IkeRev no spoilers (some strong language)

So I just read Lancelot’s chapter 15 and I have a few feelings about it, which I will share *ahem*

I WILL FIGHT A BITCH!! grabs Zero and pulls him protectively behind my back with Seth THEY DARE SAY AND DO THAT TO ONE OF MY FRIENDS? I. Will. End. You!

smooths out dress and calmly folds hands That is all.

On a warm summer of 21XX, X Zero and Axl have decided to go to the beach for a day. Axl offer to get a taxi as X and Zero get everything for the beach. As the three reploids got into the taxi and headed off to the beach…

Axl: (front seat) *looks over behind him* Hey X, I have some left over money if–

X and Zero: (backseat) *just started kissing each other out of nowhere*

Axl: *sees the two kiss* …. Okay then *turns around*

Taxi driver: couple?

Axl: *plain face expression* Yep, and I was the one that hook them up.

Axl: *face palm* *sigh* … It’s cute though.