RFA; jealous Mc

aaa hii :3 second one !! if you have any suggestions, please message of comment ^^


  • You overhear him talking on the mic, while you were decorating your office space with Polaroid pictures on the wall.
  • “Let me get your number!” You hear Yoosung say, as he quickly grabs his phone and inputs the number
  • Is that a girl he’s talking to?
  • Maybe
  • Probably
  • WhY
  • calm down, mc
  • “When are you available?” Yoosung asks through the mic.
  • You feel a grip on you chest.
  • While you were lost in your thoughts, Yoosung was fixing up his stuff, getting ready to meet up with this person.
  • “I’ll see you later.” Yoosung leaves, giving you a kiss on the cheek.
  • You then rush and put on your black dress, black sneakers and rush off to the mall, where Yoosung mentioned he was going to.
  • You spot Yoosung at this ice cream shop, waiting for someone.
  • Then, out of fucking nowhere, this girl comes and sits in front of him.
  • You rush home, and the rain starts pouring.
  • You get to the front of your house, and you realize
  • fuck
  • really?
  • You left your keys inside.
  • You couldn’t help but join the rain, and start crying.The tears fell off your face, along with the rain. Your hair was everywhere. So were your emotions.
  • After a few minuets, Yoosung comes back, getting out of the taxi, he rushes towards you.
  • “MC? What are you doing out here?” He asks you worried. He then carries you, unlocks the door and puts you down on the kitchen counter. He, like flash, gets you a towel. He helps you dry up, then starts heating water to make you hot chocolate.
  • “Are you going to tell me why you were out there?
  • You avoid looking at him, instead looking at the floor.
  • “I like your dress.” He says, stirring the mug of your hot chocolate. “I saw someone at the mall, wearing the exact thing, the same beautiful hair, the same sparkling eyes. Except, she wasn’t wearing the smile you wear.” He cups your cheek.
  • “Who was the girl you were with awhile ago?” You finally get the courage to ask
  • “Samantha.” He answers. “She plays LOLOL. I managed to save her in a battle and she wanted to treat me as a thank you.“ Your tears started flowing like a waterfall.
  • Yoosung hugs you tight. “Princess, she’s gay. She introduced me to her girlfriend when you left.”
  • You apologize. He kisses you and says sorry for not telling you.


  • You had nothing to do at home, so you decide to go the Jumin’s office and help Jaehee organize some documents.
  • You were telling her all about the lunch you had where you messed up the recipe and almost burned down your apartment.
  • She was smiling.
  • Then some dude calls Jumin and Jaehee to a meeting.
  • “What is this about?” Jaehee asks Jumin.
  • “I have no idea.” Jumin says, walking out.
  • “I’ll see you in awhile pumpkin.” Jaehee says, rushing to Jumin.
  • I miss Jaehee already, you told yourself.
  • I’m going to bring her home
  • And dominate her
  • And cooking her dinner
  • You were always insecure and anxious that Jaehee would leave you, since she was always meeting with different people, while you were finishing school.
  • The meeting finishes and everyone comes rushing out like ants.
  • You want for Jaehee’s arrival.
  • Jumin, you could see in a distance, talking to Mr. Chairman.
  • But you couldn’t find Jaehee anywhere.
  • You continue organizing the documents, and suddenly, Jaehee arrives.
  • finally
  • “Jae-” Before you finish your sentence, this hot ass lady comes inside.
  • She was following Jaehee.
  • This lady
  • In a really short dress
  • Really pretty make up
  • Classy shoes
  • Was getting your girlfriend’s number.
  • you grow quiet and leave the room.
  • Jaehee recited the number as the pretty lady wrote it down a piece of paper.
  • She leaves, giving Jaehee a smile.
  • You make your way to the lounge, where you bought an iced tea and sat on the floor.
  • You give Jaehee the look as she approaches you.
  • “I love you with all my heart, she is getting my number to contact Mr. Han about the new project.” She drops to her knees, infront of you, sitting on the floor.
  • “I’m sorry.” You say, as she gives you a peck on the lips.


  • You never really got used to Zen always being surrounded by girls.
  • But you understood and accepted it.
  • Zen brought you to one of his meet and greets.
  • The crew asked you to help with documentary, and take pictures. You took your camera and took pictures of the event set up while they haven’t open the doors yet.
  • Zen was getting ready and talking to some of the staff members.
  • You point the camera at him as he was just walking alone, reading something on his phone.
  • “Zen!” You call out, and he couldn’t help but smile as he turns to you.
  • You click the button and it shutters, taking a picture of your
  • beast
  • angel
  • The event starts and there’s a super long line all the way outside. They were all wearing his merch and clothes with his face, they had posters for him to sign and gifts to give him.
  • He was famous.
  • You took alot of pictures
  • of zen
  • of the event, the fans, the staff being cute and all.
  • Then you decide to rest, since this was taking forever. You left your bag at the table, where Zen was meeting people.
  • You get your water bottle from your bag and take a drink.
  • Zen peeps a smile at you. And you smile back.
  • Maybe i should line up too.
  • You just watch him happily meet all his fans, which made you smile, seeing him happy.
  • Then this girl comes, and Zen’s eyes grow big.
  • “Hey.” She says.
  • “Han? Is that you?” His confused face brings a smile.
  • Who was she? you asked yourself.
  • A small girl comes from behind the lady’s legs. And Zen carries her. They take a picture together. And he gives the lady a hug, and the kid a kiss.
  • After that, your mood instantly changed.
  • Moody bitch
  • The meet and greet ended, and everyone was taking a break before having to set up for tomorrow’s event.
  • The crew had food delivered, and everyone was chill.
  • You were pretty moody with Zen, since he didn’t tell you about whoever she was.
  • You go outside to get some air, and Zen follows you.You were ignoring him though.
  • “MC? Why are you ignoring me?” You try to keep walking and ignore him in th2e cold air of the night.
  • “MC.” He finally gets to you, grabbing your arm.
  • “Who was she?” You say, with watery eyes.
  • “My ex-girlfriend.” He sighs. “She told me she was coming with her daughter.”
  • You pull your arm to yourself, away from Zen.
  • “We aren’t anything anymore. I love you, and you only.” He says, looking at you with truthful, sparkling eyes.
  • But youre a moody bitch and you run away
  • tears running down your face as you run away, no idea where you’re going


  • “We’re going to a party!” Seven comes out of the room, running towards you.
  • He was pretty excited
  • You were already ready, wearing jeans and a pretty blouse.
  • He was wearing those light brown shorts, along with a nice collared shirt, which he wore a jacket over
  • “MC?” He whispers. You lean towards him to listen to whatever bullshit he has to say.
  • “Look at me.” He says, you turn and he gives you a big kiss.
  • “Seven!” You pull away out of embarrassment.
  • He smiles at you. That bright smile.
  • Your friend pulls you into this game, where you pass the card with your lips, as if your kissing the next player, except, there’s a card in between your lips.
  • You and Seven sit down. He was sitting next to this girl, and you were sitting next to your friend.
  • The card was held by the lips of the girl next to Seven.
  • The girl blows away the card and presses her lips against Seven’s.
  • Seven pulls away instantly, while you leave the room instantly, you go outside to the garden to get air.
  • Shit.
  • Seven follows you, with a cup of water.
  • “Here.” He hands you the cup, which you aggressively accept.
  • “It didn’t mean anything. She went for it.” He said.
  • “I know.” You sigh.
  • “Did ya get jealous?” He asks, laughing.
  • You give him the fuck you look.
  • “You’re the cutest.” He smiles, softly pulling your face into a kiss.
  • Oh boy he felt that kiss
  • It was long
  • Like him
  • Fuck just kidding
  • I am a sinner
  • “Why don’t we just go home?” He breaks the kiss, smiling at you. You nod, and you both leave.


  • Jumin came home to his apartment while you were cooking dinner.
  • “Good evening, kitten.” He says kissing your cheek then grabbing a glass of water.
  • “I’m making pasta.” You smile.
  • “Smells great.” He replies. “I’m going to take a shower.”
  • He drops his bag and phone on the table.
  • You finish cooking and setting the table, and Jumin wasn’t done yet.
  • His phone started ringing.
  • “Jumin! Your phone is ringing!” You shout out.
  • no response
  • Okay…
  • Jumin comes out in a gray shirt and boxers, quickly taking his phone and answering it.
  • mkay.
  • He comes back and sits infront of you, then sighs,
  • “Everything okay?” You asks as you pour yourself a glass of water.
  • “Father has made plans for another blind date as a possible wife.”
  • ah okay
  • you feel a heavy weight on your chest.
  • “Okay, well. What do you feel?” You ask, trying to keep your cool.
  • “Nothing.” he says blankly, then starts eating.
  • You finish dinner without a single word after that.
  • You slept in the living room, not wanting to be in the same room as him at the moment. He didn’t mind.
  • why didn’t he mind
  • does he not love me anymore?
  • your thoughts consumed you as you slept.
  • You woke up in the middle of the night, having a panic attack.
  • You didn’t know what to do.
  • You try to go back to sleep, but end up thinking about it until sunrise.
  • You make pancakes for breakfast, it was Jumin’s day off today.
  • I can spend time with him
  • You thought.
  • Jumin comes out, casually dressed.
  • “Heading out?” You ask.
  • “I’m eating breakfast with the blind date girl.” He says, grabbing his keys, phone and leaving.
  • maybe he doesn’t love me anymore?
  • You hated yourself for thinking that way, so you eat your breakfast alone.
  • You didnt want to be a burden, you fix up your clothes and stuff, arranging them in a suitcase. Jumin was out the whole day, it was already 5 in the afternoon when you finished everything and finally poured your heart into a letter.
  • Maybe you were overthinking a little.
  • You made your way back to your old apartment.
  • While you were settling in, Jumin had everyone searching for you.
  • At around 1 in the morning, you still couldn’t sleep, someone knocks on your door.
  • You peep at the hole and see Jumin, looking worried.
  • You try to wipe the tears off your face and open the door. His eyes grow big and he runs into you, hugging you tightly. You felt his warm embrace again. There he stood, with you in between arms, close to his chest.
  • “I’m sorry.” You say as the tears finally start flowing out your eyes.
  • “No, I’m sorry. Father forced me. I didn’t tell you. I let you sleep outside the room. I let you eat alone. I let you go for fuck’s sake.” He held you closer.
  • “I’m never going to let that happen, ever again.” He looks into you eyes and kisses you.

YEEEEE what did you guys think of that ?? tell me pwease :3 also !! send requests, i’d love to waste time i should be using to study :>

Hehehehe I made a promise that I intend to keep @omgliterallysokawaii. Apparently, the age of consent in South Korea is 13. I didn’t keep that in mind when I wrote this since it’s a foreign concept that I’m not accustomed to. I just instinctively wrote it as if the age of consent is 18. So just keep that in mind. ^^


  • that bastard really got you into LOLOL
    • curse you yoosung!!!!
  • and he was so sweet to join you in you when you were power leveling
  • plus it was great just talking to you one on one without calling you or having other people read your chats
  • low key develops a crush on you *^*
  • during one session his headset was broken so he was using his phone to chat with
  • you two were talking while stocking up
  • somehow it derailed to you cursing him that you’ve become a LOLOL addict
  • then you mentioned when you first signed up that you had to lie about your age
  • (・_・;)  umm…the lowest age is 18…
    • HOW OLD ARE YOU???
  • “Oh…hehe…MC how old are you?”
  • “I’m turning 15 in a few months!”
  • ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン
  • Yoosung is silent for a good minute
  • meanwhile his brain is like:
  • after that, he coddles the shit out of you
  • so much so he doesn’t focus on LOLOL anymore!
    • “MC you need to go to bed it’s a school night!”
  • you think he’s such a square now but he’s really changed his tune now that he’s encouraging you
  • years later when you’re out of high school and he’s at his practice you admit you had a crush on him then
    • !!! 


  • you had a question about the guest list so you called Jaehee
  • she answered your questions, which led to a venting session about a certain boss *cough cough*
  • this went on for a good hour until your mom calls you for dinner
  • Jaehee hears your mother through the phone
  • at first, she just thinks you lived with your parents because you lived close to your university
  • “You live with your parents?”
  • “Hehe, I kind of have to. I’m still a little young to be getting a job or a driver’s license.”
  • …?
    • you’re joking, right?
    • did Seven put you up to this?
  • “MC…how old ARE you?”
  • “Oh, I’m fourteen! Sorry Jaehee, I got to go. My mom doesn’t like technology at the table.”
  •  Jaehee just can’t comprehend this
    • you’re 14 years old and you’re planning a whole party
    • and you’re REALLY good at it???
    • Rika’s got nothing over you though
  • this gelato becomes your second mom
  • she constantly reminds you to eat your meals, take breaks, and even said to call her when you have questions about school
    • “You got this wrong MC”
    • “It IS right because Jaehee said it was. But you don’t know Jaehee because you’re stupid!!!”
  • when you’re old enough to work she offers you a job at her cafe!


  • of course this marshmallow flirts with you from day one
  • you don’t really care because he’s just doing because he can 
    • just whatevs
  • but when you call him oppa it gives him life
    • of course he develops a huge crush on you
  • one night in the chat it’s you, Zen, and Jaehee
    • Zen flirting with you
    • Jaehee and you fangirling
  • it’s a lovely chat until 707 jumps right in
  • when he sees all the flirtatious texts from Zen he’s just ???
    • Zen would never fall for one his pranks…or would he?

“zen this is super important because I thought that you’re my friend and you deserve to know”


“my agency has been following you for a while now and they’re tracking you down. theyre going to take you to a high security prision”

“Haha, I haven’t done anything wrong unless they’re here to take me for my criminally beautiful face.”

“i only wish! you’ve been flirting with a minor!

“Your prank isn’t going to work. MC isn’t a minor, right?”

“Actually, I just turned 14 ^^;;;”

“quick! the agency is closing in on your location!”

ZEN has logged out of the chatroom

  • the one and only prank Seven managed to pull on poor Zen
  • after that Zen switches from the amorous actor to the protective older brother
  • calls you all the time, listens to you, gives you sagely advice
    • trash talks Jumin of course
    • doesn’t want to keep you up until 3AM because you still need to get up for school!
  • at your graduation, he showers you with roses
    • constantly throws rose petals in your path
  • never really gets a chance to pursue a romantic relationship because now you two see each other as brother and sister ^^


  • this donut gap moe wouldn’t have suspected you were a teenager
    • your approach in the messenger is very mature
    • and you have quite the lexicon
    • plus you adore cats
  • enjoys talking with you at all times of the day
    • calls you DURING school but he always assumed you were at your college course
  • one night you two get into a really deep conversation about each other’s childhood
  • then you bring up something about certain pop culture character from your childhood
    • hmmm that figure is actually relatively new
  • it sort of hits him quick but he continues the conversation
    • begins to repress those “mysterious” feelings
  • serves as your sponsor throughout your school career
    • need a new laptop—BAM! the donut sends you the finest one
    • tutors aren’t working for you—BAM! sends you the best tutors
    • offers you a job at his company
  • (*/_\) you can’t take all this generosity! HAVE MERCY!!!


  • when he went to go check on the “intruder” in Rika’s apartment
  • he couldn’t quite tell how old you were but he just assumed you were around Yoosung’s age
    • because what young’in was going to come waltzing into a stranger’s apartment?
  • sort of forgets about it when he starts talking to you
  • and of course he’s already in love
    • shameless 707  (°◡°♡)
  • then in one of your late night texting sessions, he finds out (or more like hacks into your social media accounts to find your birthdate but doesn’t pay attention to the year) about your birthday and congratulates you
  • re-programs the chat with confetti and balloons
    • everyone’s profile pic has a party hat on
  • “out of all the birthdays you’ve celebrated, this one is the best right? because your Great Protector 707 is here?”
  • “well out of the fourteen I’ve had, this is th best!”
  • wh-whAT??? 
  • oh you just meant you only officially celebrated fourteen birthdays, but you just never celebrated the other ones…right???
  • because that would mean he’s in love with a fifteen-year-old hahahaHAHAHAHAAH
  • doesn’t change his feelings towards you but he tones it down
  • basically, doesn’t mention how he feels at all in the chat anymore
  • keeps you smiling and laughing, even through the toughest times at school
  • and you bet your ASS the moment you turn 18 he shows up with a bouquet of roses at your door 

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I guess I'll be your first request? I've been asking around random profiles and wanted to find out if you'd take my reaction. How about RFA + Saeran & V reacting to meeting MC and finding out she has kids?

I’m super happy to have my first request! I don’t know much about tumblr so far, but I’m getting there. Being a newbie sucks. Sorry for any mistakes?


  • Very surprised
  • Like, really really surprised
  • Why didn’t MC mention it before?
  • He’s not mad though, he’s secretly wanted kids
  • He’d be way paranoid they wouldn’t like him, and that MC would break up with him
  • But, the kids love him, since he’s so childish 
  • Now all of your kids are addicted to LOLOL
  • Why aren’t any of them coming to the table for dinner when you call?
  • Oh, right. Fucking LOLOL
  • Shouldn’t your kids be studying?
  • Shouldn’t he be studying??
  • Yoosung loves reading them bedtime stories
  • Endless laughing and gamer battles between all of you
  • Yoosung and your kids are all begging to stay up later for one more round
  • Do your kids like him more than you??


  • Of course, he was dramatically shocked to see a bunch of tiny mini-yous pop up behind you when you answer the door
  • Children?
  • Despite the surprise, he adores them
  • They’re just so cute. Like MC.
  • He’s immediately Papa Bear after they get used to him
  • He’s ready to protect your offspring like his own
  • It’s because of his lullabies. Of course.
  • Whenever they have nightmares, he’s that type of dad who pretends to check for monsters just so the children feel safe
  • He’s a super help with caring for them
  • Calls them his “munchkins”


  • The first time he got to the apartment to see you, he just kinda froze when he saw kids running around all hyperactive
  • Childs?
  • Why wasn’t this mentioned before?
  • No, he’s not angry, just shocked
  • He NEVER pictured himself with a woman, never mind with childs
  • Children? They’re called children? Not childs?
  • Your kids are very interested in his height
  • When they try to climb on him, he just awkwardly stares, not really knowing how to interact with them, but he secretly adores the admiration
  • After he has time to adjust, you catch him smiling at them when they nap
  • And then he smiles even more frequently with them
  • They aren’t his kids, but he sure thinks they should be
  • He’s so happy to be back with you all after business trips
  • He brings back toys and everything from wherever he was


  • What? Kids? You have time for kids?
  • She’s super formal with them, and confused when they aren’t formal back
  • I mean they’re kids, they don’t shake hands
  • They just marvel at how she looks like lawyers on TV
  • They honestly think she’s the smartest person ever, and ask her a million questions
  • Jaehee happily answers all their questions, but what kind of questions are these?
  • As soon as they all settle in, Jaehee becomes more relaxed and understanding with them
  • She never really experienced being around kids, but she gets it now
  • Super motherly
  • Helps with homework, of course
  • Always lets them steal her glasses. Always.
  • Jaehee will always pause her work to just hang out with the cuties


  • He already knew you had kids 
  • Background check. Duh.
  • He was already excited to meet him
  • They immediately love him
  • He’s just so goofy, and funny, and all around childish
  • Piggy back rides everywhere
  • He’s their personal jungle gym, and loves it
  • You can always hear them giggling and playing with Nerf guns
  • Seven will let them shoot him, of course
  • And then he cripples to the ground when they shoot him, and lets them jump all over his “dead” body
  • They all join forces and play pranks on you all the goddamn time
  • Whenever the kids won’t listen to you, he always manipulates them with a childish way
  • When they are afraid of  the “monsters”, he will legit bring a spray bottle of “holy water” into their rooms at any time of night, and pretend to spray monsters, probably shouting something like “GOD SEVEN TO THE RESCUE!”


  • He, like Seven, would know you have kids already
  • The sweet soul would smile calmly at them, even if they’re rowdy as fuck
  • He would be so good with kids, man
  • V would cuddle them and you at any given point 
  • Cuddles 100% of the time
  • The kids would try to ambush him with Nerf guns and tackles, and he’d just start laughing, calmly. As always.
  • Bless his gentle soul
  • He wasn’t too rambunctious with playtime, but was always able to lull them to sleep
  • Hell, he’d fall asleep right with them
  • So many photo albums. One for each individual child, and one for all of them altogether
  • He would volunteer to come to the school and take the pictures on picture day for them
  • Always photographing those life moments


  • Honestly, he wouldn’t know what the hell to do
  • He didn’t expect children
  • Never mind loud, touchy-feely children
  • At first, whenever they’d attack them, he would scold them and scare the shit out of the little ones
  • But, after he got more comfortable, and he understood them more, he would smile, just a little bit
  • He would be confused as to why they weren’t scared of him
  • Wasn’t he frightening?
  • Seriously, he would just stare in amazement how the spunky kids would greet him with hugs, even after he’d accidentally lashed out the previous day
  • And they loved his tattoo
  • Which surprised him, since it was the sign of a fucking cult
  • He loved answering their questions about his punk look
  • He loved how admired he was by them
  • He always walked them to school, and made any tiny bullies piss their pants
  • Ultimate Daddy Bear
RFA + Dancing

Ballroom dancing is one of my favorite hobbies, so I felt compelled to make a set of dancing imagines for the sweethearts <3


  • No experience dancing whatsoever
    • When you bring it up, half of him is really eager because omg dancing sounds so romantic! But the other half is nervous because what if he’s not good at it and also it’S SO ROMANTIC
  • He’s… probably the least talented out of the whole RFA when it comes down to it but he’s not too terrible
    • He just tends to rush and accidentally throw off the tempo when he’s anxious 
    • and you’re the cause of the anxiety
  • Although it’s probably one of the less “romantic” dances, he finds he particularly likes swing since it’s really upbeat and fun!
  • Zen expresses his approval of Yoosung dancing and when Yoosung asks why he seems pleased, Zen points out that dancing is technically working out
    • Yoosung: “wAIT”


  • Of course he already knows how to dance, what musical actor doesn’t?!
    • tbh he’s slightly offended at the mere suggestion that he might not have known how
  • If you don’t already know how to dance, he’s super excited to teach you. If you do know, he’s super excited that you already know!
  • He’s partial to the waltz and tango; the ~dramatic~ and kinda showy dances that are elegant at the same time
    • i have canon proof remember that phone call where he said he was pretending to waltz with you *wiggles eyebrows*
  • You guys dance together as a form of couples exercising
  • But he also is a total cheesy romantic and will randomly grab you and start dancing if the mood strikes him


  • She’s never even considered learning how to dance herself, but when Zen offers to teach you guys how can she refuse?? Especially since you seem to be enthusiastic about it as well
  • To her pleasant surprise, it turns out she finds it really fun, and she’s not half-bad at it – she just has to get past her initial self-consciousness
    • She’s a lil clumsy at first which is cute as heck but within a few tries she totally gets the hang of it
  • She’s cool with being lead or follower; whatever your preference is 
    • You have to admire her adaptability because wow! 
    • Of course when you express it she’s modest and brushes it off
  • Discovers she’s pretty fond of the foxtrot! She appreciates how classic/nostalgic it is while still being kinda cute and upbeat


  • You’re not sure whether to be surprised or not when you find out he knows how to dance
  • If you don’t already know how, Jumin suggests you take some lessons, because social events that entail dancing are a thing when you’re high class
    • For the sake of this headcanon we’re gonna say that you agree to learn
    • Only the best teachers for you, obviously
  • Rumba with Jumin. bye i’m gone i died Rumba is so his favorite, it’s so slow and sweet ;_;
    • He did not realize rumba was his favorite until he danced with you
    • Really he didn’t care for dancing much at all before he danced with you – now he’s hooked 


  • He knows quite a few dances – the catch is that he learned them all via YouTube and therefore has never… actually danced with another human being before
    • Which makes your first dance all the more hilarious
    • no kidding dude
  • Loves being overdramatic and ridiculous when he does stuff like the tango – exaggerated kicks, turns so quick they give you whiplash, etc
    • You’re both a laughing mess and it’s great
  • His favorite is salsa, though; the more fast-paced, intense dances that are easy to get really caught up in
    • Always making up new moves; half of them are silly but a lot of them are actually pretty cool (they take a bit of practice to nail tho)

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Reactions from the RFA+V when you invite them all to Christmas dinner?

I’m such a slut for Christmas honestly. I already have Christmas themed candles.

(PS: I hope you don’t mind me making MC latina in Yoosung’s!)



  • you casually mention it while cooking dinner and he gets SO FLUSTERED
  • “Come to think of it, are you coming to my family’s Christmas dinner, or me to yours?”
  • “That sounds fun, MC, but y-you mean to have me meet your parents?”
  • “Of course! And my siblings, grandma, aunts, great aunts, cousins, vecinos…”
  • the blood drains from his head as you keep listing off relatives
  • what’s a coquito???


  • of course this charmer kisses you and accepts the offer immediately
  • “It’s a great chance to get to know your family better~”
  • your entire family loves him within the hour, especially after finding out he was the one who made the delicious turkey you brought
  • he treats you like a queen the whole night and gets along spectacularly with your family
  • your mom ends up dragging you into the kitchen to ask why you haven’t married him yet


  • he was hesitant at first, but gave in to the invitation
  • and make no mistake, he can be just as charming as Zen when he wants to be
  • he held your hand under the table through the whole meal
  • your family was a bit weary of his vision at first, but they warmed up to him pretty quickly
  • he had the entire dinner table laughing on several occasions, even though you knew he was nervous until about halfway through the night


  • you knew he could clean up nicely, but he really outdid himself
  • you could tell he was nervous because he kept fussing over his hair and asking questions
  • “Is the tie too much?” “Did you put the meatloaf in the car?” “Do you think they’ll like me?”
  • he stutters a bit at first, but he gets along with your family soon enough
  • you kiss his cheek now and then for encouragement, and receive compliments of how cute you are together


  • let’s face it, he reeks of money as soon as he walks through the door
  • your parents are over-enthusiastic at first, most likely because holy shit is that an armani suit??
  • but he eventually wines and dines them enough for them to see he’s charismatic, not just a rich snob
  • you caught his hand twitch when you asked your dad to pass you the gravy
  • but other than that, dinner went perfectly