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Here’s a combo Lacie (17/01) and Jack (19/01) birthday / Jacie edit because I didn’t really want to make two separate edits since their birthdays are two days apart.

your friendly observations for the night before I go to bed

Like I honestly can’t anymore with all these LET’S COMPARE THEON AND JOFFREY posts which also usually end up with I HATE HIM MORE THAN JOFFREY/HE’S WORSE THAN JOFFREY - and it’s not even that I have issues with the comparison itself but good fucking grief I just don’t get how you make them play the ‘who’s a worse human being’ olympics when they’re fundamentally coming from places so opposite it’s not even funny. like.

Joffrey is pretty much what you get when you take a kid with completely fucked up parents (one neglectful and one who spoils him rotten) who both hate each other for that matter, you teach him he has rights but not duties whatsoever, then give him everything he wants, never make him lack a thing and then put him in a position where he has absolute power over everything or at least he thinks he has. Like of course you’re going to get THAT and not some adjusted person. Jfc Joffrey is like that because he feels fucking entitled to it and no one else ever told him otherwise - or well, no one else relevant enough anyway. And never mind that in comparison to Ramsay aka the actual resident psychopath he looks like he’s in sadist kindergarten.

Theon is pretty much what you get when you have the complete opposite position because this idiot didn’t just have completely fucked up parents, he had a completely fucked up family where he was regularly abused, THEN he ends up in a situation where it’s not physical abuse but he has no control over his life, over where he should live and over his own freaking life since if his dad went and rebelled again Ned would totally have beheaded him. Instead of having the world bowing at him he has ONE freaking person he’s friends with and said person is actually being discouraged from it anyway (one day I’ll post something about Robb Stark’s sainthood in actually not giving a shit about this specific matter but it’s not the day), everyone treats him politely at best and they dismiss him at worst because ah wait the moment people hear his surname they distrust him, he spends ten freaking years like that after another nine of crappy family and then they make him actually *pick* between the two never mind that his dad put things as if it was *his* fault he ended up behaving like a northerner. Then you wonder why he couldn’t handle things when in a FRAGILE power position. He does the shit he does because he wants validation (which Joffrey never needed) and he DOESN’T FUCKING LIKE DOING ANY OF THE HORRIBLE SHIT HE DOES, and good lord he’s actually sorry about it later wow what a horrible human being.

Like jfc it’s smacked in your face without subtlety that Joffrey is what you get when you always tell someone yes and Theon is what you get when you always tell someone no, how do you even go and compare who’s worse or play the most hated character olympics? Christ at least compare Theon and idk VISERYS since at least there are actual similarities in there going on. Or at least draw decent comparisons. I ask too much I suppose.