lostintheasylum  asked:

Tell me and THE WORLD what your tattoo means

There is a lot and I forget parts at time.

The basic idea is equivielent exchange, which is the basic law of alchemy. You cannot gain something without sacrificing something of equal or greater value.

  • To me this has been a heavily common theme throughout my life to this time.

Secondly is the  numerology to it. Three, four, and seven are lucky numbers to me. They are also important in many other cultures. Three is a pretty standard number of power, and four has many other connotations, the four trade winds, four seasons, four cardinal directions, etc…and seven is the most powerful magical number which also happens to be the added sum of both three and four.

  • If you can see there is three outer crosses, which have four points, the inner circles there are three, three line markings contain the crosses (there are little border things in the inner corners of them) Then the four inner crosses…etc

The words

Focus, Clarity, Resolve. Three things this world could do with more of. And three things I need to grant myself. The placement is on my right arm, which I treat as my sword. My left is my shield and protects me…keeps me introverted. My placement on my right arm is a step away from my shyness and fears. So that it may grant me strength when I am weak, and provide for me the strength when others are weak.

  • If you notice the outside looks very ordered and symmetrical but the inner section looks almost not centered? It was originally a thing I didn’t notice in my excitement, but while it was being inked…I realized that the way we look at things isn’t always right. Sometimes things may look perfect and flawless on the outside, but the inside isn’t always so nice and ordered. It showed me to take time with things, and not always make fast judgement on the outside.
Also because of that. The original ‘top’ is now pointing forward. Which reminds me that I must always keep moving forward no matter what happens or would attempt to stop me. A thing that worked out rather well, the triangle is also a summoning symbol for Durn* the Disordered. (not sure if it was Durn…been a bit since I checked after I saw the symbol post tattoo)
  • Oh the final one…As a fallen seraph, or in general, I have an obsession with crosses as a symbol. Not in the Christian sense, but the symbol speaks to me and i’m not sure why.
I think I hit on all the points now. [Also I was allowed to use this by the artist I who made it, some minor changes were made…I am contacting the artist thanking him and showing him how it turned out. The runes do mean something which is why I didn’t have them put in …yet…also NOT FULL METAL ALCHEMIST RELATED] :)

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