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Pairing: Sam x reader
Characters: Sam, Dean, the reader
Warnings: light swearing, angst, fluff, hurt!sam, hurt!reader, mention of drugs
Word count: around 1,000
Summary: The reader has some decisions to make about Sam, and Dean helps her decide exactly what to do. 
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Shelter through the storm

Pairing: Sam x reader
Characters: Sam, the reader
Warnings: a little bit of anxiety, a thunder storm (if that’s even a warning), language
Word count: around 1,000?
Summary: The reader has always been a little afraid of thunderstorms, but thankfully her boyfriend is there to help her through the worst of them. 
Tag list:  @amanda-teaches  @myplaceofthingsilove @spectaculicious @bambinovak @bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010 @mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff @iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat @spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage @evyiione @winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke @therewillbeblood @megansescape @taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester @notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@love@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes @spnsasha @27bmm @spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove @spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel @spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame @saxxxology @jensen-jarpad @keepcalmandcarryondean
A/N: This is one of my favorites not gonna lie (bonus points if you can find a gif of Sam as a scientist)

Originally posted by marci1900

Thunder and lightning seemed to be attacking the house. It was the kind of storm that rattled the furniture and made everything seem so incredibly small compared to the chaos outside. You and Sam were supposed to have a date that night, and the last thing you wanted to do was cancel on him, but you hated storms. It was an irrational fear of yours. You knew they were nothing but friction caused by fluctuating air, but you could never quite get over it. 

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Zeppo and His Brothers

By no means is Zeppo Marx strictly necessary to his brothers or their movies, but his role is more interesting than people may realize.

Everyone else in the world of the Marx Brothers thinks they’re crazy. They think Harpo is loony, Chico is dizzy, and Groucho is eccentrically boorish. But Zeppo never questions them for a second. Zeppo can be just as respectable as Margaret Dumont and her crowd, but he is never confounded by Groucho’s wisecracks, Chico’s confused logic, or Harpo’s anarchic behavior. If anything, he’s entirely in tune with it. Groucho says “Keep this under your hat”, Zeppo does so literally. Groucho clears his throat while dictating, Zeppo asks if that’s part of the letter. Zeppo knows how Groucho works, and he’s able to enable Groucho’s absurdities. Zeppo is more than just the straight man. Zeppo’s the inside man.

I think this is the key to the hilarity of the “Freedonia’s Going to War” scene from Duck Soup, and a fitting way to set off the climax of Zeppo’s last film: with the onset of an absurdly-motivated war, the entire country comes together and turns into a nation of Zeppos, completely straight-faced as they join the ridiculous production number. Oh hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-hi de-hi-de-hi-de-ho.

  • Butters: Wtf is Sephora it sounds scary.
  • Kevin: isn’t that the guy with the long white hair from final fantasy?
  • Gary: no your thinking of sephiroth, a sephora is an angel belonging to the highest order of angels
  • Damien: No you’re thinking of a Seraph. A sephora is a second year college or high school student
  • Token: No, you’re thinking of sophomore. A sephora is when you use your phone to take a picture of yourself.
  • Tweek: no, you’re thinking of a selfie. a sephora is a calm breeze.
  • Craig: No, you’re thinking of a zephyr. A sephora is one of those Greek vases with the two handles and the pictures.
  • Clyde: You’re thinking of an amphora. Sephora is the web browser you have to use on iOS devices.
  • Kyle: You’re thinking of Safari. Sephora is an informal term for the seven-week period of counting the days between Pesach and Shavuot in the Jewish calendar.
  • Ike: You’re thinking of Sefiras. Sephora is a bright blue gemstone best known for combining with Ruby to create Garnet and lead the Crystal Gems, training Pokemon, and/or assisting Steel to fight against time’s intrusions into our realm.
  • Stan: No, you’re thinking of sapphire. Sephora is actually a part of a flower; it protects the flower in bud and supports the petals in bloom.
  • Cartman: No, you’re thinking of sepal. Sephora is the wife of Moses, who lead the stupid Jews out of Egypt fucking bitch.
  • Kenny: No, you’re thinking of Tzipporah. Sephora was an ancient Greek poet who inspired a lot of lady-lovin’.
  • Jimmy: No, you’re thinking of Sappho. Sephora is the youngest of the five Marx brothers.
  • Pete: No, you’re thinking of Zeppo. Sephora is the Heimdall’s sister.
  • Michael: No no no guys, you’re thinking of Sif. Sephora is a venereal disease that turns your brain to swiss cheese, going so far as to destroy external features like the nose. Famous gangster Al Capone suffered from sephora.
  • Bradley: No, you’re thinking of syphilis. Sephora is that radiant feeling you get when you have found perfect peace and happiness.
  • Wendy: No, you’re thinking of euphoria. Sephora’s a fucking makeup store you dipshits.
  • All boys: .....oh!!!!!!
So You Want to Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So you may have heard that Buffy the Vampire Slayer just turned 20 years old and now everyone’s talking about it and you’re thinking of watching it, but there are just so many episodes and it might expire on Netflix at the end of the month, so how are you going to manage that? 

WELL GUESS WHAT, I have made you a bunch of curated episode lists depending on what you want to watch for. 

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Let’s talk Voltron Theories: Part 4 Future  Characters

Warning: This post will be covering a lot of old characters from past Voltron series. If you don’t want to be spoiled and want these characters to be somewhat fresh when they come up in the actual show, do not read this. If you’re okay in getting to know the older version of the characters, then dive right in. This is the only warning I’m going to give.

Okay with that out of the way let me say that I’m adding a chance to appear percentage. This is based on pretty much how well known and well liked the character is in regard to the series and their importance to the overall Voltron story. I’m limiting it right now as there’s a LOT of characters that the series held over, not only two seasons, but two shows as well. So I’m mostly sticking to Go Lion and Voltron Force as the successor in regard to possible characters coming in.

Coming in from the original Voltron show:

               Prince Lotor

May I present to you the Zuko of Voltron, Prince Lotar of the Galra Empire. This guy is probably number one on the list of characters to add to the series. Prince Lotar is the son of Emperor Zarkon, and a right brat at that. At the start of the series Lotar is a self-important jerk that believes he’s the best. He smart, smooth, sly, strong and seems to show that he can be seen as evil. And yet there’s an honor to him where he actually having a warriors code. He has a lot of issues with his father and his role since his father sees him as weaker due to his blood line, that being part Arusian in the original and probably for this series would be part Altean.

Lotor started off as a straight up baddie, but over time viewers got to see different sides of him, particularly one that is highly obsessive. He falls in love with princess Allura and plots ways to bring down his father and marry her so that they can rule together. He thinks highly of himself but seems to ignore other ladies because his heart is set on Allura. He’s actually willing to work with Voltron in order to keep her safe from time to time, but his chief goal is to eventually make her his. Come hell or high water.

During the series he forms a rivalry with both Keith over Allura and Sven for managing to remove him from the throne on planet Pollux. As I said Zarkon sees him as weak and infective and more then several times he berates or hits his own son, or has the guards do it. In Go-lion it’s far worse as he’s crazy to the point where when he finds out the truth of his heritage he kills Haggar for it.

The thing is that in Voltron he’s far more interesting a character, and in the comics that came out for a while he had a vastly different back story indicating that he was actually a decent person but his father’s actions changed him. One thing that does happen to him is that he’s forced to eat flowers that keep him living longer, something that he was against when he was younger. Lotor also has a haram he keeps with himself and they serve him willingly for the most part.

By the end of the series he’s become king after his father’s death but he’s changed dramatically and is far more invested in the destruction of Voltron then his feelings for Allura.

Regarding looks, Lotor is considered one of the best looking characters on the show and is known for it in universe. It’s one of the reasons why Princess Romelle was at first willing to marry him back when her family was working with the Drule and Galran empires.

For the new series, there’s at least three ways I can see them using him. Either he turns out to be Keith, which would be a twist for sure as it would be interesting to see the son vs the father in this way. Although I have a feeling Keith probably won’t be Lotor as they’ll want him for their own reasons to be a character on his own two feet.

Or they make him into his own character and present him as a Zuko-esque character who is dealing with his own issues based on his father’s actions and probably that of the Princesses. If they really wanted to make it dramatic, they could go for the idea of Allura and Lotor knowing each other before her freezing. Which would be interesting to see that dynamic along with the fact that he may have feelings for her, but she’s not interested anymore, or is just trying to get her friend to see the truth of the matter.

Or they merge him in with another character and don’t use him at all. I can’t see this happening though, since Lotor is one of the best known characters and the one with the most character conflict in the series. There is the possibility of Thrace being Lotor if he is half Altan like his counterpart was in Go-lion, then he could shift to take on any form he wanted to, like Allura. It’s not for nothing that they showed her doing that trick.

Chances of him being brought in: 95%

I don’t think they’re going to pass up on this guy. He’s got a large fan base from the original and probably could become the stand out villain of the show.

             Emperor Zeppo

Hed of the Drule empire, and more powerful than Zarkon in the original series. Zeppo was a sly master of the arts of deception. He acted like a slightly foolish older man to hide his plans with his ally Throk. He allowed his planet to be destroyed rather than see it in anyone else’s hands. With the aid of Throk he managed to gain control again after a new planet had been established.

Regarding Zeppo, I don’t see them bringing him in until after Zarkon is defeated. He’s a very subtle character that shows that he doesn’t need brawn to win in a confrontation and can be even more dangerous than Zarkon. He could even be why Zarkon is installing himself in such a way.

Chances of him being brought in: 25%

I don’t see it happening this next season or the one after. Maybe in a fourth seasons or more. Depending on what they’re planning on doing with Zarkon in general.

               Queen Merla

Queen Mala was an original character in the Volton series. She was the daughter of an ally of the Doom Empire and a ruler of her own right. She was engaged to Lotor as a means of a political deal. She starts off as a enemy of Voltron, targeting Allura out of jealously over the Prince. However over the course of the story she comes to respect the team, and Allura and changes her alliance to that of the GA and helps Voltron as she can.

Mala has a pet space vulture named StratoVulture who has his own set of skills that work well with her own telepathic nature. She eventually becomes peaceful and manages to help the team out on occasion. She’s also an excellent pilot of her own ship the Star Cutter.

Could easily become an ally or an enemy to Voltron depending on how they want to play her out. She could be the Azula or the Mai of the series, or even an Asami or a Tai Lee, depending on how they intend to use her. Merla isn’t evil, but her actions can be seen as such given how she acts around Voltron. I’m betting we’ll get a more Mai or Tai Lee character over a Azula person in her. 

Chance of being brought in: 75%

Given that she’s probably going to be a part of the whole Lotor/Allura/shiro or Keith situation that’s bound to happen, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her come in either in the second or third season of the show. She’s also helpful in that she adds to the ladies in the series and could be a challenge for any of the team to fight directly with her set of skills.


A X4-11 clone of Coran’s son. Garrett works for the Drule Empire because he pretty much was taught to. I don’t know a lot about this character but it would be interesting for Coran’s back story if they brought him in as some sort of plot aspect or character builder.

Chance of being brought in: 15%

I don’t see him actually being brought in directly but he could be used via flash backs or for an episode or two. Maybe a new ally later to join the team. Who knows?

               Viceroy Throk

The main bad guy in the whole series. Throk is the scummiest of characters, even above Zeppo and Zarkon. While Viceroy he seeks to rule, assisting the emperor but also intending on killing him when he has the chance, even though he claims to be a loyal supporter to the Emperor. During the original series he manages to actually overthrow and kill Zeppo, taking command and ordering Zarkon to attack with his Doom fleet.

Regarding his role in the new series, I at most would say he’d be sort of a Amon type character, only far more effective in his actions. 

Chances of showing up on the show: 50%

I’m giving him more of a chance over the Emperor because of his natural villainy that seems to be a good high for the series to have. I don’t see him coming out earlier then season three at most.

               Commander Bakki and Chancellor Mozak

These two are the heads of the rebel forces that want to liberate their home world from Zeppo’s tyranny. Their group is underground and ends up working with the help of Voltron to stop Throk and Lotor’s forces.

Both are kind hearted and brilliant men that see the problems created by the like of Zarkon and Zeppo and want to find a way to live in peace with others. Mozak is the father of Commander Hazar and Dorma, and clashes with Throk. Bakki is a fugitive on the run from Zeppo and the council.

Chances of showing up: 25%

I don’t see these guys appearing till the third season at most, due to the fact that there is a need to deal with Zarkon first.

               Commander Hazar

Another possibility for who Thrace is. Hazar is a high ranking warlord in the Drule Empire. At the start he’s like Lotor, bent on conquest and wanting to prove the might of the Drule. For a long while he believes that Zeppo has the best interest at heart for the people. However this changes the more he sees what his actions are doing to people and eventually he starts to have compassion for those he’s taking over. He tries again and again to get people to come together to work things out for the better, even though his superiors begin to question him and threaten his family. Things get bad as he is demoted, imprisoned, and is forced to deal with underlings that intend to deliberately disobey him in order to rise in the ranks above him.

Hazar has a close bond with his sister Dorma, who at first doesn’t understand what’s going on with her father but is eventually brought in to the rebel forces after being kidnapped by them and shown what is really happening with Zeppo. Dorma eventually confronts her brother and brings him in, and, along with their father, they manage to defeat Zeppo. However the planet is blown up, leaving the people unsure if Hazar is the right person for the job and allowing Zeppo to take control of their race once more.

Hazar I would say would be a young Iroh type of character. He would probably play a role as a voice of reason to the younger Lotor and more then likely work with the rebels. He may be Thrace in this case. 

Chances to be in the series: 50%

Due in part to his popularity, like Lotor, he probably will show up at some point and be used as a character to show not all the Drule are bad when they come in.


The daughter of Mozak and sister of Hazar, Dorma is a young aristocratic lady who is involved slightly in the political work of the Council. Her knowledge of what’s happening is limited due to her father’s activities and her brother not wanting her to deal with War.

However she’s forced to when she meets with Voltron and is kidnapped by the rebel forces and shown what Zeppo is really up to. She eventually agrees to join and helps them fight to free Drule and other places from the Empire.

Dorma’s a tricky one but I can see a Korra type figure in her. She can easily also be a flirt or someone to work off of lance if they want to play her that way. 

Chances of showing up: 50%

If Hazar shows up, they’re going to probably bring his sister into play as well.

               Princess Romelle

Romelle is the cousin of Allura, and the daughter of the king of the Planet Pollux. The issue is that her family is branded as the black sheep of the Altaian royal family. When her father allied with Zarkon she was taken by the Doom forces to serve as a slave/servant to Prince Lotor who saw a lot of Allura in her and attempted to make her his wife. This, along with her planet being taken over, made her change her mind about her views on the Drule and Doom Empire and rejected Lotor, who threw her in a dungon and then a pit where she was left to die.

During her time in the pit she met Sven, who had been captured after getting seriously injured by a Robobeast. The two became friends, although Sven claimed he wasn’t a lion pilot. During their time together the two form a fast friendship, which eventually became love. After working with the Drule rebellion to help free Pollux and later Drule itself, Romelle became leader of Pollux after her brother’s death, and taking over from her younger brother who stepped down for her. She and Sven ruled as King and Queen for a time until eventually Sven came back to Voltron for a while.

The two ultimately had a child together, who is the heir of the Pollux Kingdom and cousin to Allura.

Chance for being included in the show: 75%

Romelle is a popular girl along with Allura. She can easily play up being a bit more edgy then her cousin.

               Commander Hawkins

The head of the S.S. Explorer and over all nice guy. Hawkins works to ensure the peace, and tries to work with the Drule forces to find a peaceful solution to the war. At points he takes in prisoners but instead treats them as guests trying to get them to see that the GA is not against them and that they can work as a group.

The Drule backstab him a lot, and he’s sort of the Hazar to the GA. Men though have loyalty to him and his friendship with the Voltron crew helps out. He and his crew work tirelessly to not only help Voltron fight to protect the peace but also attempt to usher in an era of diplomacy.

If he is brought in I’m betting on him being connected to Shiro as someone he looked up to and probably someone that winds up helping Voltron in in later seasons. 

Chance of being included in the show: 25%

At this time I don’t see him showing up just yet. He’s probably going to show up later as part of a larger story arch that builds to the show down with either Zarkon or Throk.

            Daniel, Vince and Larmina

Three Cadets that showed up in Voltron Force and were going to eventually learn to become Voltron pilots of their own.

Daniel is a sort of cross between Lance and Keith, a natural leader with a bit of a hot head and a willingness to question things. During the one season of Volton force he showed skill in not only working with the team, but also humility, something that you don’t see often in young lead characters. He’s an excellent pilot with a need for speed and quick reflexes.

Vince is the Pidge and Sven of the group. A young man with a high skill for tech, Vince can figure out the workings of things rather quickly and is willing to do what he can for the team. Although not the best at hand to hand combat he has a great skill in understanding how the lions work and is also willing to stand up for his team mates. Quick witted, and even quicker to assess a situation, Vince is Daniel’s best bud and always has his back.

Larmina is a cross between Allura and Hunk. The Niece (probably cousin) of Allura, (more than likely her Aunt’s daughter), Larmina is a serious person who doesn’t take much from anyone. She knows she’s good and is proud of it. Her issue is her temper and her view on those that are not from her planet. She’s quick to judge but can have a kind heart. Stronger than the males, she’s an excellent fighter who can handle just about any hand to hand situation. She, however, isn’t the best pilot and tends to wrestle with learning to fly the lion. She and Daniel have a love/hate relationship, though she becomes friends easily with Vince.

Chances for showing up: 15%

I don’t think these three are going to pop up any time soon in this series. Or at least not unless they get a sequel to it. Reason being is that the Voltron crew has to establish itself before going into these three stories. While they are awesome characters in their own right, and the Voltron Force series they come from is certainly a great follow up to the original, it’s hard to see them coming in this soon into the story. 

So who do you think will show up in the future of this series? 

My friend Andrew has less than 12 hours before he know longer qualifies for the drug that could save his life.
For most of us, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. But it isn’t just a Hallmark holiday. Tomorrow is a really big deal for my friend Andrew, who was recently d...

edit: i’ve just heard now (at 10:30EST) through mutual friends that he WILL be receiving the necessary coverage to participate in the clinical trial! thanks to everyone who sent an email or reblogged this!!!

i went to university with andrew kantor, a graduate student at vanderbilt who has recently been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of AML (leukemia). i don’t know him well, but we have a lot of mutual friends, and he’s supposed to be in my best friend’s wedding this december.

andrew has the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial that could potentially save his life. the pharmaceutical company funding the trial will be paying for the drug, which is called midostaurin. however, andrew’s student health insurance, which he receives through vanderbilt, is refusing to cover the standard care associated with the trial, including his stay in the hospital. from andrew:

To be clear, the clinical trial is funded by a pharmaceutical company and does not need to be covered by the insurance company. The insurance company solely has to pay for the ROUTINE STANDARD care that goes along with the clinical trial. I am a Vanderbilt student/employee being cared for in a Vanderbilt hospital with Vanderbilt insurance that needs to enter a clinical trial that is administered by a Vanderbilt principal investigator. To be clear, the medical care that I have received throughout the past week has been exceptional, but I MUST continue to receive this medical care in order to survive.

we’re really hoping that nick zeppos, the chancellor of vanderbilt, can help. andrew needs insurance coverage by noon EST today, february 14th–as i write this, he has a little less than 4 hours to receive coverage. if you have a minute, can you please reblog this and send an email to Chancellor@Vanderbilt.edu

sample email~

To: Chancellor Nick Zeppos at Chancellor@Vanderbilt.edu

Subject: Urgent: Andrew Kantor Clinical trial coverage denial

Body: Dear Chancellor Zeppos,

I’m writing to you to advocate on the behalf of graduate student Andrew Kantor. He is being denied coverage for costs associated with the clinical trial that may be his only chance at surviving his recent diagnosis with AML. The student health insurance made available to him has denied his claim for care that supports the clinical trial, which in itself is fully funded. I hope Vanderbilt realizes that students such as Andrew are an asset to the community and that you are willing to advocate for his continued care at Vanderbilt’s hospital system.

Style over substance= A MG rant

Dear Marc,

First of all, I think it would be fairly accurate to say that most Olicity fans know the DNA of Arrow better than you and your writers room. Whenever Arrow has been at its strongest it was when the focus was on character. To clarify, the characters we care about. The core characters. I think it to be of no coincidence that the upturn in quality of these past few episodes sees a return focus on Oliver, John, and Felicity. When you force characters on your audience and we tell you we don’t care, that isn’t out of pettiness, or because we want our ship back, its because you failed to introduce and write for these new characters in a way that would invest our interest. When you sideline popular characters and fridge already established dynamics to shove the newbies down our throats, the backlash is to be expected.

This season Arrow reached its 100th episode. Something to be celebrated. Appreciation should be shown for the incredibly talented cast that you are lucky to have. Instead, you marginalise them, disrespect them publicly and give into the fringe element of the fandom.

New characters should have been introduced in a way that tied in and enhanced the storylines of the core cast. But instead you shoehorned them in and stuck the others in no mans land.

You waited too long to unveil Prometheus. Josh Segarra has been a revelation in the role so far, but I feel like we are running out of time with him. His reveal should have been earlier.

Susan Williams was a mistake. You repeatedly told us that she was a good person and that Oliver had “deep feelings” for her. This was never shown on screen. She was introduced as someone who was manipulative, conniving and just plain awful. Then you had her date Oliver even though she was investigating him, which was a huge conflict of interest. Then you spent more time on her job than you gave to Felicity’s Havenrock storyline, or John’s being in jail storyline. Then you turned Oliver into Ollie 2.0 by making him an unbelievable douche. Then when Susan was kidnapped, Oliver barely blinked. He showed no concern for her at all. WTF? Don’t get me wrong, that last part was hilarious, but what the hell were you thinking with this whole storyline?

Don’t even get me started on Billy.

No one is asking for a whole episode of Olicity going shopping. Even Felicity would probably hate that. What we want is Olicity together in a healthy, happy, normal relationship. No baby mama drama, no bullshit love interests. No tropes. Just let them be together. Let them figure out how to be together and work together. Let them talk to each other. Be there for each other. Let them deal with any issues like adults. You can still have explosions, and stunts and action. You did it before. Its called 4A, remember the ratings back then?

Now, I know this isn’t about ratings. I get that. What it is about is writing to your shows strengths. Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickard, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne. They are what this show was built on. Not your ego. So get over yourself.

One last thing, cutting the season shorter won’t solve Arrows problem. Getting better writers will. The fact that you actually said that cutting the season would reduce the number of “filler” episodes just proves this. Why don’t you use these “filler” episodes to focus on your incredibly talented cast. Instead of another villain of the week or gun PSA, write your own “Zeppo” episode.

Or maybe after 5 years, its time for you to go. Bring in some fresh ideas.

Sleep in my sweater P6

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Part Three Here
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Part Five Here

Pairing: Sam x reader 
Characters: Sam, Dean, nurses, reader
Warnings: light swearing, angst, fluff, hurt!sam, hurt!reader, 
Word count: around 1,500
Summary: The reader and Sam are both taken to the hospital, and when Sam finally wakes up confessions are made 
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A/N: Hope you guys enjoy! Ps, I have a game in the town of Winchester tomorrow and I almost CRIED when I found out where it was

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