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Fire Emblem IF Conquest: Kamui’s Birthday Story Track 9

I… I don’t even know why this took me so long. I just couldn’t sit down and do it. Which is a waste because it provides a pretty good if not cheesy wrap up to the story.

Also, Laslow and Xander baking together alone is SUCH a cute idea I’m screaming. Camilla and Elise are supposedly around but they, of course, don’t say anything. It’s a bit frustrating because I would have liked to hear their Japanese voices talk.

Laslow is also not as shy as we may think… He’s a chivalrous pervert through and through. Xander is not taking it.

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I bought the Fates drama CD set and drew a response!
It was more of a doodle so I improved it. I tried to include all the cast (I think I did but…if I missed some…I’m sorry).

What I like: Corrin in Flora’s maid clothes, Flora in Corrin’s clothes, Charlotte with short hair and hurt Laslow~ hehe~ *^ω^*

In the story, Corrin and Flora wear wigs too but I left their hair as is for this drawing’s purpose. Charlotte has short hair cause she mentions she’s gonna grow her hair at the end of the CD.

I think this was my first time drawing Zero/Niles (surprisingly)… It was fun in general! I really appreciated the CDs and hope there will be more in the future~

fe14 zodiac

•note: these are the actual signs of the characters from the wiki and this post will be updated when more info is published


benoit (mar 24th)
kazahana (mar 28th)
shara (april 1st)
sakura (april 9th)
kanna (april 19th)


zero (april 22nd)
yukimura (april 28th)
ryouma (may 1st)
charlotte (may 4th)
midoriko (may 17th)
setsuna (may 20th)


shigure (june 6th)
anna (june 10th)
gunther (june 13th)
orochi (june 19th)


mitama (june 26th)
leon (june 30th)
kisaragi (july 4th)
matoi (july 6th)
nishiki (july 12th)
odin (july 15th)


sophie (july 21st)
kagerou (july 26th)
crimson (aug 3rd)
lazwald (aug 7th)
ignis (aug 16th)
hinoka (aug 18th)
shinonome (aug 22nd)


soleil (aug 31st)
lutz (sep 5th)
asama (sep 9th)
ophelia (sep 15th)
tsukuyomi (sept 19th)


hisame (sep 27th)
kaze (oct 2nd)
saizou (oct 2nd)
mozume (oct 6th)
velour (oct 11th)
kinu (oct 20th)


marx (oct 27th)
flannel (oct 30th)
silas (nov 1st)
yuugiri (nov 7th)
deere (nov 16th)


oboro (nov 28th)
kamilla (nov 30th)
jakob (dec 3rd)
takumi (dec 14th)
asura (dec 21st)


pieri (dec 24th)
izana (dec 29th)
grey (jan 1st)
fuuga (jan 8th)
arthur (jan 14th)


luna (jan 21st)
eponine (jan 31)
rinka (feb 5th)
tsubaki (feb 7th)
nyx (feb 17th)
flora (feb 19th)
felicia (feb 19th)


belka (feb 26th)
azura (mar 3rd)
foleo (mar 13th)
elise (mar 19th)

Fire Emblem IF Conquest: Kamui’s Birthday Story Track 1

A little side project that someone requested of us~ The audio was provided to us by the lovely @sahdmadhi, who has given me her permission to use her audio to translate.

Since the audio is private, I can’t post a direct link on to Tumblr. So if you want to listen to the CD along with reading the translation, please click HERE.

Disclaimer: MY LISTENING COMPREHENSION IS WORSE THAN MY READING COMPREHENSION. ESPECIALLY WITH ODIN IN THE MIX. So while I can translate the basics of the CD, certain finer details (DAMN YOU ODIN), certain lines may elude me. 

Laslow’s voice is so cute and Niles is so sultry and Miyano Mamoru as Leo ahhhhhhhhhhh AND FLORA TALKING TO OTHER PEOPLE AHHHHHHHHHH.


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anonymous asked:

How old do you think the Nohr side are?

  • Marx - 25. He just appears to be at one of those prime ages of his life: He’s old enough to be taken seriously in most aspects, but is still young enough to fight with the energy he has. 
  • Camilla - 22-23. She’s a few years younger than Marx according to canon, but she still appears to be well-educated and mature. 
  • Leon - 19. He’s pretty young, and there is a kid in between him and Camilla. Leon has a slight inferiority complex, and it can be caused by people not taking him seriously, likely due to his age. 
  • Elise - 15. She isn’t young enough to be a kid, but she’s not exactly a full fledged teenager. I expect her to be teetering on the edge. 
  • Lazward, Luna, Odin - 20. They have to be pretty young to be kids of another generation, but old enough to go off on their own. Lazward and Luna look younger than their bosses, whereas Odin appears to be older than Leon. 
  • Pieri - 21. She’s old enough to be able to have such a developed psychotic personality, but young enough to be able to talk so freely about it. 
  • Belka - 18. I think she’s actually young compared to the others. 
  • Zero - 24-26. He’s probably closer to 26, since he looks older than Marx, but I can see him being younger as well. 
  • Elfie - 18. She was a close friend of Elise’s before becoming her subordinate, so she had to be somewhat close to her age. 
  • Arthur - 28-30. He seems to be pretty old, at least compared to the others. He certainly looks older than Zero, and it seems right for him to be in his late 20s at the least. 
  • Nyx - ??? Okay, so she’s supposed to be much older than she looks, but how much older? She could be in her 40s, maybe even her 60s? What do you guys think? 
  • Charlotte - 22. I think she’s close to Camilla’s age, but looks a little younger than her. 
  • Benoit - 30-35. Clearly, he’s one of the oldest of the Nohrian army. He has the appearance of an older man, much like a fatherly figure. Giving him this age makes sense. 
  • Flannel - 19. He’s very young, just his appearance gives it away. His attitude, personality, and appearance give off a slight air of immaturity, but clearly he’s not a child. 
  • Flora - 20. She looks rather young, but has the skill and ability to be able to do what she did in the story, which will not be said due to spoilers. ;) 
  • Gunther - 45-50. Old man, but can still fight. 
  • Siegbert - 16. He is very much a youngin, not much experience under his belt, but boy does he have a personality. 
  • Foleo - 14. Little baby. Very cute. 
  • Ignis - 18. He may be the oldest of the kids of this time, and he looks to be very humble despite this. 
  • Velour - 16. She looks to be still a small fledgling, but I haven’t seen her wolf form yet… hmm… 
  • Ophelia - 18. She may be small, but I think she is actually older than she looks. 
  • Soleil - 18. She looks to be pretty mature. 
  • Eponine - 16. Isn’t that like the default age for fujoshis?? 

This was actually pretty tough to write… I feel like some may be off, but I’m totes open to corrections! 


I found this picture on my Facebook wall.  I didn’t want to post something untrue so I looked her up.

’..In 2012, Dawson was made the target of an organised online campaign of harassment in part due to her involvement with an anti-cyber-bullying initiative Community Brave.’

On 22 February 2014, Dawson committed suicide in her Woolloomooloo, New South Wales home….“


The climate of our internet civilization is one of acceptance in hurting others.  a "witty” or “creative” insult is seen as something to be admired. 

Why are there trolls?

Because people are miserable.

I have never met someone who trolls on a regular basis that is a happy individual.  They are lonely, insecure, pain-filled people and they lash out at anyone who will give them a moment of attention, even if it’s negative attention.  Because bad attention is better than being invisible.  Right?

You could almost feel sorry for them.

Almost.  Because then you see stories like the one above, where something said without regard for the person hearing it hits so hard that they end up killing themselves.

We shrug it off when we’re warned it could happen.  "Don’t be overdramatic.“  But perhaps maybe it’s time we take an honest look at this issue.

I am not so naive to thinking that trolling will ever stop.  Where people are miserable, that is where trolls will be.  Feeding misery from their own pain.

I guess the best thing I can tell you is how to deal with a troll.  It works almost 100% of the time.  Don’t interact with them.  Don’t reply.  Block them if they upset you so you won’t have to see it again.

There is no shame in this.  A troll very rarely will have anything worthwhile to say and you will miss nothing by erasing them from existence on your facebook wall, twitter etc.

Trolls Plan Of Attack

- Trolls will talk about things designed to get an upset reaction.

- Trolls will focus on flaws (real or imagined)

- They will attack things people care about like religion, politics, family issues

They aren’t speaking because they care or want to debate with you.  They are intentionally taking whatever stance they think will upset you the most.  

When ignored, a troll will get louder for a brief period of time, hoping to draw you back or involve others.  If you wait long enough, they will either find a new target or stop.

Because the only thing that keeps a troll alive is attention.  They will revisit the same page, thread or video, just dying to see what people have to say about them.  

When there is no response.  They move on.  

I have found this to be almost 100% true and effective.

Ideally I’d like to see everyone ignore troll-like behavior, and the people who troll finding a better more healthy way to work out their pain and issues.  Then all trolling would stop.

That would be a perfect world.

But I’m not concerned with the troll.  I’m concerned with you.  I don’t want you to be the next Charlotte Dawson.  It is so difficult to find peace in a world like ours.  When you do have it I don’t want you to waste a single second of it on the useless words of trolls.

A Challenge To The Humans

I know it’s difficult.  Your instinct will be to engage.  To defend yourself, your friend, your belief.  But the conversation will always be one-sided.  A troll isn’t interested in understanding or logic.  They are interested in your continued attention for as long as they can keep it.

And it’s pathetic.

Starving a troll takes strength.  It takes guts.  It won’t happen all at once.  They are fat with the misery they have provoked in others.  But hold your ground.  You’re stronger than this person.  You’ve managed to stay human in a world full of trolls.

When you look at trolls through this filter I hope it gives you a shot in the arm to take a breath, shake your head, and walk away, maintaining your peace.

Because that is how you kill a troll.  You starve it.


Nohr Class Reveals

Here were some of my favorite classes from the Nohr video. Among the highlights: Kamui looking great, Wolf-man showing cleavage and then becoming a wolf unicorn, Zero and Butler looking great, Charlotte getting a great design when she changes classes and you also get a zombie wyvern mount! Notable highlights were Elise patting her pony and Luna looking awesome.