the deep dark forest, in which Kaname continued to ‘bind her to him’ through her guilt. Ai is what saved Yuuki from remaining in Hell. She helped Yuuki begin her ‘purification’, but Zero, and his love, is what helped her reach Heaven, find the light, and escape the deep dark forest. This, once again, is shown through the symbolism of doors.

The moment Yuuki and Zero made it official they are shown, hand in hand, in front of the door on the same side. The door they are in front of leads to Kaname in Hell. They are, now, united in ‘Heaven’ and shinning a light in order to help Kaname leave his ‘Hell’.

Moreover, Hino once again, has Zero die with Yuuki on the other side of the door. Once again this shows that Zero was Yuuki’s Heaven, and without him Yuuki is now once again alone on the other side of the door, without her light Zero, she is now back in purgatory, waiting for her death. Hence the panels of trees that line the perimeter of their house.

Moreover Hino has also used this theme of doors and Heaven and Hell in her official art work.

If you look at this picture you will see that Kaname is represented as the demon, with Yuuki and Zero fallen angels. Kaname has, symbolically, ripped Yuuki’s wings and dragged her into Hell with him, with Zero, poised to rescue her. The tagline here is interesting as it stated ‘which one is the one who is really falling’, foreshadowing Kaname’s mad descent into Hell.

Again this is symbolised in this artwork:

Here Zero is leading Yuuki towards what appears to be ‘Heaven’s gates’, but Kaname is seen dragging her down. The skulls surrounding them highlight his metaphorical death, but also the death of so many that has caused his inevitable fall from grace. Again this is meant to be a visual representation of what is occurring in the manga.

And of course this artwork. Please note that this door looks exactly like the door in which Kaname awakens to. Thus highlighting how Yuuki and Zero are the ones to open the door and lead Kaname into Heaven, with Zero being eternally with Yuuki, and Yuuki having given up her life to set him free, they both allowed him a chance at redemption. Thus the correlation between his face and the last panel of chapter 93.

Therefore the chapter ‘Between Life and Heaven’, infers that Yuuki made the choice to leave the Deep Dark Forest with Zero, who is, for all intents and purposes, her Heaven, while Kaname, in his mad descent to Hell is the one who let Yuuki fall from grace and bound her and everyone else in a purgatory in which they could not escape until they had each found their light; love.

However in their happiness Zero and Yuuki both grant Kaname something he probably didn’t deserve. A second chance at finding happiness and therefore Heaven.

Fallen british aviator, WWI

Being a pilot meant you had some privileges: you didn’t have to live in a trench and you ate civilian nice food.
Too bad your chances of living more than six of nine weeks of active service were like zero.

Fallen british aviator, WWI

Being a pilot meant you had some privileges: you didn’t have to live in a trench and you ate civilian nice food.
Too bad your chances of living more than six or nine weeks of active service were like zero.