Zeri fanart contest winners and entries! HOORAY! :D

Wow. I…I have to level with you guys: I kind of expected there to be, like, a clear breakaway winner in the bunch- but I can say truthfully I am super delighted by the quality of every entry. I don’t usual go in for that everyone-is-a-special-snowfalke mumbo-jumbo, but I can actually think of a justifiable reason any one of these could be declared the “winner”. 

But alas! I had to pick one! So…I did (and two honorable mentions) with great angst and deliberation.

I felt that Elfbingo’s entry (topmost) captured the spirit of Zeri most truly- the style really surprised me, and there is something so mischievous and infectious about that smile! Super cool to see Zeri in more realistic proportions, but still retaining her character. I love the colors and the pigtails-as-paintbrushes. 10/10. Would buy again.

As honorable mentions, I have to congratulate Sakuranym and Jessica Madorran on two terrific pieces. Jessica’s stylization is so cool here- great color palette and dynamic posing. Sakuranym’s captures the sass and boldness of Zeri- bonus points for a delicious looking mooncake :)

Then I’ve collaged the whole set of entries that I received (I hope I didn’t miss any!) 
Top to bottom, left to right:

M. Rae Fredette- hysterical- points for snails and the caricature of me (nailed it). Also loved this one for the story associated with it- art on! 

Elfbingo’s winning entry! (ps- I just found out that you are SapphireGamgee from deviantart! hi! you done good! :D)

Martin Kirby- love the spirit of this- this added a wistful dimension to her character I really dig.

Melissa Yensen- so lovely and soft- and that look! >fans self<

Jayme Twins- Hehehe- she so would tag the computer screen from the inside. Great characterization :)

Bree Paulsen- a new twitterfriend! I love her style- the warm colors and scratchy lineart here are killer

Anna Landin- rockin’ out- this makes me want a giant paintbrush so I can air-guitar along. Anna makes neat comics, btw- you should check them out!

Sakuranym- again, so good. Maybe some day she’ll make good on her threats to cosplay Zeri :D

Jessica Madorran- such style. so poise. wow.

SweeneyBoo- this came out of left field at the last minute- love the strong style and traditional media!

HallowGazer- I was hoping someone would draw her in her Graffitti outfit! It even feels like the style would go well tagged on a wall somewhere

Ryan Chapman- THREE. DEE. RIGHT!? I couldn’t believe it- big time impressed with the committment- always super cool to see a 2d concept rounded out

Emily Kimbell- I had to finish with this one- another favorite for sure- definitely made me laugh aloud. Perfect.

(You should really check out each of their sites, but if you’d like to see each entry in one place individually you can see them here.)

In Conclusion: You guys rule completely. Glad to have so many talented internet art friends who are willing to join in! Maybe we’ll make a more regular event of these little artfests! Thanks for playing along :D

Nicholas Kole, a truly amazing artist, put out this fun fan art contest on his tumblr to create fan art of Zeri from Dawngate Chronicles. I haven’t had the chance to check out Dawngate Chronicles the game…but I am truly enjoying the comic version. :)

Nicholas Kole is running a little competition to draw Zeri, a character he designed for the game Dawngate, and I wasn’t actually planning on entering buuut then I had a silly idea, hence this is super rushed.

This is based off of a bit from The Dawngate Chronicles (I feel so sorry for poor pink cape guy). Also when I saw Zeri’s design I thought it was super cool but that I would never want to be standing directly behind her

Zeri from Dawngate and the artist who designed her, nicholaskole.


I just wanted to say thank you for being you. I gave birth back in February, and wasn’t able to work on art for nearly three months after. Reading about your recent projects and seeing your career really blossoming has been greatly encouraging. (I first found your art on Behance some years ago.) I also wanted to say I think you’re very courageous to open up as much as you do, especially concerning your faith. I hope to be so brave one day.

Anyways! As part of my thanks, I am entering your Zeri contest, with — I am proud to say — the first real illustration I’ve managed to finish since my son was born. It is a bit rough, but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Keep letting your light shine!
- M. “Rae” Fredette