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Fire Emblem IF Conquest: Kamui’s Birthday Story Track 4

Ahhhh, boys will indeed be boys. Leo, Odin, and Xander are all… very much like teenage boys here.

I’ve gotta say, when it comes to women, Laslow is surprisingly much more, um… MENTALLY RESILIENT compared to all the other guys here. Except Niles, of course. I thought that he’d be the most embarrassed, but somehow our shy womanizer is either very disciplined or very… used to such things? Hmmm…

So some bad news: this is the last track that I can post with an audio link. The tracks on soundcloud are slowly being blocked from American users. So far, this one still appears to be safe. 

Audio by @sahdmadhi HERE.

Laslow, what are you not telling us

EDIT: Small change with the last couple lines.

So I’m redoing this post altogether because it seems that… there’s just something wrong with it. It refuses to link properly in the masterlist, and the post itself doesn’t show up at all in any of the tags’ dashboards. I don’t know if it’s because of the change in theme, or if it’s something that happens on Tumblr in general. Either way, I’m just going to delete the old one and then repost it here. Sorry, and thank you for your understanding.

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I bought the Fates drama CD set and drew a response!
It was more of a doodle so I improved it. I tried to include all the cast (I think I did but…if I missed some…I’m sorry).

What I like: Corrin in Flora’s maid clothes, Flora in Corrin’s clothes, Charlotte with short hair and hurt Laslow~ hehe~ *^ω^*

In the story, Corrin and Flora wear wigs too but I left their hair as is for this drawing’s purpose. Charlotte has short hair cause she mentions she’s gonna grow her hair at the end of the CD.

I think this was my first time drawing Zero/Niles (surprisingly)… It was fun in general! I really appreciated the CDs and hope there will be more in the future~

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Nohr Class Reveals

Here were some of my favorite classes from the Nohr video. Among the highlights: Kamui looking great, Wolf-man showing cleavage and then becoming a wolf unicorn, Zero and Butler looking great, Charlotte getting a great design when she changes classes and you also get a zombie wyvern mount! Notable highlights were Elise patting her pony and Luna looking awesome.


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Fe14 Characters Famitsu 6/11 aka All Around Me Are Familiar Faces....

NOTICE: Leaks of the other page have not been posted yet. Rumor has it that is consists of Zero, Benoit, Charlotte, and Orochi - however, this is not confirmed. This weeks article focuses on the Prison feature of My Castle. As always, this will be updated with better pictures and quote translations with the digital scans. Because of the subject matter, details on prison will also be added under a cut.

Class: Cavalier
Personal Skill:  Killer Instinct - If user KOs an enemy with their attack, Strength, Magic, Skill and Speed +4 for one turn.
Prince Marx’s subordinate. She has a strange personality quirk that makes her change into her bloodthirsty alter-ego when she senses danger on the battlefield.

Class: Mercenary
Personal Skill: ??? Dance - Can use a support command that grants every ally within two squares of him +1 to strength and speed. Lasts one turn only.
He loves girls, and spends his days off flirting. He’s great at dancing, and can use a special command in battle.

Class: Dark Mage
Personal Skill:  ?? - If he is equipped with a weapon composed of 8 kanji, +10 to crit.
A mage who spends his days developing awesome critical attacks. He is easily riled up for battle, and can lose control of his power.

Personal Skill: Hoshido Capture -  Can use “capture” if there is a jail in My Castle. He can take a generic unit back to the jail upon defeating them.
She has a habit of speaking archaically. She’s a respected practitioner in Hoshido. She has a bright eyed and bushy tailed personality.

Personal Skill: Nohr Capture: Can use “capture” if there is a jail in My Castle. He can take a generic unit back to the jail upon defeating them.
He was once a thief but is now a soldier who serves Nohr’s Prince Leon. Incredibly sadistic, he enjoys watching people suffer.

Axe Fighter
Personal Skill:  Woman’s Inner Nature - When facing a female enemy, Damage +4 and Critical rate +20.
In order to be popular with men, she plays the part of a friendly lady soldier of Nohr. However her true nature is a crude woman who excels at being a charger in battle*.

*The term here is nikudansen or a type of warfare where soldiers fling themselves at the enemy…. I didn’t know how exactly to put it since it’s so specific

Personal Skill:  Intimidate - Enemies within a 2 tile radius receive Avoid -10.
He’s Charlotte’s colleague as a border guard. His grim appearance is enough to make his fellows fear him, but in reality he’s friendly.