Flawfree Moments in [Oops] History: The Birth of Carrots

I tried for months, legit months, to get Tyler to make a Tumblr and somehow I thought telling him to tumbl about my boobs and carrots was a good idea and he was just like loooool

Yet now Tyler has a flawfree yoloswag tumblr (#zerkingcarrots) and we joke about carrots 24/7 and theres lost stacks of carrots in the mail and he renamed his main to Captain Carrots and I take irl pictures of carrots and the entire guild is carrots and the skype chat is carrots and I drew an MS Paint carrot on George Bush’s art and carrots carrots carrots #onlinecarroting idk this is pure history man VIVA LA CARROT #CARROT4LYF