Creating zentangles is very therapeutic and calms the mind. Starting them can be a little intimidating however. If you’d like to know where to start, keep reading this post. I will explain how to start very basic zentangles, and even share images from my journal. 

1. Starting with the right materials. You don’t necessarily need a journal to make zentangles, but you do need a piece of paper that will withstand your writing materials. I use my sketchbook as an art journal because the pages are thick and I like to use Sharpies. 

2. Creating the first shapes. There are many ways to begin zentangles, but I found that this way is so much easier for me. I take my roll of duct tape, a cup, the edges of a book, sticky note pads, or anything that has a defined shape. I outline the object numerous times over the page, or mix it up with different shapes. 

3. Choosing a starting point. Once you have overlapping shapes covering the page, you need to pick a place to start drawing your zentangles. It really doesn’t matter which place you choose. I honestly skip around quite a bit while I do these. 

4. Actually starting to draw. Many people don’t know which shapes to draw when zentangling. (Making up new words for you all.) Here is a [link] to cheat sheets that I use for my art journal. 

5. Go crazy. Let yourself get lost in the drawing. You can use colors if you want as well. I tend to stay with black ink, but I’ve seen some really pretty colorful zentangles.  


I would like to sell art prints for about $15-20 (depending on the size print) and donate $5 from each sale to planned parenthood! If you would be interested in buying one or have any questions, message me on here or on my art blog (michellevart.tumblr.com) and let me know which one you would like to buy and I will make it available for purchase on my Etsy! :)

I thought it was a little unfair to post progress photos on facebook and instagram but not here… So here is the new piece I stared the other day and I’m already loving how its turning out I cant wait to see how its going to turn out once its done.