Shooting in Kratovo, Russia, 4 people killed, 4 injured

On 10 June 2017 49-year-old Igor Zenkov opened fire from a gun, while in a private house. Two wounded were taken to the CRH, another one to the hospital. Two of the wounded - a man and a woman are in critical condition. Two more passers-by were killed.

After the beginning of the assault, the shooter opened fire on the law enforcers and threw in them 2 grenades.

Sources say that 2 more corpses have been found on the territory of the household, thus, the number of victims is already 4 people.

One of the main versions is a domestic conflict. Zenkov’s neighbor built a big house that covered the sun, and this did not appeal to the man.

The man is armed with a Saigas carbine on the basis of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The murderer’s house caught fire, and the shooter, according to TASS sources, fled. Departures from the village are blocked.

JJ Style Week~!!!

Day 1: Friends


  • JJ interacts with Leo and Phichit so much.
  • They mostly meet each other in the USA - Leo’s hometown - along with Celestino and Leo’s coach.JJ and Celestino banter a lot, but those banters are so funny they’re all laughing together.
  • JJ and Leo teach Phichit French and Spanish. In return, Phichit teaches them Thai.
  • Oh, and one time JJ and Leo finally visit Bangkok, Phichit challenges them to eat Neua pad prik or Thai pepper steak.They both end up cyring (while laughing, in JJ’s case) and Leo, surprisingly, curses in Spanish because of its intense heat. Phichit laughs out loud and records the incident. (”I’m sorry guys, but you two are so hilarious and I’m going to post this on Instagram!”)
  • Let’s talk about Yuri’s comment on the said video: EAT THAT, JEAN JACKASS!
  • But, there are times when JJ is alone, he misses Otabek and he still doesn’t understand why the Kazakh refused his dinner invitation back in Barcelona.He can’t tell both Leo and Phichit but his friends know. (”Look at that guy, he doesn’t confess because he’s afraid!” - Leo. “Let’s call Otabek via Facetime, shall we?” - Phichit)
  • After they successfully call Otabek via facetime, they let JJ and Otabek talk to each other.
  • “JJ, listen. Back in Barcelona, I refused your dinner invitation simply because I don’t want to disturb your time with Isabella”. - Otabek.
  • Suddenly JJ asks, “Do you consider me as your friend?” and … TA-DA! Otabek smiles and says, “Of course I do. I’m sorry if you misunderstand my gesture back then. But, I don’t think that our friendship is die. You’re my friend, Jean-Jacques Leroy”.
  • JJ ends up crying in happiness - with Leo and Phichit by his sides. Then, Otabek says, “You know something? Back then, I feel very nervous around your girlfriend, JJ. I’m shy towards women— guys don’t laugh!”
  • “JJ snorts!” - Phichit.
  • “JJ stop that!” - Leo.
  • “Zhyndy*!” - Otabek (with a smile plastered on his face).
  • Guess what? They finally visit Almaty in order to meet Otabek. The four of them take lots of selfies in so many locations, such as Zenkov Cathedral and Panfilov Park.

*Zhyndy: crazy in Kazakh. (I imagine Otabek says this jokingly with no harsh intention. Correct me if the meaning of the word is wrong xD)