IBM lanza el mainframe zEnterprise 114

IBM anunció un nuevo servidor, una nueva versión del sistema “IBM zEnterprise” que es el mainframe más escalable hasta el momento, el nuevo servidor permite a disfrutar los beneficios de un mainframe para sus centros de datos, con un costo mucho menor, diciendo que hasta cuesta 25% menos de su antecesor y ofreciendo un mejor desempeño.

Este mainframe esta dirigido a las organizaciones, las empresas y los gobiernos de mercados emergentes de Asia, África, América Latina y otras regiones del mundo para extender la innovación que ofrecen estos equipos.


La #PillolaZED di oggi #Crittografia non è solo per agenti segreti, la usiamo tutti i giorni
Info sull'evento ZED del 17 Settembre qui ibm.co/18ONfMt
Per ascoltare le Pillole andate a questo link http://bit.ly/16JlZNh
Le opinioni, le idee e i contenuti di questi file sono miei e non implicano nessuna posizione analoga e/o impegno né formale né informale da parte dell'IBM.


IBMのメインフレーム IBM zEnterprise EC12に搭載されているプロセッサーチップです。フラッシュをたいて撮影した一番上の画像がチップの構造がはっきりしています。

大きさは、一番下の500円玉との比較画像で想像いただけるかと思いますが、具体的な寸法は23.7mm x 25.2mmです。


  • 両サイドに3個ずつ見える四角がコア
  • 一番上に横長の四角が2つあるのがGX(I/O bus controller)
  • 真ん中へんに4つの縦の長方形はSC(SMP connections Hub)
  • 一番下の細い長方形がMC(Memmory Controller)
  • チップ面積の1/3を占めている真ん中へんがL3キャッシュ(48MB eDRAM x 2個とcache controller)


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IBM erweitert zEnterprise Mainframe-Portfolio


IBM erweitert zEnterprise Mainframe-PortfolioEinstiegspunkt in die Großrechnerwelt bereits ab 100.000 Euro. Neue Möglichkeiten auch für kleinere und mittlere Unternehmen, mehr IT-Servicequalität zu erbringen.Stuttgart-Ehningen / Armonk, NY – 23 Jul 2013: IBM (NYSE: IBM) stellt das…

Eclipse and zEnterprise... The Innovation Combination

A suitably cheesey title for a blog I’m working on. You’ll see it soon enough on blog.microfocus.com but in the meantime here is a working draft. Quite like it because it references a product of ours but - I think - talks about it in a broader mainframe development context that makes sense.

But then I would say that. See what you think.

Eclipse and zEnterprise: the Innovation Combination

The rapid pace of change in IT is one of the biggest challenges confronting IT leaders in mainframe organizations. Recent innovative solutions supporting a changing IT landscape include a contemporary development framework called Eclipse and a ground-breaking flexible enterprise environment called zEnterprise. What are the advantages of using Eclipse and zEnterprise, and how can these enable organizations with maturing core systems to keep up, and embrace innovation?

Solving a familiar problem
One of the problems large development organizations face is a lack of communication between developers who know the original so-called “legacy” languages and those who are building other applications, using other languages on other environments. These two separate groups often use different tools, processes, skills and deadlines. The obvious solution to this problem is to use a development environment which caters for both communities.

Eclipse is the multi-language, industry standard Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is used widely for developing applications in Java and a variety of other languages. Eclipse provides a familiar environment for developers used to modern usability and functionality, as it consists of the same tooling, functions and features as they are used to. It allows all languages to be “plugged” into its framework, so everyone can use the same tooling and environment, regardless of language choice. Eclipse promises to improve application development right across the enterprise.

Smart choice
IBM’s high performance mainframe, zEnterprise, offers a flexible choice of platforms enabling workload to be built and deployed according to a fit for purpose model. Customers can take advantage of the latest z/OS mainframe environment, or choose to exploit z/Linux, AIX and even Windows environments for certain tasks. Optimized processes and capacity will then allow for a better focus on developing new services to push growth and innovation. Offering a lower Total Cost of Ownership and faster performance, zEnterprise is a platform which makes the most business sense for many enterprises today.

Bringing it all together
As the IT world is providing innovative technology that sets to unify both development processes on the one hand (Eclipse) and provides effective platform consolidation options on the other (zEnterprise), customers are now looking to ensure these environments support the continuation of existing, core applications.

To solve this, the requirement is for an Eclipse-based solution to allow you to build core zEnterprise apps using the most prevalent and fit for purpose business language of all: COBOL.

Smarter teamwork
Micro Focus Enterprise Developer’s ability to work hand-in-hand with zEnterprise to bring both mature and new languages together under one roof directly addresses the problematic gap in developer skills, forming a strong bridge across all development teams.

The benefits of Enterprise Developer for the zEnterprise environment are numerous. It enables teams to develop directly on the mainframe through the Eclipse IDE. The reliance on the mainframe can be removed by editing compiling, debugging and running jobs with zero waiting time, directly in Windows. Mainframe-based application processes can be simply integrated into the Enterprise Developer Eclipse interface. Furthermore, Java programmers can become familiar with COBOL applications in a matter of hours, fostering closer collaboration and yielding higher quality, 40% faster delivery of robust, zEnterprise applications.

The innovation path
Enterprise Developer’s contemporary, robust development environment for zEnterprise, enables costs to be driven down, bottlenecks to be removed and innovation accelerated, enabling customers to build truly fit for purpose zEnterprise applications faster than ever before. It is this combination of strengths which may enable organizations with mature core systems to keep up with business demands and embrace innovation.

The latest update of Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for zEnterprise will be available in spring 2013. For more information see www.microfocus.com

z114 & z196 - Comparisons,Contrast and Differences

Whereas the z114 entered the show, IBM reaped it’s glories of having created an instrument for the mid-market consumers. A similar air had surrounded IBM after the release of the zEnterprise 196 which swooped the fair with it’s fanatic design and paved way for evolving trends in the mainframe industry.
After it’s row of hits, let us understand and trace the puss in point of IBM’s young z114 and counterfeit it to it’s elder compatriot the zEnterprise 196.
The association of z114 with the business class tag relates it to the z10 business class systems. With the advanced profile such as the Unified Resource Mangaer (URM), Blade Center Appendage (Zbx) etc inward-bound the zEnterprise, the z114 battlewagon be considered the subordinate version of zEnterprise 196. Similar to the z196, the z114 farther possesses features like resiliency, advanced virtualization, oath of secrecy and connectivity because of which both the systems are capable of managing the present day complex data centre potently. Contumely belonging to the same ‘z’ terminology, differences breathe, in spite of the z196 in existence the much brother in every sense touching the word and the z114 being the glamorous price package.
z114 vs. z196 Packaging - The z196 is aggregate carrying a two frame mapping the while the z114 has a homely frame. Servers - Albeit the z196 can support up to 47 distributed servers over a spinsterish core and up en route to 1000’s on a single figuring the z114 demote support to some degree up to 30 servers on a single intern and 100’s whereon a single light.
Chip Module - The z196 has a Multi Chip Module (MCM) where open arms the z114 has a Single Second-degree burn Module (SCM).
Central Processor Complex (CPC) - Both the z196 and z114 have the freshly designed quad-core chip.
Clock speed - The z196 runs at 5.2 GHz where as the z114 evacuation at 3.8 GHz. Central Processor - Duo have the same granularity in CP status Engines - Compared into the z196, the z114 is less incommunicable by fewer metrics of engines and less memory.
Cost - The z114 has a scaled-down cost and is more mana efficient compared to the z196. Design and supplementary features -
€ Introduced present-day z Enterprise 196, the water cooling and raised floor designs are not integrated in the z114.
€the z114 introduced a new feature, the PCIE I\O (Unessential Component Interconnect Express protocols) infrastructure to Mainframe systems (This is common in UNIX and other open systems).
€The z114 MONAD\O crib implementation brings along with it better hebetude, energy efficiency and improved granularity.
€compared to the designs of the mainframe predecessors in relation with z114 and z196, IBM has brought in embittered know-how and quality midst both it’s creations.
It is discernible less the extrication of recorded successes like the z196 and z114 that IBM has begun to expand it’s traffic possibilities to try and boost it’s reach to large and medium markets corresponding. Blinking with the power of far ahead technology, IBM has started to equip even the halfway sized companies with estate class technology which is financially efficient. The importance and relevance with regard to mainframes mod the business world is several prominent now than it was ever before.