ZEN: Why are people still into the movie Frozen? It’s been three years-

707: Wow, ZEN, you need to chill out.


707: maybe even

ZEN: don’t

707: let it go

  • <p> <b>[at 4:20 a.m.]<p/><b>707:</b> [rolls over and shakes MC awake]<p/><b>707:</b> lol 420 blaze it<p/><b>MC:</b> [shoves a pillow in 707's face]<p/><b>MC:</b> you literally have never done a drug in your life<p/></p>

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⇢ kisses of carmine | pt. 1

title: kisses of carmine
genre: explicit smut (with some fluff!) | vampire!au
pairing: jung hoseok x reader x kim taehyung.
plot: vegas to seoul.
note: it is my aim to make people feel “put off” by these vampires. they are not desirable- i want to show the sadistic side to vampires more in this scenario, so please feel free to not read it if the use of very Messy themes make you extremely uncomfortable.
warnings: daddy kink, girl on girl action, blood, gore, violence, the “c” word, a bad finger smut, seokjin being weird
note note: this is split up into two parts as it would definitely be 20-30k all together, so, to save the trouble, here’s part 1 set in vegas, part 2 will be in seoul!!! 

🔪  sequel to the crimson killer.

part one: vegas.

August 27th, 1956.
3 days after the death of Y/N L/N.

Chicago lies in pools of red.

It’s almost as if the sunny state of Illinois has been put under strict curfew- it involves rushing around in the safe, broad daylight with the uncertain safety that city cops have to provide, and then locking doors and shutting curtains on starswept evenings all in the fear of what remains unleashed in the shadows.

It’s been a full week since the mass murder on the city church. A show of crimson puddles and torn necks, eyes lifeless and bodies mangled in the nave and chancel of the large, rustic framed church. The stained glass can no longer offer a light as it lies in a shroud of melancholy and regret. America, a place of freedom and power, confined to curfews from 6am to 7pm- all at the hands of the Crimson Killers.

Newspapers eventually stopped writing articles for them. The news begins to get unhyped when it’s a new killing for every front page.

In Bates Manor, a large and neatly designed mansion located in the sparse green of the Black Forest near the outskirts of Chicago, Kim Taehyung paces back and forth with his hands in a knot behind his back. His mind is cloudy, thoughtless, empty.

“Pacing isn’t going to find her.”

At the brisk, bitter sound of his lovers voice, Taehyung opens his discoloured red eyes to briefly stare at the other boy, sitting with his legs outstretched towards a dancing fire, ankles hooked over each other silently thinking and breathing. He makes not a single noise in the haunting silence of the house.

“I’m working on it,” Taehyung replies. “Don’t rush me.”

“She could be out of Chicago for all we know,” Hoseok barks a laugh sarcastically. “And ‘ain’t that a bitch. I’m just wondering…whose fault might that be?”

His words are suggestive but Taehyung need not think hard. The results of what happened three nights before, with red stained bedsheets and broken furniture pieces- not to forget the discarded carcass of whatever loser he had emptied in the stale bathroom moments earlier-, had been disastrous. When Jung Hoseok, official superior mate of the younger, more naive vampire Kim Taehyung, had stepped into the scene with a heavy sense of burden on his beautiful expressions, Taehyung was restless. No blood, no love, no sex- his mate was resentful.

It all comes back to you- the beauty for the beast.

And, despite being your now mate, which only rarely happens, Kim Taehyung has not the smallest clue on your whereabouts.

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  • 707: you know
  • 707: you'd look real good gripping the sheets of my bed
  • MC:
  • MC: seven
  • MC: no matter how hard you try
  • MC: i am not making your bed
  • 707:
  • 707: well damn
  • 707: [finger guns]
  • 707: that's where you're wrong kiddo
  • Vanderwood: AGENT 707
  • 707: [dabs away]

Finally had some free time to work on the plot for his manga.

  • MC: No more sleeping in the same bed.
  • Saeyoung: But I LOVE sleeping next to you!!!
  • MC: I understand but sleeping with you is like sleeping with an Anaconda!