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how dare you say Sweden is being helped by refugees when it is now the rape capital of the world and women can't even walk down the street in peace.

You fucking clown.

1) Sweden’s definition of rape is now broader than any other country in the world.  For example, what would be considered sexual harassment in one country is considered to be rape in Sweden.  It’s not that Sweden suffers from more rapes than other countries; it’s that other countries don’t define as many acts of sexual violence as rape as does Sweden.

2) There is zero correlation between the intake of refugees and any increase in sexual violence in Sweden, as we’ve already pointed out

3) In fact, it appears that refugees are less-likely to commit crimes than native-born Swedes.  Just like in Germany and the UK and the US.

So take your racist scapegoating bollocks and shove it up your arse.

Rare Collection of 100 Introvert Quotes That Will Make You Feel Understood

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Dear introverts, it’s difficult to understand you. Many people don’t comprehend that solitude and feeling alone are different things. As an introvert, you know that your solitude is a sacred space where you can recharge. We encourage you to have a look at these amazingly thoughtful and profound quotes, which will resonate with all introverts.

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Small theory

I’ve been poring over the dates, finding out when Jack started his youtube channel, when he actually joined youtube, any specific notes or times that may have held any significance for Anti to make his appearence. Do you know what I found?


Zip. A big zero. Nothing correlates! 

And that’s when it hit me.

That’s the point! ANTI HAS NO PATTERN! 

He can and will just radomly appear. This works with his nature: impulsive, scattered, unpredictable. This makes him more of a threat to Jack and our sanity and he knows it!

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So if I were to offer you a bowl of metaphorical skittles with the chance of some being poisoned, you would eat them? If so, you put the safety of yourself, your fellow countrymen, the culture and the country itself at risk. That's with ignoring the overwhelming evidence that the so called "refugees" are not refugees but economic migrants, rapists and terrorists. Or all 3. So unless you want a repeat of Cologne, Paris or Nice, don't be such a retard.

The fucking bullshit skittles nonsense?  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING?

You fucking idiot, we just dealt with your bullshit skittles metaphor.  Which, by the way, was originally coined by Julius Steicher, who was demonizing Jews.  Yes, the same Julius Steicher that was hung at Nuremberg.  Fucking read something before you make a total ass of yourself next time.

Overwhelming evidence that refugees are rapists & terrorists?  Show & prove, son.  Because in Germany (you know, the country taking in more refugees than any other European country), it turns out that there is absolutely zero correlation between refugees and any increase in sex crimes.  In fact, German crime stats show that despite giving shelter to 1.2 million refugees, there has been no uptick in crime whatsover.  Well, with the exception for a five-fold increase in attacks on refugee shelters by dipshit xenophobes like you. 

Has there been any terrorist attacks committed by actual refugees on their host countries?  Not in Cologne, not in Paris, and not in Nice, motherfucker.  None of those assholes were refugees.  Get your facts straight.    

The U.S. has harboured 750,000 refugees over the last 15 years.  Guess how many have committed an act of terror in the U.S.?  ZERO!

If you’re soooooo worried about terrorists, you fucking racist liar, then you should be pressing to deport nazi shits like yourself, since in the U.S. they are twice as likely to kill people in terror attacks than any sort of “jihadist”; in Europe bigots like yourself are five times more likely to kill someone in a terror attack than any kind of religiously-motivated terrorist.

Us, we’re more worried about what would happen if we didn’t take in refugees.  For example, the four Syrian refugees in Hamilton, Canada that stopped an arson attack & caught the arsonist wouldn’t have been around to put out the fire and arrest the asshole.  Or the Syrian refugees that, even though they basically have nothing themselves, raised money to help the people of Fort MacMurray, Canada when their entire town caught fire.  “We understand what they’re feeling. When you lose everything, you have to start from zero. You lose your memories, your items. It’s not easy. It’s something very sad. We can totally understand their feeling,” said Syrian refugee & fundraising organizer Rita Khanchet.  Yeah, I bet Canadians really regret letting her into their country.  

Economic migrants?  Fuck off with that.  There are now 59.5 million refugees in the world.  63% of them originate from Afghanistan, the DRC, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria. You think people leave their whole lives behind and take just what they can carry and risk their lives & the lives of their families for kicks?  Ask someone to slap some sense into your empty, entitled head.      

Oh, you’re worried about how refugees will affect your precious country’s culture?  Like we said not two weeks ago, prioritizing your country’s “culture” (which we guess is like a precious museum piece that must be kept in a magic cultural vacuum lest it be HORRIBLY CORRUPTED SHOULD ANY INFLUENCE OUTSIDE OF ITS PRECIOUS BORDERS LEAKED IN!  BETTER GET OFF THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE & YOU RUIN YOUR COUNTRY’S CULTURE FOREVER!!!) over the lives of other human beings is the most fucking cowardly, shitty thing we can imagine.  What kind of monster would say “sorry refugees, you’ll have to continue to risk your lives because I don’t want you introducing different food or folk dances or whatever to my magical fairy-country that has no cultural influences from outside of its borders?”  

Sitting behind your keyboard, fabricating lies & pathetic excuses about why you shouldn’t literally save people’s lives by helping them find a safe place for them and their families to live after fleeing horrors that you’ll be lucky to never experience in your life - you are a cowardly, disgusting, sorry excuse for a human being.  

Fuck you.

@the-nerdy-curvy-feminist Honestly I’m pretty mentally exhausted so idk if I’m gonna make much sense lol but. This is something I care a lot about bc it affected me deeply growing up

The concept of intelligence as defined by the education system (which obviously varies from country to country but is pretty similar in general) is even more specific and damaging than the general societal concept of it. It barely measures actual knowledge but instead heavily focuses on judging someone’s intelligence by how many facts they can memorise, how well they can obey the system and the testing format. Things that WILL exclude and harm many disabled and neurodivergent people.

Grades are basically equated with intelligence by default in this system. But basically the entire criteria set up to decide this is created for neurotypical allistic people. Which means neurodivergent behaviours necessarily end up classified as signs of low intelligence when they have zero correlation with someone’s cognitive ability - Things like sensory processing interfering with learning, not being able to pay attention for an entire hour without any other stimulation or sensory input, not being able to learn by repetition, etc.

And when you’re neurodivergent and considered intelligent by teachers and adults, like I was, it will push you to fit a NT standard of intelligence reflected in good grades no matter how harmful it is to pursue it.

I struggled terribly with the education system, but this was dismissed because ‘you’re so smart, you just need to put some effort into it!’ when in reality I could never fit what was expected of me because I was “smart”. I can barely do basic math bc my brain will always struggle with numbers, I can’t sit down and not do anything but pay attention for hours, I just cannot be what the education system defines as being intelligent.

And being taught to put so much value into that one quality, being pushed to chase it and define myself by it, basically ended up with me having a terrible mental breakdown and heavy burn out for an entire year after dropping out of university. What we are taught to value as intelligence and the way we measure it definitely harms disabled and neurodivergent people so much. It’s a fucked up system and a fucked up concept and I hate it tbh

Imagine // A Sword for a Knight

Prompt: Could you please write an imagine where instead of dating Finn, she was dating the Reader (female) and came down to Earth for her, and they have a really fluffy reunion. Extra points if Reader scares a lot of the 100 and becomes a total goober around Raven.

Pairing: Raven Reyes x Reader, a little Rival!Murphy

Warnings: Mentions of torture, swearing

1. This is not fluffy enough, I acknowledge that. 2. Reader does not melt enough when Raven is around. 3. I should probably write a one shot about their reunion with just fluff, because there is not enough fluff.

Also, write your eye color with no caps, eg. green or blue, as opposed to Green or Blue.

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I'm not really pretty at all :( but I'm tired of being sad about it how do I get confident like you?

dont say that shit ever!!! You are pretty as fuck. Stop having this picture perfect idea of how you’re supposed to look in your mind, nobody is perfect we all have flaws i have so many flaws but i am so peaceful with them i love my flaws and idgaf about what anyone will have to say about them! theyre what makes you as a person. U have to stop labeling what is pretty and what isnt in reality physicality only takes u so far. is that really worth it? Yea there are beautiful girls who go places just based on looks but that has no correlation with their spiritual being. Looks run out looks only take u so far….Looking at pictures of attractive people is great but imagine if instead we see their naked soul in a photo do u think they would be as hyped up as they are with just their looks? My looks have NOTHING NONE ZERO CERO NOOOO correlation with my confidence!!! AT all! I gained this by starting from the inside. U have to start that way baby thats how u know the confidence is real

Well, it happened. I had a feeling that someone was bound to say it and now I’m going to address it.

Floriana Lima being demoted to recurring guest star status has absolutely nothing to do with Katie McGrath being promoted. Literally zero correlation and Floriana would be the first one to tell you as much. This is an ugly reach by the Lena haters.

Aside from “the every fandom has its idiots rule,” those idiots are overwhelmingly in the minority and there should literally be no discourse between Supercorp and Sanvers whatsoever. Yet here we are.

Katie was promoted months ago and I do not believe for a second they had to demote Floriana in order to do it. There is something fishy about the whole ordeal with Floriana, make no mistake. I am upset at the implications this means for Sanvers. However, haters need to redirect your anger somewhere that I can’t see it or somewhere it actually belongs: The CW.

Well hi there, and thank you for the compliment. I’m a little less calm than I look, honestly, but at least with questions on tumblr I can take my time to answer them. It definitely helps me get my thoughts together.

And I do have a very long answer for you, and it comes in several parts. Bear with me. 

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Have you ever considered sincerely expressing your beliefs, rather than screaming any time people ask about them? No need to be ironic. Just freely express what you wish. Don't veil yourself in irony.

Actual sincere beliefs I hold:

>There is literally nothing wrong with being LGBT

>Gender is a binary, yet the nature of the two genders can be expressed in multiple ways

>Transhumanism is good

>Jeet Heer needs to just shut the fuck up and go away, or at the very least stop using twitter

>The third world is not properly capable of partaking in liberal democracy, and liberalization should only come after economic modernization

>Cyclops was (mostly) right

>The current global system is horrifically unsustainable and serious changes need to be made in order to prevent slow decay or collapse, but it’s too internally resistant to change so the only proper option is to let it run its course until the downsides are impossible to ignore

>UBI is worth considering and debating

>That David Frum and Bill Kristol have not been driven to the fringes of society shows that the Fourth Estate is not acting in the best interest of the people

>Human Biodiversity is real

>Koichi Ohata’s OVAs are criminally underrated

>There is literally nothing wrong with hyper-sexualized video game, anime, and comic-book characters

>Many progressive reforms of the 20th century have created numerous unforeseen negative consequences that we need to stop pretending don’t exist

>AVGN was never that good

>The religious right is a fucking cancer

>There is zero correlation between firearm availability and gun crime, instead

>Paul Ryan is a two-faced shitweasel and needs to fuck right off into the sun

>Shinji/Kaworu is the best Eva ship.

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Why would anyone cheat on you? Guys are stupid. You are a goddess

I don’t know who or what situation you’re referring to? Despite that, I hear what you’re saying, and on some real talk.. cheating and “beauty” have ZERO correlation. (Also, beauty is subjective, but I won’t get into that right now)

Normally the person who cheats in a committed relationship has their own issues and insecurities they have to work on and it’s really no reflection of the person who was cheated on. I know for a lot of people it’s hard to cope with because they feel betrayed, but look at it as a blessing! You’re set free some someone else’s troubles and can move on with your life and to a healthier relationship eventually. 💖

is it just me or does anyone else notice a lot of rising signs tend to want to act like the rising sign after theirs? like for example I notice some Leo risings who want to act like a Virgo rising- into wanting to be more reserved, more of a bookworm or a writer- or aquarius rising that wants to act more like a pisces rising witch a dreamier, more imaginative look and mind?

I am leaving tomorrow afternoon

I suppose it is a testament to how much I love it here that I feel like bawling my eyes out every year when this day inevitably comes. This year’s visit was a bit short, sadly, but I guess I can’t have it all in life. I’m already immensely lucky as it is that my family can afford to come to Seattle every summer. Still… 

I dunno, maybe it’s because my life in Seattle has zero correlation with school or work that the city just makes me think of vacation. I always love it here. I do miss my girlfriend and my Italian friends, though.

Let’s not get too sidetracked. The main thing I wanted to tell you all is to expect a low level of activity in the coming weeks because:

  1. Until the 6th of September or so I will have very little internet as we’re visiting my grandma (who lives in an old house with no wifi) and then we’re going to take a short trip to Norway. I will upload pics if I can though; and
  2. I have a couple of exams coming up in September, and most of my “free” time is going to be devoted to studying because that’s how Italian university rolls.

So, if you see me even less active in the coming days, don’t worry, it’s all planned.

Hasta la vista, Estados Unidos. I hope you will still be standing next year.

Is it Bad?: Some Notes on Writing, Fandoms, and R&R Culture

As usual, I should be fucking writing, but I saw something on my dash today that hurts me uniquely: a young writer asking, “Is my story really that bad?”

This writer had recently posted their first fanfiction and had received little to no feedback. They wondered if they should rewrite it, and what they had done wrong. They asked something I, as a writing teacher, see a lot of writers of every genre ask.

There’s some DISCOURSE floating around about this topic, I know. Still, I thought I’d throw in my own two cents.

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Okay so there have been lots of things said since 22|1 which is when I first started writing this post for (then my laptop shut down and holy fucking shit I hadn’t saved it, and since then I had like zero motivation to write it). The whole tone of those discussions are that there still will be the fourth episode but now it will air on the 29|1 because we are desperately hanging onto threads that will be the 7 year anniversary of John and Sherlock meeting. All of this, however, does not really matter because I am mostly going to be talking about all of the loose ends they will/need to tie up in this fourth episode.

Why Apple Tree Yard is A Shit Show Should Have Been Sherlock:

So when I wrote this first I was pretty certain that ATY was going to be Sherlock, even though before hand I wasn’t so sure. I had looked at the BBC’s TV Guide and there was no room for Sherlock:

Which was obviously disappointing but a few days later everyone started thinking that ATY was going to be Sherlock, and because this section isn’t crucial to the fourth episode theory I will summarise it with these two posts: 

{x} {x}

The first post says a lot of different things, butthe point I want to draw on the similar synopsis between ‘The Lost Special’ (an ACD story which is widely accepted to be Sherlock’s Narrative which I get into later because S4 can be seen as Sherlock’s Narrative) and the first episode of ATY:

‘The Lost Special’ Synopsis:

However, nothing is ever as it appears, and when she receives an unexpected proposition from an enigmatic stranger, Yvonne is shocked by the passion he awakens in her. But gradually she begins to realise that there is much more to her lover than meets the eye, and she could be playing a very dangerous game indeed.”

ATY Synopsis:

“An eminent scientist gets caught up in a highly damaging and compromising lie.”

“A doctor starts an affair with enigmatic stranger and begins to suspect more is at play

The second post discussed the theory of straight-baiting which would suit Mofftiss as surely they would know that we would accuse them of queer-baiting and the irony would be too juicy for Mofftiss to refuse:

‘If AppleTreeYard is a stand in for the 4th episode and the real ATY airs in February….They’re straightbaiting.

If this means what I think/hope it means, they WANT people to get excited about this explicit sex in the first episode. But if it’s really the 4th episode of Sherlock…that means….’

So I still stand by the fact ATY should have been Sherlock - it would genuinely have been ‘making history.’

Why We Need A Fourth Episode:

  • None of it makes any sense!
  • The Garridebs -  Mofftiss could never!
  • ‘Love conquers all.’
  • ‘If we can pull this off…’
  • BBC going on and on  about lgbt+ representation
  • ‘Making history…’
  • Mary not being a villain
  • Mycroft remembered Redbeard as a dog???
  • “It is hard to pull off shock. All soap twists are flagged up three weeks before they air.” -Mark Gatiss
  • “Why don’t they have some faith in the audience and pull the rug from under them? When you pull off one of those moments it is genuinely thrilling.” - Mark Gatiss
  • Oscar Wilde quotes???
  • They seemed to go out of their way to unconfirm Johnlock???
  • Whatever these are???? {x} (this link has a great theory on why the fourth episode should have been on 22|1 - but that didn’t happen. I wanted to use more of that theory before my STUPID LAPTOP SHUT DOWN) {x} (shown below:)

What Is The Fourth Episode Going To Be:

Before I get into this I just want to say that I don’t actually think that there is going to be the fourth episode, I don’t think Mofftiss are that clever - but we are, so this is what is should be rather than what it is necessarily what it will be. What a fucking clickbait section. Fight me.

It’s kinda hard to deny that there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up, so I think it’s going to be a bit of a TAB where there’s lot’s going on and it’s all very fundamentally important. TFP didn’t solve anything, so we do need an episode just explaining what the fuck just happened. However how it’s going to be presented is kinda unknown but it will have to link to the season, even Mofftiss can’t pull off a random season with zero correlation to the rest of the show (or can they??).  This link will probably be the narrator. The reason S4 may seem so off is because the narrator has changed - theories belowwwww:

John’s Narrative?

Now John is the narrator and has been throughout the entire show, even when Sherlock was in his mind palace. They kept that from the original ACD stories, so when they made things seem subtly off it suggests either John isn’t the narrator or something about him has changed. 

The most coherent and persuasive theory I have seen can be found here: {x} but I am going to break down the theory into less detailed points.

John got shot at the end of TLD and so this could easily be his coma-induced nightmare and the way that TFP is still told in John’s narrative is that this is his coma-induced nightmare. The outline of this theory is basically:

  • He doesn’t trust Sherlock
  • He lost Mary/his straight (sexuality) blanket
  • He saw Sherlock on all the drugs
  • Sherlock nearly killed himself for him
  • He cheated
  • Eurus is his Moriarty (Moriarty made Sherlock lose John, and Eurus made John lose Mary and Sherlock)
  • TFP is the bi version of TAB and it’s honestly just full of gay pining

However, like I stated before the whole of S4 was off, not just TFP so I don’t think that any theories that it’s John’s narrative still makes sense. I think that it is more likely to be Sherlock’s narrative… (ohhhhh segwayyy)

Sherlock’s Narrative?

Now, this is what I think is the most reasonable explanation. I think that it works out the best. I’m going to split this into characters and how they fit in a:


I think that S4 is Sherlock in his mind palace, and we can see this with all of the characters around him as well as him and his juxtaposition to Eurus. Sherlock is a lot more emotional in this Series which completely opposite to Eurus who is completely different to any other villain we have seen. Moriarty is so emotional he clearly wants to be with Sherlock and has strong sexual feelings for him and I would argue romantic as well as seen as he gets so #triggered by John and Sherlock’s reaction in the pool scene. Both Magnussen and Smith felt immense pleasure in their respective wrong-doing. Culverton even got a boner. Irene fell in love and so did Mary.

Eurus felt no pleasure, not even when having sex with the nurse. She did all of this for scientific research.. or did she?


This is the nightmare aspect of Sherlock’s narrative like I said before Sherlock is no longer part of John’s life. John doesn’t trust him, and that is one has to be Sherlock’s worst nightmare - the one person he lets in leaves him alone. 


We also know that John has acted out of character in this season, and I think that’s because it’s what Sherlock sees. John doesn’t save Sherlock, John loves Mary so much he can’t save her and FUCKING BLAMED HIM INSTEAD.


Now Mycroft is the character I really think proves all my points. In the whole season, he acts exactly like he did in Sherlock’s mind palace in HLV. Mycroft represents the knowledge that Sherlock has but he can’t quite get to. Mycroft feeds it slowly to him, and this is how we seem him act - he never outright explains anything, not even Eurus. Now I know Mycroft acts like this in real life as well, but I definitely think that how he acts in S4 is very reminiscent of how he acted in HLV.


Moriarty comes back because Sherlock needs someone to blame, everything that happened with Mary and John, Sherlock couldn’t cope with on his own - being his fault. Now as I pointed out before Sherlock is more emotional (more on that laterrrr) he needs Moriarty to blame and that’s why he came back and talked to Eurus.


I have a theory that Eurus is Sherlock’s sociopathic side, and this whole season was Sherlock inside his mind palace convincing himself after a childhood of torment that feeling is okay. Emotions are okay and falling in love with John is not a weakness. We see Sherlock save Eurus and that’s what Sherlock needed to prove to himself that everything Mycroft taught him when he was younger wasn’t necessarily true. This is why we see Sherlock being more emotional.

Mary’s Narrative?

Now the whole theory that it is Mary’s narrative is only based on the fact that a) she narrates a lot of the end scenes and b) she should have the opportunity to be a badass villain. Honestly, I promise I’m not running out of steam but there is such little proof for this option so I really have nothing left to say except knowing Mofftiss this is the route they will go down (drag them bitch).

Other Questions I Have Because whAt THE FUCK?

  1. WHO THE FUCK IS LADY SMALLWOOD??? I still need someone to explain the Elizabeth/Alicia business, I stg?!?!?!
  2. This meta which doesn’t really come under any of the other section but I just think it was so cool when I read it: {x} but to summarise, the doctored footage in the opening to TFP had been doctored and so, therefore, had the episode. Check it out, it is so clever.
  3. What the fuck are these?

Also, I was talking to @london2go about the fourth episode. The conversation basically was like if it doesn’t happen today (29|1 e.g. 7th anniversary) then either Moftiss is gonna completely Reichenbach us and make us wait two years orrrr this entire masterpost was a waste of my time rip. If any of you think this fourth episode might actually be the first episode of season five then… good point but after a number of complaints the BBC got I kinda doubt there will be a season five

Blogs Involved (In Chronological Order):

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