zenk one

I felt slightly, vaguely, arguably cute today.

Just in case anyone was curious as to what I looked like. I mean, I said I would be posting a picture of myself first day of college, but this works, too.

My stupid hair is that way for a reason; I’m trying to grow out some of my bangs.

One day, I’ll be as confident as @thoro-n and @bloody-paperdoll when it comes to pictures. I mean, I better considering I’ll be in school for acting in front of a camera.

Yes, that is a blue and blonde wig. Yes, that is a Buizel and Taillow. Yes, there is a small Shippo and Inuyasha plush. Yes, there is a Len figurine up there. Yes, there are Webkinz that I’ve had since I was like ten. Yes, there is an orange dog that my friend won for me at a carnival. Yes, my room is yellow. Yes, I’m wearing Ryoga Hibiki earrings. That’s not the point here.