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Thank you! I’m really quite interested in the role that social, interest-based interaction can play in learning. And I got interested in the issue of social development when I found zephoria online. 

I find that through the silent sit-and-get classroom we’ve done a huge disservice to the growth of the intellect. We don’t feel as though we have control, we don’t know how to deal with it when we’re invited to it, we get a false impression of what it means to be creative, and our problem-solving skills are deeply diminished.

Constructivist classroom experiments like these give me hope that someday we’ll learn that if we want to prepare our students for the world we ought not to treat them like they can’t be a part of it.

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something lovely discovered by chance : a spontaneous journey where two travellers leave their lives behind 🌂

Hi All,

Were moving!

Thanks everyone for supporting us over the last year! We have experienced some amazing places from around the world, which we have been fortunate enough to share with you all through Tumblr. 

However, we are starting fresh and rebranding ourselves! We are now using Instagram to share our photos, and have called ourselves ‘zephoria’. The name was derived from Euphoria meaning “the a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness”. 

Hope you guys enjoy! We have some very exciting adventures on the horizon. 

Rosie + Chelsea 


Tips supaya Terlihat Kurus Saat Difoto

Tips supaya Terlihat Kurus Saat Difoto

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