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Name: Chalice
Nickname: 茄子
Birthday: August 6th
Star Sign: Cancer/Leo
Gender: ?????
Height: 5′5-ish
Sexuallity:  Demi-pan
Favorite Colour: red (today)
Time Now: 1:45 pm
Average Hours of Sleep: less than 9 and i destroy things… but usually ~7-8
Last Thing I Googled: “there is no google in China
Number of Blankets: 1, but sometimes less
Favorite Fictional Character: Why would you ask me this. Today I like Levi, but like the version from that one fanfic everybody read 1994
Favorite Famous Person: dunno
Favorite Book: *vague choking noises*
Favorite Band: ONE OK ROCK
Last Movie I Saw: Jurassic World
Dream Trip: Go to Tokyo. Get an apartment. Never leave Tokyo.
Dream Job: interpreter with multiple language specialties

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Name: Gabe
Nickname: Gabe, Fatass, Greg
Birthday: March 25
Star Sign: Aries
Gender: Mayun
Height: 6′1″
Sexuallity: Pans
Favorite Colour: Black
Time Now: 2251
Average Hours of Sleep: Not enough
Last Thing I Googled: How much it costs to get your driver’s license renewed
Number of Blankets: 1
Favorite Fictional Character: My hopes and dreams
Favorite Famous Person: THOM YORKE
Favorite Book: Idk
Favorite Band: Certainly not Radiohead. This tumblr definitely doesn’t love Radiohead
Last Movie I Saw: Idk
Dream Trip: To hell
Dream Job: Voice actor

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