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Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 99 Spoilers

Kaneki who is sleeping on the bed, suddenly there is “batabata” sound closing in. Its the kids from the Zero squad
Zero Squad: Good morning!!
Kaneki: ??…?? Ehh…? The Zero Squad’s…
Zero Squad: We are here to wake you up, its morning morning
The kids urge Kaneki to get out from the room
Kaneki: I am up I am up….
Hirako is at the hallway
Kaneki: …good morning
Hirako did not say anything. Hirako, Kaneki and four kids of the Zero squad, head to cafe re

Zero Squad: The bakery in front of the station, the one that sells Melon Bread- Again with the bun talk- Hirako senpai always have that for breakfast-
Hirako: You all had breakfast already isnt it
Zero Squad: Then its time for lunch-
Kaneki looks around in the cafe
Then Touka who was at the counter comes over
Touka: Do you want coffee?
Kaneki: !
They look at each other. Kaneki takes the coffee from Touka and takes a sip
Kaneki: ..ah…its manager’s (Yomo san) taste
Touka smiles
Kaneki: Its a nice shop
Touka: You came here before right
Kaneki: Ah-…right haha….
Touka: Right
Kaneki: ? Yes
Touka: Whats with the egg pudding on your head?
Kaneki: No, err this is… when the RC cells are suppressed, they will not be able to produce melanin, Shiba sensei said…..I dont like it either….
Kaneki smiles awkwardly
Touka: Hm-m

There is news broadcasting on the TV
News: The incident that happened one month ago on last December, the breach of Cochlea, Prison Head Haisaki was killed along with his bodyguards. Two more are in critical condition. The Ghoul Countermeasure Bureau is investigating on the case. And the main suspect “Sasaki Haise Associate Special Class” is wanted by the CCG. If you have any information on…
Touka: You are famous now
Kaneki: ….I cant even get a job
Touka: Stu~pid, ….hey, can I call you Kaneki?
Kaneki: …erm by Kaneki, Touka chan can call me Kaneki
Touka: I see
Touka then walk towards Kaneki from the counter
Kaneki: ?
Touka: Kaneki
Then, she punches Kaneki with all her might. At the same time, Yomo opens the door and is shocked by this scene. Kaneki falls *lol*
Touka: Ah- that felt better!
Touka smiles widely
Yomo: Touka
Touka: Ah, Yomo san, when were you here?
Yomo: …just now, I just came here. Tsukiyama contacted…he  said everything is prepared. Can you stand
Kaneki: Ah, yes
Yomo helps Kaneki up. Kaneki walks out and is greeted by Koma
Koma: Ooh, Kaneki kun
Kaneki: …!
Koma: Woke up already?
Irimi and Koma are standing beside a car
Koma: What is it? You look like you have seen a ghost….it hurts!!
Irimi kicks Koma
Koma: What was that for!
Irimi: Oh I am sorry, because what you said anger me
Kaneki: Koma san…Irimi san….really….really… are all really safe…..
Irimi and Koma smile

~Irimi and Koma Throwback~
In route V14, Irimi and Koma were confronted with Zero squad
Zero Squad: Big sister…its bad….Arima Kishou….its Zero Squad…!! We will stop here! The others are at R9!!
Irimi: (I lost my companions and fled for my life, I must meet with Touka them)
Koma is on Irimi’s back
Irimi: ….you are heavy…
Koma: I will lose weight when I get back, I promise
Irimi: (That time Arima Kishou did not pursue further….)

Koma: The shop manager has become like that….but at least two middle aged survived
Irimi: The time you came back to 20th, I am glad it wasnt for nothing. But you had it tough afterwards…..
Kaneki: No….its good….
Kaneki tears up
Kaneki: What is this…it feels like “Anteiku”
Nishiki comes up from behind
Nishiki: Hey~Can you let glasses join in?
Kaneki: Nishio senpai…
Nishiki: Yo, unstable hair. I left Roma with Banjou them. All personnel advance, to Tsukiyama’s place
Touka: You are heavy
Nishiki rests his hands on one of Touka’s shoulder
Koma: We will take care of the shop
Irimi: Be careful
Kaneki: We are going

Kaneki them arrive, Naki, Hooguro, Shousei, Ayato, Kurona, Miza them are there too
Shousei: Big bro
Hooguro: They are here
Kurona: I see….
Miza: (that guy….)
Tsukiyama: Hn hn…
Zero Squad: S, A, A, S, S+, SS, S+, S~ we can be Associate Special Class in no-
Zero Squad: Dont do that, counting on your marks…
Touka: Where are Banjou and that investigator?
Tsukiyama: Banjoi kun is with Mademoiselle Hanami and lady investigotor. Investigator kun is absent…i think. Welcome back Kaneki kun, let the past be the past
Kaneki: Tsukiyama sa…
Tsukiyama: Oh my, the eyepatch is so nostalgic
Kaneki: Ah…something…an accident
Touka: ….

Naki: Oi!!
Naki attacks Kaneki
Kaneki: !!
Hooguro: Big bro!! What are you doing!
Naki: This guy is the One Eyed King? I have never heard of it!!
Naki flashes his kakugan
Naki: I will never forget that face… The bastard that killed God Big Bro..!! I will kill you…!!
Naki cries and releases his kagune
Ayato: Naki! Stop it, its not like that
Naki: Shut up Ayato! I will never forgive this guy!!
Hooguro: Not just the bastard who killed big big brother, why are the doves here too. The rumored OEK is one who mix with human?
Hirako: We are just here to protect Kaneki Ken
Zero Squad: Just-like-that, we will follow Kishou san’s last order…
Kaneki: They lend a hand when we were in Cochlea… they are companions
Naki: Then who are you!
Kurona: Oi, ghouls or not. Who is the enemy who is companion….I dont care about these… I have only one companion. What is with this meeting? Aogiri’s leftover and the staffs from a cafe catching up. Are we going to have some tea? I am just going to kill Kanou
Kurona: For that purpose alone, I will help. You all understand? White suit’s Naki, you have lost your roots of Aogiri, if you were to oppose now, what are you all going to do?
Naki: Ah ah? I dont need a gang nor Aogiri!!
Miza walks over to Kaneki
Miza: Kaneki Ken
Kaneki: …!
Naki: Hey granny….
Miza: I am Aogiri’s executive, the head of Three blades, Miza. When I was at the island, I was saved by your companions. I am interested in your goad.
Tsukiyama: Non pro~
Miza: So I will listen to it then decide, whether to stay, or leave

Kaneki: Me…the One Eyed King…?
Kaneki: ….I, why should I do that?
Eto: You are so noisy, honestly, its not like you have any reason, but the ghouls side do. If no one does, then the ghouls will die slowly. This puppet like world will continue. Well thats okay but the world is like an egg… In order to born something, you must first destroy the world in front. And you have the power to break the egg. I ask, who are you?
Kaneki: ….I am the ghoul who killed Arima Kishou…
Eto: Thats right, in other words, you are the strongest ghoul in this world. And thats the reason you have to be the king. Then….are you going to do it, or not. Choose

Kaneki: I….will inherit the will of the previous OEK, that is to create a world where ghouls and humans can understand each other
Ayato and Tsukiyama smile, while the ones from Aogiri remain shocked
Kurona: ….Pff, hahahaha. And I thought what were you going to say. Kuku
Kurona holds her stomach and laughs
Kurona: You are my “big brother chan” right, did Kanou style RC cells got inserted to your brain? Just how to make them understand each other? Human and ghoul
Kaneki: We will talk
Kurona: Are you insane? Are you a stupid idiot?
Kaneki: “Ghouls will kill people just for living, so we must kill them” when will we change this killing cycle. Why cant we take a step forward… Humans and ghouls can understand each other. I am the proof of this. The most important thing is we must talk…
Kaneki: But they wont agree to this right… So we must force them to come to the table to talk
Then some fierce looking ghouls come into the room
Kaneki: This is written by the OEK, to initiate the Anti-Human organisations
Fuwa: Bow down
Kurona: These guys….
Ayato: …the ones who escaped from Cochlea. (Bastard (Kaneki) freed them…)
Kaneki: We will initiate a talk with CCG. The goup name shall be Black Goat 
Kaneki takes off the eyepatch

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