Last minute change to my history challenge

I always wanted to set my history challenge in northern part of the world and Granite Falls seemed like the perfect neighborhood for that nature-wise and also because there’s not any modern buildings ruining the view but since it’s a vacation destination and sims can’t live there I chose Willow Creek instead. 

I had already built camps and nature park there, when today I came across this mod by Zerba that changes GF into a residential neighborhood and so I moved my family there (luckily I hadn’t started playing it yet) and the other families and lots I had already done. I’m just really scared the mod will make my game crash like it has done to some people but I thought it was worth the risk. 

I also liked @johnny149 ‘s idea of making the family’s lot with using more money that was in the rules so that it would look better and then reducing the amount of money from the family’s funds at the end of the era although I’m certain the end result will be on the negative side. :P