All across the TF RP Fandom, a growing mist has spread, sending every willing muse back to a time where titans roamed and Gods and Goddesses ruled. It is EverVale, the realm of the Gods. Here, the land is split in two. The North and South belong to the Mighty God of Chaos, Unicron, and his gods and goddesses of darkness.

   To the East and West, the Glorious God of Unity, Primus, rules along side his gods, goddesses of light. Both realms rule in peace and balance…. for the most part. What side is your muse on?


What is Godformers2K17?

✯   #Godformers2K17 is the title given to an M!A event brought to you by fellow muns who want to shake things up. In this open event, all willing muses/muns will have their muses shifted into the God/Goddess of  (insert title here).

Who can do this?

✯   It’s open to anyone who wants to participate! This includes human/other muses as well! If you’re participating, please make sure to tag your posts/threads/etc with #Godformers2K17


When does this begin/end?

✯   The event starts as of this post (Monday March 13th) and rolls until the end of the month, (Friday March 31).

Where does this take place?

✯   It takes place in the fictional realm of the gods, EverVale. The only set hedcanon are the two “Factions”: The Light Gods/Goddesses and the Dark Gods/Goddesses. There are no Autobot/Decepticon/Human factions in this AU.


✯  no godmodding or meta-gaming

✯   NO OOC DRAMA (This includes callout posts and vagueblogging. Knock that shit off)

✯   Tag all event posts as #Godformers2k17

✯   There can be more than one God(dess) of Blank ( ex; there is no limit to the gods of death there can be. Don’t argue). Do not debate the semantics of godhood/power, but do not give your gods ultimate ability over others.

✯   Do not pester other muses/muns for posts. This is supposed to be fun, no time limits or constraints either.

✯   Reblog/Repost Karma is encouraged! (Do not reblog or repost a thread if you’re not included, however).

If you have any questions, please contact @stratofxrtress


Fennex fox by IN CHERL KIM
Via Flickr:
Fennex fox @ everland.korea

// apologies for being MIA. The fandom has been a pretty shit place lately, some muns making me feel like it’s 2015 all over again and I’m not down with that shit. I’ve been debating on what to do with my blogs up until now. So, I made a decision

As soon as I get off my butt and do it, I’m going to make my blogs multifandom. They will both be primarily Transformers, as that’s their main verse, but I’m giving myself another out and more options should this fandom take a shit again ( and trust me, it looks like it’s going to).

Just an FYI. Please, if you’re not up for multifandom/multiverse muses, I urge you to unfollow me. I want ya’ll to be happy on your blogs.

OK, done ranting.


El diminuto zorro fénec (Vulpes zerda) tiene su hábitat entre Asia y la península del Sinaí. Excavan su madrigueras en las dunas, el periodo de apareamiento en esta especie suele darse entre enero y febrero, las pequeñas crías nacen después de un período de gestación de aproximadamente 50 días . Las grandes orejas que poseen,su pelaje y su función renal contribuyen a regular su temperatura . Es la especie más pequeña de su familia.

Get to know Meme

[ Answer the 20 questions & tag peeps you wanna get to know better! ]

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○ Name : Tiffany.
○ Nicknames : Zerda, Zed, Pep, Tiff, Gio, Papa Gio, Chief
○ Zodiac Sign : Leo
○ Orientation : Pansexual Cis Female
○ Ethnicity : I’m so Irish I could be a potato
○ Height : 5′ 7″
○ Favorite Fruit : strawberries, all the strawberries
○ Favorite Book : The Last Unicorn and Thirteen Reasons Why.
○ Favorite Color : Cerulean Blue and Verdant Green
○ Favorite Scent : The smell of my favorite people. It gives me ona those !!!
○ Favorite Flower : forget me nots, lilies, ivy
○ Favorite Animal : foxes and butterflies
○ Favorite Season : Summer and fall
○ Favorite Fictional Character : TOO MANY, TOO MANY TO COUNT

○ Dogs or Cats ?                        Yes
○ Dream Destination ?               The oldest places in the world where nature and it’s spirits speak.
○ Number of Blankets ?             One.
○ Coffee / Tea / Hot Cocoa ?      All of the above.
○ Averages Hours of Sleep ?   probably not enough, I’m always tired sooooo

DATE I CREATED MY BLOG :   Jan 16th, 2016, redone in Jan of 2017

chromiatfp  asked:

Mun is Law Enforcment Friendly and reserves the right to unfollow and block blogs posting cop/emt/corrections/first responder hate --- THIS! THIS! I FUCKING <3 THIS. THANK YOU! Also hi :)

// Ahhhhh, hello!

Yes, I have immense respect for all first responders and law enforcement. My fiance’s family is heavy leo presence and my father has been corrections all my life. I can’t not support them in nearly everything!

Godformers2k17 update

Hey everyone, just an update.

I’ve updated the infographic to include some more information.

Most notably that you don’t have to reblog the infographic to participate in the event. Its simply there to give you a basis for the event and post up some FAQs. So long as you’re part of the TF RP Fandom and have a willing muse, you can participate. This is for every one!!!