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“Graf Zeppelin" LZ 130 zeppelin, the biggest airship ever built, flying over Brandenburger Tor at Berlin in September 1938.
The “Graf Zeppelin” was used as a propaganda item by Nazi-regimen and even for spionage in a trip to Britain in August 1939, the main goal was to secretly collect information on the British Chain Home radar system for the incoming bombing war.
In total, the Graf Zeppelin made thirty flights from 1938 to August 1939. It was finally scrapped since the metal was needed for other aircraft.
[Photo: Bundesarchiv.]


World War I: By the Numbers

- It was the first war fought in the air.
- 15 years after the Wright Brothers made their first flight, more than 65,000 aircraft were produced by both sides.
- 38 American volunteers served in the French Air Service before America entered the war. They flew more than 3,000 missions
- Germany built 123 zeppelin airships, which carried out more than 100 bombing raids on Great Britain.
- It took 5 downed aircraft or “kills” to be considered a “flying ace.”
- America’s top ace, Eddie Rickenbacker, had 26 kills.
- Germany’s Manfred von Richthofen (best known as the “Red Baron”) had 80. 

- Not all air weapons were high-tech: 500,000 carrier pigeons were used to carry messages along the front.

- Tanks made their first appearance on a battlefield.

- Britain used 476 tanks in the 1917 Battle of Cambrai, and 8,200 were produced by war’s end.
- The self-powered machine gun was invented in 1884 and became a mainstay of the war.
- It had a range of 1,000 yards and fired 600 rounds a minute.
- Heavy artillery included the French 75mm gun and Germany’s devastating 420mm howitzer, “Big Bertha.”
- Artillery weapons caused 70% of all battle casualties. 

- More than 2,500 miles of trenches were erected along the 466-mile Western Front, which stretched from the English Channel to Switzerland.

- There was one soldier for every 4 inches of trench.
- The British army treated 20,000 cases of trench foot in 1914 alone.
- 1.2 million men were lost just during the Battle of the Somme–the Allies only gained 7.8 miles of territory.
- 110,000 tons of poison gas were used during the war, resulting in more than 500,000 casualties.
- It was the first use of chemical weapons in warfare.

- World War I featured one of history’s last great naval battles. There were more than 250 ships involved in the battle of Jutland.
- Germany lost just 178 of the 400 U-Boats it built–but still managed to sink 5,554 allied and neutral ships.
- The U-boats’ most famous victim was RMS Lusitania. It was torpedoed in 1915 and sank in just 15 minutes. 1,198 people aboard died, including 128 Americans.
- There were 6.6 million civilian deaths, including 2 million in Russia alone.
- 8 million soldiers died–or 6,000 deaths every day of the war.
- 21.2 million were wounded. In all, 65 million men fought in World War I–from 40 countries and dozens of colonies.

- For the first time in history, battle wounds accounted for more deaths than disease…Until the arrival of the Spanish Flu.
- By 1918, 60% of U.S. Army deaths were attributed to the flue and more than 40% of the U.S. Navy had fallen ill.
- By the end of the outbreak, the flu had claimed almost as many men as combat had.

Lieutenant Warneford’s Great Exploit: The first Zeppelin to be brought down by Allied aircraft, 7th June 1915 - F. Gordon Crosby

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A non-shipper's view of the mixed tape

I’d like to begin by stating that you should feel free to ship - or NOT ship - whoever you please. This is simply the way I see things, and I’m not saying you have to see it the way I do.

Cas is Dean’s best friend, his family. An angelic best friend. Now, angels, ESPECIALLY Cas, are notoriously ignorant when it comes to pop culture - music, movies, books, etc.

Dean Winchester is a lover of rock music down to the deepest depths of his soul. It’s an important part of who he is. Cas, his best friend, is unaware of who these bands are and what the genera even is. Imagine when Dean finds out that Castiel doesn’t know who Led Zeppelin is.

Dean: *ranting about how great Led Zeppelin is*

Cas: An airship made of lead seems extremely misguided.

Dean: *thinking* He doesn’t know who they are?! Oh HELL NO. I’m fixing this now.

Dean would be horrified if his best friend found music on his own and started listening to the likes of Taylor Swift or One Direction. I don’t see it as romantic, I see Dean giving Cas a mixed tape as an effort to develop Cas’s astoundingly non-existent music tastes in the likeness of his own.

I mean, hell, if my best friend was an angel that had never heard of or listened to my favorite band, you can BET I’d make them a playlist and shove it into their hands.