zentangle sharpie


I would like to sell art prints for about $15-20 (depending on the size print) and donate $5 from each sale to planned parenthood! If you would be interested in buying one or have any questions, message me on here or on my art blog (michellevart.tumblr.com) and let me know which one you would like to buy and I will make it available for purchase on my Etsy! :)


Okay so @atomiktaco made this really fricken cool alter ego o.o and their name is Eledan and they have one side with fire and another side with ice and it’s so fricken awesome!!! And I really like drawing eyes :) so I wanted to draw them a little!! And even though I didn’t get to do the stuff that I like to with the pupils (cause Eledan doesn’t have any pupils), I did get to do a tiny bit of zentangle!! So was fun :D and I didn’t completely mess up the nose!! So yaaaaayyy \(^•^)/ I hope danny likes it when he wakes up!!