so i never realized before but look how excited Yuki is to go to school the first day

like he’s running around so inspired by this new environment and he’s smiling and just generally in a pretty good mood 

but then on the train 

he just completely curls into himself he’s so uncomfortable and like that’s such a good representation of social anxiety

like one minute you’re pretty great but as soon as you’re thrust into a social situation it’s nerve-wracking i mean look at him in comparison to the other passengers he’s very likely just wanting it to be over already 

also he chose to sit by the door, probably the first seat he saw and the fastest way out and note that he’s loosely hugging his backpack as a sort of object of comfort

it’s just very true to my own experiences of social anxiety like the main thing is make yourself as unnoticeable and detached as possible while trying to maintain comfort in yourself so you can like keep breathing and all but wow what a good job portraying it in one glance

wowow i’ve been here forever but i somehow haven’t done one of these ?? so here’s to the cool kids that make my dash pretty and pristine and to the sweethearts i’ve met along the way !!

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but i wish Tsuritama had shown the guys functioning in class like was everyone just cool with a 25 year old sitting in the class with his duck really did he not know 95% of the material and mutter the answers to Tapioca did Haru not bolt out of class to get away from the scary duck i need answers