Zenzizenzizenzic Coruscation?

Today’s Merriam-Webster #definethis  Word of the Day is:


Coruscate means “to be brilliant or showy in technique or style”.    Occasionally I like to combine #definethis with the Wordnik word of the day, which today is:


Zenzizenzizenzic is a term coined by Welsh mathematician Robert Recorde, which means “the square of a square of a square, or the eighth power of a number”.

 To celebrate today’s return of #definethis from summer hiatus,  I chose to throw in a third obscure word,  an old favorite of mine:


 A funambablist is a tight rope walker,  as in the circus.

To play define this,  use the word of the day in a sentence and tweet your sentence with the hashtag #definethis.   The competition runs every week day and there are prizes for the best entries.   My entry today:

The funambalist managed to coruscate to the zenzizenzizenzic degree. #definethis #wordnik #needadictonary ;) 

Happy autum everyone!