Hey! Wanna spend some time with a cute werewolf? Then play this silly Visual Novel skit I spent most of my day on! I made it up as I went along and it’s not too long, but let me know if you guys find any typos or what can be improved on! I hope you have fun!

DOWNLOAD (Windows only for now)

Character sprite by me

Sound Effects from are Free Sound

All music is by SENTIVE

Exterior background from Futta.net and the interior courtesy of htodinth who was kind enough to snap me some photos!


Silly warm up doodles for today!

You guys might recall this drawing I did a while ago of Ashe in the Highly Impractical But Sexy Suspender Loincloth! Well now you too can have your very own H.I.B.S.S.L ! Tell your friends! Make your friends wear them! Make your friend’s friends wear them! Let’s not stop until every cutie be they muscular, fat, thin, or whatever has a pair! 

No but seriously if anyone wants to draw their characters in these you should totally go for it