No Escape.

Latest piece for my Intro to Environment Design class! We are being taught there tons of useful techniques for quickly getting ideas done: Photobashing, custom shapes, all those powerful, non-painting Photoshop tools I’ve neglected for so long. Anyway boy I’m glad I gave these things a try because they do so much to help you expand in terms of what you can actually achieve. I could not have drawn such a scene, so I used 3D to block out an angry milkbox in a sci-fi subway. I couln’t possibly achieve a sense of atmosphere so I photobashed clouds and truck lights and BAM, we have a space catastrophe. What were 100% painted were the monster lobsters and characters, but still were very heavily referenced from Dead Space and the Zerg from StarCraft. 

I can’t quite know how to say it, but the first steps of work felt like I was letting the software guide me in making choices that would work for this illustration. Using a photo texture, having no idea what it’ll look like, and then just have make the image come to life just gave me so many “Wow!” moments. I’m now happy to see what more crazy results I can keep achieving with all these techniques. I’m kinda wanting to wind down on the crazy compositions and go back to more character-focused things. Maybe not. We’ll see!

The bottom two images are a photobashed thing I threw together using pictures off the internet and existing concept art. I was basically trying to find the proper mood. I wanted something gritty and dreadful. The second is what took me an entire fucking evening to model. Yes I am that bad at 3D (I just started! Please bear with me, haha) I wish I could have done more research and made a cooler design for the car. Literally looks like an angry milk box.