zerg queen

Top Tier monster smooching material from Heroes of The Storm

A guide to “kissable monster skins”

Sweet snout. Most excellent face and A++ teeth. Lower jaw kinda moves separately from the top when he talks so that’s great.
His “lovebug” skin speaks for itself tbh. His pincers say “giant insect”, but his carapace says “gentle lover”. Also one of his voice lines is “kinky”…so you know you’re gonna have a good time.

Have a monstrously good time with the lord of destruction in their lovable Kaiju skin! Bonus: also comes in “deep sea” variety for extra cuddlyness.
For those not afraid of the rough stuff! Piercing eyes and strong arms. Plus a kill-to-death ratio that is off the charts.

NOW WE’RE TALKING.A skull face that’s his actual face? Glowing eyes? Mile long tongue? Claws? This is A+
Another A++ choice. Tassador’s “Anubis” skins are most excellent. Big ol’ teeth and nasty ol’ face. The Good Shit.

Now here’s something for the gay ladies out there. This zerg queen has many arms and pincers to hold you with, plus she’s a queen so you KNOW she’ll treat you right.
(Infested) Tychus
Tychus of the infested variety. The only variety that matters. End of story.

Better names for the Mortal Kombat characters according to my friend Bats
  • Scorpion: Angry ninja
  • Sub Zero: Cold ninja
  • Kano: Shitty evil (Australian) RoboCop
  • Johnny Cage: Jean Claude Van American
  • Sonya Blade: Not actually Black Widow
  • Liu Kang: Magic Bruce Lee
  • Raiden: Shitty Asian Thor
  • Reptile: Lizard ninja
  • Goro: Meatshield #35
  • Shang Tsung: Normal evil magician
  • Quan Chi: Weird evil magician
  • Kitana: Mulan's evil cousin
  • Milenna: Mulan's evil cousin's clone (no really)
  • Jax Briggs: Less shitty black RoboCop
  • Baraka: Weird ugly Wolverine
  • Kung Lao: Nice hat
  • Jade: Jade
  • Smoke: RoboCop ninja
  • Noob Saibot: Undead ninja
  • Kintaro: Meatshield #36
  • Shao Kahn: Fantasy evil Mongol
  • Cyrax: Other RoboCop ninja
  • Sektor: sigh Other other RoboCop ninja
  • Sheeva: Meatshield #37
  • Sindel: MIL to not get murdered by
  • Kabal: Weird... masked ninja?
  • Nightwolf: Magical Native American
  • Stryker: Superpower: Guns
  • Motaro: Meatshield #... I don't even know anymore
  • Ermac: Clown car ninja
  • Rain: Prince of douchery
  • Kenshi: Cool Asian Daredevil
  • Shinnok: KSatan
  • Cassie Cage: Jean Claude: The Next Generation
  • D'Vorah: Backstabbing Zerg Queen
  • Ferra/Torr: Master Blaster!
  • Kotal Kahn: Magic super-Aztec
  • Takeda: Cop ninja
  • Jacqui Briggs: Black RoboCop: The Next Generation...?
  • Kung Jin: Worse hat, better bow
  • Erron Black: Red Dead Ninja Redemption

So my friend told me I should make a custom game with 12 Hard AIs playing as Soldier: 76, because the resulting battle plays out in an… interesting way

Whenever you’ve got AIs in a game, in order to differentiate between them, they’re all given numbers between 1 and 12 that go after their names. But Soldier: 76′s name already ends in a number, so Blizzard added in this cute little hidden detail to account for that.

Wrath of the Zerg Queen

Kerrigan liked to think that she was above her Zerg instincts but it was times like these that reminded her that when push came to shove there as no harm in acting like a Zerg. Which was how she was now on the Alternate Azeroth, looking at the hive she had just finished constructing. 

To say she was angry was a gross understatement, angry was Kerrigan under the dampening field of the Nexus, here she wasn’t being contained so this was not her anger. This was her fury. She smiled as a brood of Hydralisks burst forth from their cocoons, followed shortly by Zerglings. She wouldn’t need much in the way of forces, she wasn’t going to be fighting well armed Marines. The people of Azeroth wouldn’t know how to deal with the Zerg sure she didn’t expect them not to fight back but she was sure that she was better prepared.

She was tracking Illidan mentally and her army cleaved through whatever got in their path, wildlife, greenery, buildings The Swarm made short work of it.  When she found the entrance to underground prison she made quick work of the guards on the surface, helmets can’t protect against an attack that causes a head to explode from the inside.  Her army buried into the ground to advance on their enemy where they wouldn’t be looking. For once the screams of her victims wouldn’t haunt her, they deserved this every single one of them. Just like the Dominion, just like Mengsk. 

It was a long tedious advance to the heart of the prison but once she was there she simmered down slightly not wanting her powers to lash out at the person she was trying to save. 

“Deal with her.” She hissed to the Hydralisks pointing at the women in front of the cell.  While that was being taken care Kerrigan simply used her powers to crush the door of the cell and rip it off it’s hinges.  Her anger now had fully melted away into worry and fear approaching the man chained up in the cell it took all of her will power not to be reduced to tears.

“Illidan, I’m going to get you out of here.” She said softly, examining the chains that bound her mate, and getting work destroying the locking mechanism.


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