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What if Captain Amagai remained the Squad 3 captain in canon?

As requested by anon. :)

Captain Amagai was the temporary captain of Squad 3 during that one filler arc about him. He died at the end, of course, because he is a filler character and they always die. But what if he didn’t? What if he survived, became canon, and were still the captain of Squad 3 today? How would Bleach be different then?

1. Amagai and Yamamoto would end up settling their differences peacefully.

In the anime, Amagai tries to kill Yamamoto because he believes Yamamoto to be responsible for the death of his father. Which is true, but there were important extenuating circumstances that Amagai was tragically unaware of. So in this new reality, Amagai would become aware of them - before it is too late.

Amagai: I have to kill you, Yamamoto!! You MURDERED MY FATHER IN COLD BLOOD

Yamamoto: No actually I had super good reasons and also it was what your dad wanted.

Amagai: Really?

Yamamoto: Really.

Amagai: ..

Amagai: Well maybe we could just have coffee then.

2. Amagai would give up his bakkoto.

The “special new power” of Amagai’s filler arc was the bakkoto - a type of weapon that basically eats its owner in return for power or something (my memory is hazy). Amagai has one, and he’s actually pretty good at controlling it without getting eaten, but still. If Amagai wants to survive into canon, he has to give up his filler weapon.

Amagai: But how am I suppose to survive with just a shikai and a bankai?

Byakuya: If you need more power than they provide, just send in Kurosaki Ichigo.

Byakuya: It is what we all do. 

3. Kira would have some emotional support.

Until he took a turn for the evil at the end of his arc, Amagai seemed like a pretty cool guy. Unlike, say, Gin, he supported Kira and encouraged him and took his concerns seriously. At the end of this arc, this affable nature was revealed to be a cover for the crazy within, but in this AU, Amagai never made that turn to the dark side. Instead he goes on, helping Kira recover a bit from his previous psychopathic captain.

Amagai: I mean, considering that my subordinate Kibune betrayed me, I maybe know a bit how you feel.

Amagai: Maybe we can bond over that.


Amagai: Whenever you’re ready, I mean.

4. Squad joint training would continue.

One of Amagai’s acts as captain was to encourage the Gotei-13 squads to undergo joint training. He pointed out, reasonably enough, that the squads’ refusal to work together made it that much easier for Aizen to screw all of them over. Once Amagai died, the other captains presumably said to themselves, “Cooperation must be evil after all!” and went back to life as usual. But if Amagai lived…

Amagai: Join training is great ‘n’ all, but I feel like we could be doing more.

Amagai: What about some type of lieutenant-swapping program?

Yamamoto: Let’s not get crazy now.

5. Gin would make - comments in fake Karakura Town.

I just feel like Gin would be a little jealous about Kira’s new captain.

Gin: I’m glad to see Izuru is doing well.


Gin: Even though his captain can’t hold his liquor and looks like a more shaggy version of Kuchiki Byakuya.

Aizen: Bitter much?

Gin: When am I ever bitter?

6. Amagai would help Hitsugaya against Halibel.

I suppose? There are no extra captain-level opponents for Amagai to fight in fake Karakura Town, and Amagai IS all about cooperation between squads. Besides, Amagai has fire powers. Make sense for him to fight with the water people.

Hitsugaya: Or maybe you could help out my lieutenant, who is fighting against three opponents single-handedly?

Amagai: Do you not like me or something?

7. Halibel would be displeased.

She wouldn’t show it much, because Halibel. But inside she would be.

Halibel: First two opponents, and now four?



8. Rose would not return to Soul Society.

At least, not as the captain of Squad 3. Maybe he would take over Squad 8 after Kyoraku got promoted, though.

Rose: Squad 8, huh?

Rose: Well, that’s basically a “3” and a backwards “3” stuck together, so I guess it’s okay.

Rose: It still feels wrong, though.

9. Amagai would fight Mask de Masculine.

Later, when the Quincy invaded, Amagai would get all of Rose’s fights, including the one against Mask de Masculine. But, uh, given how determined Tite Kubo was to make sure that Renji got to defeat Mask, I guess Amagai would accidentally reveal his bankai’s weakness and allow Mask to win.

Amagai: My bankai is FIRE.

Mask: Oh cool.

Mask: [puts on the fire resistant suit he had in his pocket]



10. Kurotsuchi would be so close to being the avatar. 

Because yeah Amagai would be a zombie now, sorry.

Kurotsuchi: I have my water zombie, Hitsugaya, my wind zombie, Kensei, and my fire zombie, Amagai.


Kurotsuchi: Sooooo does anyone know where Zennosuke is? I ask because of reasons.