Ray gets her shit together

                                    Also to be known as

                        Official semi… ish, hiatus announcement :U

      Yup. It’s about time I officially declare this; I’m going through some pretty big changes and I’m just not feeling my ‘main’ blogs lately. I adore Jace; Zelda and Zenzi, I’m super excited still for all of the plots I have with people for said blogs… I just can’t get into them right now. Too many things goin’ on, not only am I rather deeply burrowed into the Supernatural fandom but just life in general ;w; I gotta work harder to pick myself up off the ground, unfortunately part of that is realizing that I just don’t have the energy for most of these blogs.

      I’ll still lurk on them from time to time; maybe get out a draft or two once and again but for the most part I’ll be on Sammy/my sideblog personal D: I’ll be available to reach on skype of course, I’ll check out new followers blogs and hey maybe it won’t take long before I’ve pulled myself together enough to throw myself back into writing for more than one blog : >

      For now at least I’ve got drabbles I owe people from like, months ago. I’ve got icons to make, a blog to finish and so many other things in my actual life to take care of.  It’s been wonderful on both this blog and Zenzi’s, I was enjoying Jace as well; hopefully people will still be around when I come back because there’s still lots I wanna do with my darlin’s. And hey, I adore crossovers so we can always do stuff with Sammy as well ;3

      Stay awesome folks <3