I struggled for a long time to figure out a quote that would be appropriate for this, but at the end, none seemed more fitting than a simple and sincere show of gratitude. A year ago yesterday, he passed, a year ago today, I found out. 

I only had the pleasure of meeting Shannon twice, a number of years ago, but his influence on my life through BME and then through Zentastic, his blog, is absolutely immeasurable. I would even go so far as to say he may have saved my life through opening my eyes to the world of healthy body modification. 

You are truly, truly missed, & my sincerest thanks to you.

To his family, his daughter, his friends, and the lives of everyone else he touched with his work my heart goes out to you. Cheers. 


BME Covers Book 1998-2008

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished a little quickie project, something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, a little (140 page or so) book, full color, 8.5″x11″, softcover, containing all of the cover images that I had a part in choosing, between 1998-2008, which is about 1,200 images in all. I will announce it formally on ModBlog in about a week, but I want to wait until I get my copy of it from the printer so that I can properly review it and post some pictures of the actual book. But if you’d like to buy one, you can get it for $39.99 (I get about $5 of that by the way, which I then split with Rachel, so on the whole this is for fun, not so much for profit) at this link:

Get the book “BME Covers 1998-2008″ her for $39.99

You can also download the PDF file (24 meg) for free here:

That PDF file doesn’t contain the cover pictures and it of course looks a zillion times better it print, but if you want a copy to preview or to look at on an eReader, feel free to download it for free.

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  1. what’s your otp?
    Which one? I have a lot of them, Shizaya, FrUK, JeanMarco, Hideki/Shuuneki…
  2. your favorite headcanon of that otp?
    Usually there are flower crowns involded, haha~ Like Izaya makes flower crowns for Shizuo, shit like that.
  3. marvel or dc?
  4. ice cream or cake?
  5. last book you have read?
    I honestly can’t remember…
  6. what country do you live in?
  7. any languages you would like to speak?
    Russian seems so cool (and soooo hard….)
  8. something you have always wanted to do?
    Tell somebody to fuck off… I think the time someone would be very rude at me, I’ll let out 18 years of frustration.
  9. cold or hot weather?
    Cold ‘cause you can add stuff~ Hot weather is like burning in Satan’s oven…
  10. favorite food?
    You can’t ask that to me. If there’s one stereotype about French that’s true with me, it’s the one about food.
  11. a sad headcanon of your otp? (shatter them hearts)
    #how bad Arthur must have felt when he and the Allies came to save Francis #like Francis was split in two #his emotional and mental state totally wrecked #stepped on by Germany #France was on he winners’ side #but he lost the war (thanks for making me cry)

My questions :

  1. Are you a believer? In what? (can be other than God/gods/religious stuff)
  2. Ever been to a gay pride?
  3. Are you pumped for fall’s anime?
  4. Your favourite sweet word in your mothertongue. (Mine is “mon cœur”)
  5. Funniest word in another language than your mothertongue.
  6. What scares you the most in adulthood?
  7. Something you learned from an anime/manga and/or something you achieved thanks to an anime/manga. (I swim again thanks to the gay swimmers)
  8. Where does it hurts?
  9. On your ID pic, do you look like a drug dealer or a dug addict?
  10. You’re awesome.
  11. I believe in you.

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pundertaker answered your post: “I’m actually curious, followers: how did you find my blog, and what…”:

I forget how I found your blog but gunpla. Gunpla had me sold.

Gunpla is always good reason.

nerdcrest answered your post: “I’m actually curious, followers: how did you find my blog, and what…”:

You followed me, and I checked out your blog and thought “I’mma follow this lady.”

Took you an awful long time to do that, too. :P

cordelia-w answered your post: “I’m actually curious, followers: how did you find my blog, and what…”:

we traded URLs in person, and I asked hoping that you were on tumblr because you’re hella cute :3

pfffft you’re hella cute too girl <3 greyspoopon replied to your post: “I’m actually curious, followers: how did you find my blog, and what…”:

(I hit enter instead of ‘) I don’t remember how I found you, but you posted a bunch of Gundam and JoJo stuff, and I liked what I could see of your personality from your posts.

my personality is usually quite scary
zentastic replied to your post: “I’m actually curious, followers: how did you find my blog, and what…”:

robots what else. And you’re not pretentious like other robot blogs so yeahhh*

i saw u say “not as pretentious” the first time u shit :P