‘Feral’ (Self-Portrait)

When I made this image I was coming off of a long period where I was working nonstop and had had no time to make pictures. I am an extremely visual and visceral person, and so not being able to make photographs manifested itself in constant flashes of photos in my head and this was the one that stuck out to me the most. I felt malnourished and sort of shipwrecked in a sense. And terribly feral. So when a Saturday came around where I had a couple of free hours I launched into make this image. There is something to be said about focused, passionate work regardless of the final product. I remember the afternoon when I made this and it felt like nothing else mattered. I could see nothing but the process and the how everything would come together. I was feral in both the making of the photograph and the final product. I lost track of time and hunger and just dove head first into image-making. Instinctual. I got covered in dirt and looked a bit foolish to my neighbors, but I loved every second. There are things I would change about it still, but I will focus all of that energy into my future work. For now, this is what I needed to make that day.

This is a bit different from my street work. I took a break from shooting self-portraits for awhile there as it got a bit cold and I missed the current of the street and experiencing absolutely everything in terms of being a photograph. About three years later I’m still working on a 365 project of self-portraits. Ha. I’m on #78. Eventually it’ll get done. And then I’ll keep going. Sometimes its just good to change gears and go in a different direction for a bit.

“Ingénu” (Self-Portrait)

One of my goals for January was to find a subject that excites me and explore it extensively with a camera. On the last day of January I made the decision that I was going to pursue working on a fine art project this year. I love low-key portraiture and photography and so that is what I am going to focus on. I have created a narrative in my head for what the body of work is about and I’ve also created a mood board for it in addition to brainstorming wardrobe. I’ve sent out two emails to models that I would be interested in working with on the project and I’m just waiting. This portrait was from a test shoot that I did this evening. It doesn’t fit into the narrative of the piece that I am creating in my head, but I did like it so I went ahead and edited it. So…mark another thing off of my New Years Resolution list. I’m ready to get more serious and focus! Cheers!