Zerberus Pole Dancer.

Here’s another ‘off-the-wall’ beauty from Frank at Zerberus Guitars, and she’s an absolute jaw-dropper…

“A few days ago I finished a really crazy guitar, one of my oldest design ideas, called the "Poledancer”. Even though it looks very delicate it is built like a tank and will stand the hardest stage action :). And most of all - it is not some kind of “travel guitar”. It is as heavy as any standard guitar and it has all the hardware that my other custom built guitars have including split-coil and a full functional Wilkinson VS100 tremolo. I think that guitar is a nice example to show that not all guitars need to look the same :)

Now seriously, a guitar named “Poledancer”?

Guitar Porn is the place where she belongs.“


Zerberus Nemesis.

Frank from Zerberus Guitars sent in these shots of his beautiful (and EXTREMELY limited edition) Nemesis model, saying;

“When a friend saw the “Nemesis” guitar he suggested I should send it in as he told me it was pure “Guitar Porn”.

I hand built this guitar in 9 months and I finished it last month. It has a very nice Mahogany body with an angel step curly Maple top. This is Zerberus-Guitars Nemesis serial number #002  meaning that there are only 2 on this planet and none of them looks the same.

Cheers and keep on rockin !! Frank”

So long as you keep on making those beauties Frank!


Zerberus Hydra III Prototype.

“I would like to show you one of my new Hydra III prototypes. That guitar has a Korina body with an amazing solid quilted Mahogany top. I will try to launch the new Hydra II series by end of this Year, but I think the prototype #001 of 2 is worth showing. And it rocks.. And it´s porn :) So I would be glad to see it and show it at guitarporn :) Thank you very much and keep up the great work !!”

We will if you will Frank! Check out more of these brilliant guitars at Franks website.