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when you draw, what do you spend the most time perfecting?

(I was going to post this pic separately sometime, but this is actually a pretty good pic to answer this lmao)
Tbh, I often focus on hair and facial features. Especially on characters who are defined by those traits. Casey has ticker eyebrows, and I spend a ton of time on characters with thicker eyebrows… Spencer and Kai have thicker eyebrows as defining traits so I spend time perfecting it. I spend a shit ton of time on eyes too. Especially on characters with pretty or sharper eyes. Zeph is doodled alot so I don’t always spend time perfecting him too much, but he’s kinda supposed to have a prettier face overall, so when I draw him for a finer work, I spend  a lot of time on him OTL

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“There’s a ‘surprise’ waiting in your bed for you Zeph. Have fun and think of me later. - L’yuta.” The note had read. Curiosity piqued, he quickly returned to his room, expecting him to possibly(hopefully) be there. But Lyu wasn’t it. Instead there was a very angry looking red headed Miqo’te, wearing nothing but a bow–a bow that also tied him in place with no chance of easy escape.

“Well, well, well. Who’d you piss off to wind up like this? Mmmm, the things we could do now….”


AAAAAA I MENT TO POST THIS ON ZEPHS BIRTHDAY, BUT I FINISHED REALLY LATE…ON A THURSDAY…SO….HERE IT IS TODAY XD (hence why i wasn’t able to get through all them b day asks sorry i was working on this thats why /shot) SO HAVE A BIO…A MORE COMPLETE ONE HOPEFULLY 

ZEPHYR (updated)

-A boy who lives in the shadow of his famous, favored brother. Zephyr’s personality although generally seen as a strong type, is also seen to fluctuate frequently due to the many pressures and challenges that face him.  He isn’t always nice, but he always is a caring individual and believes in justice completely.  Zephyr uses the inkbrush or scope-less chargers in battle, and depending on his mood his play style will differ.

Detailed description under the cut! (story arc not included)

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Finally a proper CG after tonnes of doodles from me m(_ _)m

credits to @clockworkspider for indirect encouragement

I find the younger me have more patience when it comes to drawing and able to spend hours on a drawing, unlike now. It’s a bit sad to think of it but that’s life I guess.