zephyr oc


Hey Ya’ll check out my Camp Camp OC. His name is Zephyr or any nickname from that, mostly Ze. He went to Camp Campbell for Cooking, but is absolutely terrified to go anywhere with QuarterMaster alone (since QM is the one who cooks). He likes to pull pranks on people and frequently starts fires on accident, or on purpose. Either Way He starts them.

His bowtie changed shortly after he arrived to Camp, seeing how everyone else had yellow in their outfit- he did too.

Sorry~… ;w;

(Hey guys, just wanna say sorry I haven’t been as active on this blog, but don’t worry, I’ll never delete this little butt! Just wanted to let you guys know what’s going on with things. 

In a nutshell, Mod got a new job that takes a good portion of his time during the day, getting ready for going to cons, trying to take initiative on creating content for a digital portfolio, and other little things, but I haven’t forgotten about Wing or his story.

I think once I have some better footing, I can put more time into updates. Because I’ve been working the story out giving it more structure as time goes on. So thanks for everyone that still follows me and being true followers that always stick by me. ^^/

On another note, mod and Wing’s birthday are coming up on the 17th, so excited for that!)